Date Night Ideas Perfect for Your Next WYP Offer


Dating—especially with WhatsYourPrice—is meant to be fun! So consider these perfect date night ideas for your next offer!…[ read more ]

Take your date game to the next level and follow our online dating profile tips!…[ read more ]

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Tips for Dating Safely—During COVID and After


Safety is extremely important when it comes to dating, whether you’re getting to know someone online or meeting that someone in-person for the first time. Your protection and well-being is paramount to WhatsYourPrice, which is why we strongly advise you to keep these safe dating tips in mind. Don’t use your full name for your …[ read more ]

The Photos That Will Elevate Your Online Dating Profile


A first impression is a lasting impression—and you only get one! And if you’re looking for love—or dating, a casual fling, someone to spend Friday night with or a person to be on your arm at the company holiday party—online, your profile picture is a big part of that impression. Sure, they’ll glance over your …[ read more ]

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WhatsYourPrice Origin Story: Everyone Has a Price™
  • Posted Jun 27, 2019
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How did WhatsYourPrice get its start and how can you get your start on WhatsYourPrice? WhatsYourPrice Origins Founder of sister site SeekingArrangement, Brandon Wade was hosting a focus group. How can we better facilitate the start of new relationships? How can we incentivize people to take the first step, make the plunge, and go on …[ read more ]

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