WhatsYourPrice Origin Story: Everyone Has a Price™
  • Posted Jun 27, 2019
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How did WhatsYourPrice get its start and how can you get your start on WhatsYourPrice?

WhatsYourPrice Origins

Founder of sister site SeekingArrangement, Brandon Wade was hosting a focus group. How can we better facilitate the start of new relationships? How can we incentivize people to take the first step, make the plunge, and go on the first date? In asking these questions, Wade realized the core concept of WhatsYourPrice — Everyone Has a Price™.

When searching for a potential first date, we all look at a myriad of factors: looks, personality, compatibility. On top of this complicated layer of preferences is the added barrier that comes with any first meeting — will they show up? what will I wear? will this be worth my time?

Everyone Has a Price™

The solution to these complicated questions was born in WhatsYourPrice.com. While the concept may seem sound, how can you use WhatsYourPrice to secure the first date of your dreams?

To ensure that you’re setting yourself up for success, fill out your WhatsYourPrice profile to showcase your best attributes. We all have a complicated matrix that we use to weigh the compatibility of a potential first date. Make sure you’re representing all aspects of yourself — from your profile pictures to your bio — in the most accurate way possible. You don’t need to represent a “perfect” person to ensure first date compatibility, you only need to represent the best version of yourself!

Let the Bid Do the Talking

Once you’ve completed your profile, use the bidding process to even the playing field. Generous members can bid higher to catch the attention of a particularly compatible attractive members, or, discover that compatible matches require lower bids!

Sign up and experiment with the “Everyone Has a Price” concept. How have you used the site successfully? High bids? High compatibility? Share your story in the comments or on social media.

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