Which City Has The Most Women Dating-For-Dollars?
  • Posted May 9, 2013
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The city of “brotherly love” apparently holds true–so true that more Philly women are looking for dates! What’s Your Price experienced a recent female surge–6,170 women signed-up in the first week of May alone. With such a staggering national growth, we decided to investigate and locate these women who are willing to date-for-dollars. The following …[ read more ]

A relationship may last a lifetime, but the first impression only takes seconds to determine—that is, in the online dating world. We conducted a national study to determine which cities are quickest to judge dating potential. So which city topped this year’s list? Using Google Analytics, we discovered that it only takes 7.2 for Salt …[ read more ]

Three Phone Rules to Live By
  • Posted Apr 22, 2013
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Speaking to a girl in-person is much different than on the phone. Aside from the blatantly obvious, i.e. looking at each other, you must keep in mind that your words alone determines her perception. You have no other tools (body language, gestures, looks, etc.) to help build attraction, so you must always choose your words …[ read more ]

1.)    All Looks, No Brains A hook-up is purely physical. A lack of intelligence only means that deep, meaningful conversations are non-existent. This is a plus for any short-term fling. You take everything for face value–literally. But if my daughter was as dumb as rocks, I wouldn’t blame anyone else but myself. And if I’m …[ read more ]

The Benefits of Avoiding Dinner and a Movie
  • Posted Apr 12, 2013
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Maybe it’s just me, but I despise taking my date to any movie or show. Think about it: how are you supposed to converse, let alone interact, with your date? It’s counter-productive to your ultimate goal, which is building a rapport. I’m not saying to completely avoid movie dates, but it should never be an …[ read more ]

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