A Step-By-Step Guide to Being a Gentleman
  • Posted Aug 9, 2012
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Here are some of the easiest ways to prove that chivalry is, in fact, not dead. It’s quite simple: The more you say “Yes,” the better off you are. For some, these polite reminders will be a walk in the park. And for others? Well.. you thank us later.…[ read more ]

First Date Deal Breakers for Women
  • Posted Aug 1, 2012
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It’s Saturday night and you’ve landed the perfect date–smart, beautiful, seems funny, and she accepted your offer. Nine times out of ten first dates go south (not the good kind) from a lack of follow through to even the most pristine set-up. Here are five first date deal-breakers that will give your night the kiss …[ read more ]

Ditching the Date – A Guy’s Guide
  • Posted Jul 20, 2012
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You’ve used an online dating service to set up a first date and it’s not going to happen. You never should have trusted a girl with the “bathroom” pictures. She looks a lot older than she did on the computer screen, can’t hold an interesting conversation, and won’t stop talking about marriage. So you’ve already …[ read more ]

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How to Ditch the Date – A Girl’s Guide
  • Posted Jul 17, 2012
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So you’ve used an online dating website and you’re now on a first date with somebody that you met. There’s no guarantee that things will go smoothly, so how do you get out of it in an elegant manner?…[ read more ]

Online Dating – How to Handle a Disastrous Date?
  • Posted Jul 11, 2012
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Let’s face it: not every first date is a match made in heaven, even if you’ve gone to the trouble of using an online dating website to find a partner. You aren’t always going to click with everyone you meet. Some people may bore you, and others may have some annoying tic you just can’t …[ read more ]

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