Buying Down the Age Gap Disadvantage
  • Posted Sep 12, 2011
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Since we now have over 100,000 unlocked dates between older men and younger women, we decided to do some analysis to find out if the stereotype stating that younger women are attracted to older men because of their money is true.   What we found out may surprise you… The Magic Six Year Age Gap …[ read more ]

Virtual Gift Guide for Online Dating


We introduced a new feature this week — Virtual Gifting… For about five credits, Generous members can now send a virtual gift with their offer or email to Attractive members.  Virtual Gifts serves a number of purpose.  First, it allows Generous members to stand out from the crowd by showing he or she is serious …[ read more ]

Class Act in Dating Etiquette
  • Posted Jul 20, 2011
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“When she opened the door a gust of wind blew her hair back towards the street exposing her sharp cheek bones and neckline. He watched from the bar, knowing she had not seen him and he had the advantage of being able to observe her without her knowing it. With the smug experience of a …[ read more ]

Are You Dealing with a Time Vampire?


There really are some rules to dating etiquette and the art of the chase. Men and women are different, and despite the fact that we are in a new era, the popularity of, and other dating sites, just goes to show some things never change… you’ll find Time Vampires everywhere. Time Vampires come …[ read more ]

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Introducing New Features & Zorah

Now that we have over 100,000 member sign-ups and we have over 50,000 unlocked dates, it’s time for me to announce a few exciting changes to Introducing Zorah Wright Up until now, I have been the only one writing blogs.  As much as I am thrilled to do so, I am after all a …[ read more ]

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