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  • Posted Feb 20, 2013
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It’s been almost two years since WhatsYourPrice first launched, and we couldn’t be more proud of our website. Most importantly, we couldn’t be more happy to have such an active community that embraces this unique dating concept with open arms.

In our constant attempts to help streamline our service and grow along with our community, the website has experienced a major makeover.

When you first go to WhatsYourPrice, you will notice that the majority of our content was replaced with direct links to help new and existing users navigate effortlessly. For example, after logging in, our members will notice an updated dashboard with streamlined access to searching users, sorting existing offers, planning dates, and viewing messages. Users can also easily browse through other services offered by WhatsYourPrice, such as background verification and our blog.


For those of you looking to generally browse, we created a picture-based directory to ensure that prospective dates are now more distinct and accessible. Dates are now distinguished into three categories: Featured Members, Newest Members, and More Members Near You. So rather than tediously sift through pages and pages of people, users can now simply view the intangibles at a glance: the member’s name, age, location, willingness to travel, and current status.


Another major change was made in our offers page–members can now easily decide whether to offer or decline those who are interested. And if a member declines, they now have an accessible drop-down menu that explains their reasoning in rejecting the offer. So rather than leaving suitors in the dark, members have the ability to explain. This, in turn, can improve everyone’s dating experience. If the reasoning was that the suitor was “Not Background Verified,” then that person could get checked. Or if the member had “Different 1st date expectations,” then the suitor can learn to be more honest and open about their ideal first date.


One last notable feature is our new credit system. In the past members paid 20% of the offer in credits (with a minimum of 20 credits) in order to unlock a date. In an effort to encourage more dating, we completely eliminated the standard rate and now base dates on the actual offer price. If your accepted offer is lower, then you pay a much lower amount in credits.

So these are some of the more distinguishable (but not exclusive) features on our revamped website. I encourage all members to try out our new service and share their thoughts. We do realize it takes time to adjust to the changes, but we promise you that your dating experience will be much easier with the updated format.We take all feedback seriously and do hope we help accomplish our ultimate goal, which is to make your dating experience more enjoyable.

What are your thoughts on the new website format?

What other changes would you like to see on the website?


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