How Does Your City Match-Up? GenerousVille or StingyTown?


Now that we have acquired over 100,000 members, and matched up over 50,000 first dates, we’ve decided to do something fun with the data we have amassed. We decided to calculate how much single (or available) men in various cities around the world are paying for a first date on The results may be …[ read more ]

Ideal amount to ask for a First Date?
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So what is the ideal amount to ask for a First Date on  That has been the subject of intense discussion on the WhatsYourPrice Facebook Page last week. It started when Rachel posted a comment: “There should be a minimum offer. At least $100. Who would accept a $20 offer when it costs that much in …[ read more ]

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3 Weeks, 30K Members and 5K Dates Later…


I would like to personally thank all of our members for helping us make this website so successful. Contrary to what the media and “relationship experts” have predicted, it has been 20 days since went live on March 29, 2011.  Since then, our online dating site have signed up over 30,000 members, and confirmed …[ read more ]

Buying a 1st Date for Charity is OKAY, but …


While our website has only been live since March 29th, 2011, we have already had over 10,000 new signups (and we are adding close to 2,000 new accounts a day). The statistics are alarming. We have been responsible for setting up over 500 dates. But what is even more alarming is how quickly the media …[ read more ]

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WhatsYourPrice is a new patent pending dating system that is created out of my own personal frustrations using other dating sites. On a regular dating website, the number of males typically outnumber females amost 2 to 1. So, as a guy with very high standards, I often find myself competing with the hundreds, if not …[ read more ]

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