How to Explore Your Interests With a Potential Partner


Remember when the phrases “online dating” and “fun” sometimes felt like they belonged in different sentences? Meeting someone online used to seem more like a chore than a fun, exciting experience. Enter WhatsYourPrice! We’re all about expecting the unexpected. If you’re ready to enjoy the best things in life with other adventurous singles, you’re going …[ read more ]

A Dating Guide for Singles Who Don’t Play Games


We know you’re tired of endless swiping on dating apps hoping to meet a like-minded, exciting partner. Sometimes it seems too much like a game, while what you’re really after is a real connection. Luckily is loaded with other singles who have the same goals in mind! But how can you be sure the …[ read more ]

10 Questions To Ask On A First Date


You’re finally getting the chance to meet IRL with the person you’ve been eyeing on WhatsYourPrice. You can’t wait to see if you’re as compatible as you hoped. But you almost dread asking or getting asked the inevitable list of first-date questions: “So, do you have any brothers or sisters?” “Are you from here?” “Where …[ read more ]

Your Passport to Enchantment in a Faraway Land


We all saw The Holiday, right? Two heartbroken heroines fly across an ocean to get away from their woes only to have impossibly delightful gentlemen come knocking on their doors. Two hours and 18 minutes later, everyone’s cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling in their newfound happiness. End scene. We love a good rom-com (and …[ read more ]

Why Giving Someone a Chance Increases the Odds of Getting What You Want During my first semester of grad school, I created a list of everything that I wanted in a guy. The list was daunting, superficial, and had almost a hundred requirements. Needless to say, I had never met anyone who met all of …[ read more ]

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