High on Love
  • Posted Apr 20, 2016
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April 20th is no longer just a celebration of all things cannabis, for some it is also a celebration of love. As stoners across the world prepare for a holidaze of sorts, WhatsYourPrice polled members to determine if lighting up was a dating dealbreaker. According to more than 30,000 members, 3 out of 5 singles …[ read more ]

Famous Couples with Age Differences
  • Posted Apr 5, 2016
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When it comes to love in Hollywood, age isn’t anything but a number. Tinseltown doesn’t see numbers, but rather the feel-good butterflies that come with a great relationship. Celebrity couples offer the glamour and romance that many of us wish to obtain in our own life. Here are four celebrity couples who chose to love …[ read more ]

Vino for the First Date
  • Posted Mar 22, 2016
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You’re on a first date with the perfect person – not only are they attractive, they also meet all of your “must haves.” Then, suddenly, you’re presented with the wine list. This is arguably a major moment on your first of many dinner dates. You want to impress your potential partner, but with so many …[ read more ]

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Politics and Dating
  • Posted Mar 9, 2016
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We’ve all heard it before – don’t talk about politics on the first date! Political discussions can get heated fast if you and your date have opposing views. A first date is supposed to be a fun and lighthearted meeting to get to know someone new. Serious issues like marriage, religion and politics can safely …[ read more ]

5 Breakup Songs for 2016
  • Posted Feb 24, 2016
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No one will know you’re crying if the music is loud enough. Breakup songs are just as essential to any split as a bottle of wine and ice cream. As Valentine’s Day celebrations wrap up, and Grammy nominees collect their awards, we’re here to reveal 5 breakup songs for 2016. Hello – Adele The queen …[ read more ]

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