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The Girl who Dates for Free Dinners

I received a call today from ABC News asking me to comment on a story about Jessica. If you haven’t heard of Jessica, she is a 23-year-old, single girl from New York City who decided her $45,000 a year salary is simply not enough to make ends meet in the Big Apple. Her solution? Join …[ read more ]

Be Nice: Nice Guys Always Win Here
  • Posted Nov 17, 2011
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In my last post, I wrote about serial daters, and more specifically about Attractive members who ask for more (rather than less) money for a first date.  As a result of my blog post, I have received an earful from some of the Attractive girls who feel that I was being hypocritical when I tell …[ read more ]

How to Spot Serial Daters
  • Posted Oct 30, 2011
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For this blog post, I want to share some of the feedback I have received from members and close friends about the few types of people who use WhatsYourPrice.com, and more importantly, how to identify a “serial dater” – i.e., someone who is only interested in dating with no serious intentions of becoming involved in …[ read more ]

The Cougar and Cub Dating Study


A few weeks ago, we published a study on the cost of dating younger women.  This week, our study addresses the question of Cougar and Cub couplings.  A “Cougar” is generally defined as an attractive woman over 30 years old, who is dating or likes to date younger men (affectionately referred to as “Cubs”). In …[ read more ]

Buying Down the Age Gap Disadvantage
  • Posted Sep 12, 2011
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Since we now have over 100,000 unlocked dates between older men and younger women, we decided to do some analysis to find out if the stereotype stating that younger women are attracted to older men because of their money is true.   What we found out may surprise you… The Magic Six Year Age Gap …[ read more ]

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