Online Dating Profiles: What Matters Most
  • Posted Sep 26, 2012
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So what makes an online dating profile successful? Is it looks? Is it charm? Is it a combination of both? Tobii Technology conducted an eye-tracking online dating study and revealed what really matters to both men and women…

Fact: Men spend 65% more time looking at photos in online dating profiles compared to women.

What Matters to Men: Pictures, and lots of them. As the saying goes, men are visual creatures. However, this doesn’t warrant a profile ridden with half-naked pictures of you sucking a lollipop. Photos are a supplement to your profile—the last thing you want to do is let them define you as a person. So if you want to be treated like a princess, then act like a princess. Not a whore. Leave room for the imagination rather than going all-in. A variety of natural, unaltered photographs is much more appreciated than a Hustler photo shoot. Plus, you’ll attract more quality guys.

Fact: Women spend 50% more time reading online dating profile information compared to men.

What Matters to Women: Pictures are worth a thousand words—that is, unless you’re a woman. Men, don’t spend hours capturing your best shirtless bathroom photo when you can accomplish much more with an articulate sentence. Women want to date men, not boys. Avoid cheesy pickup lines, clichés, or overused movie lines. Exude both honesty and confidence in your content. Tell women the truth about yourself and what you are looking for in a woman. The more you attempt to look like a “rico suave,” the more you will come off as a douche bag. Women in the online dating world aren’t looking for someone who can “spit game.” Save that for the local bar. Female online daters are a different breed—they constantly deal with the hypotheticals: Will they have fun with you? Will you be interesting to meet in person? Is there compatibility? The list goes on. This alone determines a first date, and this alone can be influenced by your “About Me” section.

Fact: Men spend an average of 58 seconds looking at a profile.

What Matters to Men: Men are impulsive in nature. And according to these numbers, women have less than a minute to make an impression. So avoid telling your life story and stick to the basics: your personality, interests, and type. Write efficiently—short, concise, and to the point (like this sentence). While you may think this presentation is mundane or unintelligent, it actually leaves more to the imagination. Your intrigue alone will entice potential suitors to message you. Pair that with a beautiful photograph and voila—you’ll be getting more offers than you can handle. Remember, at the end of the day, you’re trying to fall in love, not finish a term paper.

Fact: Women spend an average of 84 seconds looking at a profile.

What Matters to Women: Women tend to tread lightly and think things through—this is no different in the online dating world. What makes them so cautious? Trust. They want to know that their time is well invested with a gentleman, not a douche. So avoid the “Hey Sexy” and actually reveal yourself and your intentions. Elaborate on interesting quirks and hobbies. Make every effort to be different, not “that guy” who likes “long walks on the beach.”  If you prove to women that you intend on getting to know them as a person, and not a piece of meat, then you’re golden.

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