Naughtiest Cities in America
  • Posted Dec 18, 2012
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Have you been naughty or nice this year? It turns out some of you prefer to live in sin than to walk the line. The study by WhatsYourPrice found that over 30 percent of the good ol’ USA hasn’t lost its prideful culture. And it looks as though some cities will have enough coal to get the EPA’s (US Environmental Protection Agency) panties in a bunch for next year.

The Naughty List consisted of cities where the majority of residents committed one of the seven deadly sins more than four times a week. Some cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, sinned more than six times a week.
1. New York City, New York: Residents of The Big Apple seem to think they’re the Big Cheese. The most common cardinal sin among New Yorker’s was Pride.
2. Chicago, Illinois: We wanted to see if The Windy City still lived up to its old moniker. An overwhelming percent of Chicagoans were guilty of Greed.
3. Boston, Massachusetts: Massachusetts was one of the first states to legalize gay marriage. It seems Bostonians understands the woes of the heart when it comes to love, or in this case Lust.
4. Los Angeles, California: The City of Angles is naughty rather than angelic. Forty-one percent admitting to being guilty of Envy.
5. Las Vegas, Nevada: Sin City fell down to number 5, barely living up to its name with 30% guilty of Lust.

Other cities that made the Naughty List were:
6. Pittsburgh, PA (Pride—31%)
7. Seattle, WA (Greed—40%)
8. Miami, FL (Wrath—27%)
9. San Francisco, CA (Pride—31%)
10. Birmingham, AL (Lust—67%)
11. Houston, TX (Wrath—39%)
12. Cincinnati, OH (Greed—23%)
13. Charlotte, NC (Envy—22%)
14. Washington, D.C. (Greed—44%)
15. Orlando, FL (Wrath—33%)

Surprisingly, neighboring cities like Houston and Dallas landed on opposite sides of the spectrum. Though Houston was the 11th sinful city in America, Dallas was the seventh nicest.

No one is perfect. No man can claim innocence to giving in to the lusty loins of sin. If you landed on the Naughty List, brush off your coal and make use of your present by having a winter barbeque with friends. After all, it isn’t what you did, it’s how you do it.

Was your hometown on the Naughty List?
What sin were you guilty of this year?

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