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Introducing New Features & Zorah

12 years ago
Introducing New Features & Zorah

Now that we have over 100,000 member sign-ups and we have over 50,000 unlocked dates, it’s time for me to announce a few exciting changes to WhatsYourPrice.com.

Introducing Zorah Wright

Up until now, I have been the only one writing blogs.  As much as I am thrilled to do so, I am after all a man and I can’t provide the female point of view on many of the topics and issues our users face or will likely face.  So, starting today, we’ll finally have a female voice on the blog. The first major announcement, is Zorah has agreed to be our new WhatsYourPrice.com in-house relationship expert and Blog-master.

Zorah is a speaker, author, and business coach living in Northern California. Zorah holds an MBA, and has worked in finance, business services, communications and sales for most of her career. With a chest full of toys, costumes and potions, she is a dating and relationship expert. Of course Zorah is also a member of WhatsYourPrice.com.  According to Zorah, she’s never had a bad date (one of her dates once did but he was trying really hard).  She has traveled all over the world and dated in many cultures. Her understanding of communications, relationship building through customs, cultures and classes has helped her in her professional business success. Here is a quote, direct from her:

Every woman wants a degree of romance when it comes to dating. Even in the context of a paid dating site, such as What’sYourPrice.com, the concept of romance aligns with the concept of value. Value places the woman at the heart of the date, as the heroine in her personal story and as the object of desire for her suitor. WhatsYourPrice.com, immediately places an intrinsic value on the opportunity to go on a date with an attractive person, celebrating their importance based on appearance and what they have written in their profiles.”

I am sure Zorah will bring fun, spontaneity as well as new a feminine twist to WhatsYourPrice.com. Zorah will show users how to get the most from the site, have fun dating, role playing and teach them to keep their agreements; the basis for all great relationships!

New Features on WhatsYourPrice.com

The second major announcement is the new features we introduced today on WhatsYourPrice.com.  As some of you may have noticed, credits no longer expire (hooray), users now have the option to upload private photos, read or submit real testimonials, and users can now provide a reason when rejecting a date offer.

Credits That Never Expire

You’ve asked for this, and we have listened.  So starting today, generous member credits no longer expire.

Private Photos

We know how a person looks is important when deciding whether to make or accept a first date offer!  But some of you have told us you want to have better control over your privacy, and only show your photos to people you actually want to go out with.  With the new private photos feature, the privacy conscious person can now do both – be private while showing your real self to the persons you want to date.  Someone can only view your private photos after you have sent them a wink, made them an offer, or responded to their offer.  Of course, having a public photo will still get you more offers, so we strongly suggest  that you upload a good looking public photo of yourself!

Reasons for Rejection

Rejection can be hard, and some people may not get the message.  So as some of you have requested, we now give you the ability to specify why you’re rejecting an offer:  (1) You’re just not my type, (2) You’re too far away, (3) You don’t have enough information or photos in your profile for me to make a decision, and (4) We don’t have the same first date expectations.  We hope this helps!

Real User Testimonials

We’ve added a feature for real members to submit and publish their experience using WhatsYourPrice.com.  So now, you can read how others like you are doing on the website.  For example, here’s a real testimonial from Holly — “Love this site. Had a date last night. Went great had a great time. He told me I looked so much younger and better then my picture. (knew that already lol) He surprised me with 3x’s the amount that we agreed upon because we had such a good time and I was “Normal” lmao!!”

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will continue to introduce new features, such as expiring old offers or accepted dates, and a whole lot more.  As always, I ask you to freely comment and give us your feedback.

What are some other new features you’d like to see?

Are there any topics you’d like Zorah to address or discuss?


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