Online Dating Profiles that DON’T Get Replies
  • Posted Jun 15, 2012
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When it comes to online dating, the first impression isn’t made at the dinner table of a lavish restaurant. Rather, in front of your very own computer.  If you succeed, she replies. If not? Well, at least you tried. But that’s the beauty of online dating: You have the time to send a well-articulated message without being put on the spot.  With that said, avoiding the following introductions will be the difference between gazing at a woman and staring at a computer screen.

The Top 5 Introductions to Avoid

Mr. Bland and Boring: “Hi, how are you?”

The Problem: This isn’t a check-out line—you’re trying to date the woman, not kill an awkward silence. Be more original and prove that you have a personality. While a message isn’t an actual physical

encounter, a quality introduction always leads to an actual date.

Mr. Bold and Brass: “Hey baby, here’s a picture of me shirtless. Wanna do it?”

The Problem: If you want to post pictures of your chiseled set of abs, more power to you—some women may appreciate the gesture. However, gym, tan, and laundry alone won’t get you a first date—especially if you go straight to the “sexting.” Then again, there’s an exception to every rule. Right, Snooki?

Just please, whatever you do, don’t take a picture “down there.” Only two outcomes arise: She freaks out and calls the cops, or she literally dies of laughter.

Mr. Mail Merger: “Hello there, you are very beautiful and seem like a nice person. Want to go out sometime? I’d love to take you out for dinner.”

The Problem: This isn’t fishing, gentlemen. When online dating, avoid using “copy” and “paste.” It may seem easier, but you’d be surprised at what an extra five minutes will do to any message. Remember, quality over quantity. You’re looking for home-runs, not hits. Needless to say, so are they.

Mr. Marry Me: “Excuse me, have I died and gone to heaven? Because you’re an angel! Please give me a chance—I will change your life. Can I introduce you to my mother? And yes, I LOVE children.”

The Problem: Slow down, tiger. Being affectionate in your message is respectable and often appreciated by women. However, being overtly affectionate is borderline desperate and creepy. When a woman wants to “get to know you,” she’s not asking for the number of kids you want. Save the serious talks for after the first date.

Mr. Money Bags: “I’m a CEO, I’m very wealthy, and I want you. How much will it take for you to take care of me?

The Problem: Women are attracted to power, seek a sense of security, and especially love being indulged. However, they never want to feel objectified. It’s completely fine to state your success—in fact, it’s encouraged on our website. Just don’t let it define you as a person. If you combine this respectable quality with a personable approach, you’ll be on the right track to more replies.



Have you ever encountered these types of people? What other personalities do you avoid when replying to messages?

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