Nontraditional Ideas to Celebrate New Year’s Eve
  • Posted Dec 22, 2016
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The time is near, the most hyped up night of the entire year! New Year’s Eve celebrations tend to be the same, year after year  – fancy attire, champagne toasts, and the ball drop. If you’re looking for an alternative way to usher in 2017, look no further. Make a plan to initiate new traditions for December 31 with these fun ideas to consider for NYE.

Date Night

The weather outside may be frightful, paying for a surging Uber or Lyft may cost a small fortune, and the likelihood of hailing a cab is slim to none. There are plenty of reasons to justify staying in and although New Year’s Eve is regarded as a wild party night, you can always create your own fun.

The options are endless when opting to ring in the New Year within the comfort of your own home. Plan to cook an elaborate meal with your S.O. It’s your last meal of 2016, so take your time planning something healthy and delicious to  cook and enjoy the process of preparing it together. Do some research to find which wine pairs the best with your desired dish.


Cozy up with your partner to reflect on the past year and get excited about what’s to come. What were the biggest personal changes you’ve seen in yourself and your partner? It’s good to take some time to appreciate these things. How do you hope the two of you will grow together in 2017? Having an open and honest conversation regarding the trials and triumphs of the previous 365 days will bring you closer as a couple for a fresh start to the New Year.

Get Lucky

A fun idea – thread 12 grapes on a skewer, one for you and one for your love. Once the clock strikes, eat the grapes for good luck! In contrast to the typical champagne toast at midnight for Americans, Spaniards always eat 12 grapes to bring 12 months of luck and prosperity.

Remember not to get too wrapped up in planning something over-the-top for NYE. What’s most important is bringing in the new year with someone you love!

Have you created any new, nontraditional activities for December 31?

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