1.)    All Looks, No Brains A hook-up is purely physical. A lack of intelligence only means that deep, meaningful conversations are non-existent. This is a plus for any short-term fling. You take everything for face value–literally. But if my daughter was as dumb as rocks, I wouldn’t blame anyone else but myself. And if I’m …[ read more ]

The Benefits of Avoiding Dinner and a Movie
  • Posted Apr 12, 2013
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Maybe it’s just me, but I despise taking my date to any movie or show. Think about it: how are you supposed to converse, let alone interact, with your date? It’s counter-productive to your ultimate goal, which is building a rapport. I’m not saying to completely avoid movie dates, but it should never be an …[ read more ]

Creating Attraction Through Texting
  • Posted Apr 9, 2013
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Dating has evolved into so much more than just personal interactions. As much as it pains me to say, modern technology has become so intertwined into our lives that a simple text message can build anticipation for your next encounter. And for those who are less text-savvy, it can ruin all interest at the push …[ read more ]

The “Hottest Colleges in America,” According to Price
  • Posted Apr 5, 2013
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It’s transfer season and many male students are checking out more than just class schedules. With 35% of its membership being college students, WhatsYourPrice.com conducted a study that revealed which colleges had the most attractive female student population, as well as the least attractive. This year’s haven for collegiate hotties? The University of Central Florida, …[ read more ]

3 Easy Ways to (Naturally) Break the Ice
  • Posted Apr 2, 2013
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Look the Part, Dress the Part. If have never received compliments on how well you dress, it may be time to get a wardrobe makeover. Approach a woman looking dapper. Wear a suit jacket, a dress shirt, and nice jeans. Standing out from a sea of guys begins with dressing well, and the confidence will …[ read more ]

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