Golden-Age Loverboy
  • Posted Oct 28, 2014
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Have you ever considered dating an older gentlemen as opposed to the run-of-the-mill guy your own age? Here are some benefits to consider when dating your very own George Clooney. Swoon. Seriously Into You More times than not, dating an older guy means they are interested in settling down. If you are looking for that, …[ read more ]

Date Movies to Impress
  • Posted Oct 21, 2014
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The early days of a relationship are exciting, yet they can leave you sexually frustrated and frankly, broke. Going out to fancy dinners without any dessert (pun intended) can be tough. You don’t always have to spend $200 on French cuisine, or spend the “big bucks” as a desperate attempt at impressing her. A quiet …[ read more ]

It’s that time of the year again – Halloween, where Pumpkin Spice Lattes are plentiful and fall foliage is abundant. Every year at this time children dress to replicate their favorite icons, while college-age women have the perfect excuse to wear as little as possible. Once past their early 20s, it may be time for …[ read more ]

What to Talk About on a First Date
  • Posted Oct 7, 2014
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First dates are tough. Much like any other first, there is potential for things to go awry. The majority of the first date experience is based on moments and conversations shared in just a few hours. To avoid failure, stay on lighter, appropriate topics. Sometimes it may seem fun to execute an episode of Punk’d …[ read more ]

How to Host
  • Posted Oct 1, 2014
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Autumn is ripe with budding romances, and summer flings are turning into full flames. Taking a relationship from casual to an intimate level means eventually hosting a date at your place. Inviting someone over for a home cooked meal is sure way to impress them, and segway into an exclusive situation. Before making that move, …[ read more ]

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