More First Dates … Fast!
  • Posted Sep 7, 2017
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image has been hard at work improving overall site performance and speed with one goal in mind: helping you get the first date of your dreams!

First Impressions

A good first impression can make all the difference! The WhatsYourPrice homepage now features a simpler sign-up process that helps to quickly create an optimized profile. Good for new users, and even better for current WhatsYourPrice members! More members means more and better candidates for potential first dates!


Take the Shortcut

Endless swiping, innumerable surveys quantifying “friend” and “enemy” percentages … just take the shortcut! WhatsYourPrice has improved search functionality, making your path to the perfect first date lightning fast. Dial in to find your ideal match, with filters for age, location, distance, education level, body type and more.

What do you think of the latest site upgrades? Comment below with your favorite search filter or preferred method for finding a perfect first date.


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13 Responses to “More First Dates … Fast!”

  1. allan says:

    Please put a rating system even if it is a simple one for the girls so that the paying members will know which girls to avoid(fraudsters, flakes, no-response girls).

    Also please put back the – date denied and reason on the girls profile. That was helpful in avoiding redundant date request. Thank you.

  2. Zumbagirl45 says:

    Girls should be able to report a guy for being a no show. I had a few not show it respond 1 he before the date and Girls do need to rearrange our schedules to be there when we say we are going to be there. It’s not nice when guys don’t let the girl know they can’t make it. Their account should be temporarily suspended and a warning.

  3. I bid on a young lady about a week ago,she accepted,I paid for credits so I could message her after she accepted,,we texted twice,I left my phone number,she said she would text me,,never did..The communication between the customers and the dates is horrible…then you e-mail the website,no phone number,and when they feel like getting back to you,you give them the info. on your problem…then good luck..

  4. New member says:

    Why can’t I adjust my photos after they are loaded? I keep ending up with my head cut off in them,lol

  5. Lee2929 says:

    Why does the site keep so many ladies on here , even when there not active and don’t appear there going to be anytime soon?

  6. JD says:

    Thanks guys. I was about to pay for the credits. And for $50 you can only send 6 messages, that’s just a looting knowing that you may never get a response back. They should be able to show the message and mask the phone number or email id associates with the account and once someone accepted the offer one should be able to pay for credits, and unlock those information. If the user is not responding to messages after accepting the offer, buyer should get the credit back. I hope someone reads these comments and tries to help users instead of just making a hit and miss site. Very disappointed after reading comments here and other sites. !!

  7. NonYoBiz says:

    I have been on this site a short time (less than 3 weeks) and here is my experience so far:

    I have bid and gotten 19 accepted offers, unlocked 17 of them – changed my mind about 2. Of those 17, I have communicated with 12, 5 of them just sort of wither in communication after just 1 reply. They are either bots or just curious and never intend to meet anyone. Of the remaining 12 I set up dates with 6 and 6 showed up, looked exactly like their pictures.

    I have gotten multiple initial offers without me initiating, a lot were for $200 or more and those just turn me off. Obvious what those ladies want. All of my dates were an agreed $100 or less.

    Sounds great, right? Sure, but a lot of these ladies will not admit it but what they are really looking for is a sugar daddy. It seems like this site can be interpreted in many different ways but what it is not is a situation where you will see the lady more than 1 date unless you bypass her ambiguous presentation and lean toward offering her more money for follow-up dates. I have not done this at all, I wanted to see what the situation was with each girl and treat each meet like a real date.

    I believe I am a genuinely charming guy so all 6 dates went fine and although none of them outright said it on the date it did seem like the signs were there about what they really wanted. 1 of them outright told me the next day after the date that she wanted $200 to see her for additional dinners. Another who seemed like a nice innocent girl with good intentions wanting to see me again ghosted into oblivion. Another said she’d like to see me again (no $) but has not yet replied back after an initial post-date chat. Another seemed very into me and we’ve been texting quite a bit but ultimately I am getting no serious commitment to meet again. Another I met obviously seemed to be implying that she would sleep with men for money but gave contradictions of situations where she didn’t like when guys came onto her. Last one seemed nice and said she’d want to meet again but instincts in communications after seem to indicate that’s not likely.

    That’s 6 women, all of whom tried to portray themselves as truly interested in the site for dating but really all these women want are endless platonic paid dates with constant fresh faces until they land a guy who matches their sugar daddy criteria.

    Between the points to pay for, the date fee which is seriously awkward and the actual paying for dinner or other date festivities, I’ve spent approximately $1100 to go out with 6 attractive women. If these had been women I met normally and asked out, I suppose I would be paying for dinner most of the time anyway so the real extra cost is more like $700. Dating sites mostly cost $30-40 per month. Was it worth it to burn $650 extra to get in front of 6 women so far? At first I thought so but now I believe it’s a waste of time and money.

    After talking with more women before committing to a meet, it does seem very clear that none of these women intend to go on more than 1 date with any guy unless that guy meets her sugar daddy criteria. I reviewed the profiles of all the women I’ve communicated with and was able to find 5 of them with profiles on Seeking Arrangement.

    • Nick says:

      For the most part I agree. However I have had multiple dates with a few woman I’ve met here and remain friends with some.
      There are also professionals that are very beautiful and definitely are trustworthy. Not what I’m looking for.
      I agree that the majority of woman are looking for a sugar daddy or some sort of ongoing financial support. They belong in SA not here. But how could this site weed them out?
      Out of 20+ dates I’ve had they here, as if yet, not a single one has used the incentive to beautify and prepare themselves for the date. All are mostly broke young woman that will say anything in the messaging to get a one time quick money hit from you. Particularly sad are the down and out drug addicts. Heart breaking.
      I don’t find as many woman looking for a mr right sugar daddy as I do hit and run types that never intend to go out on a second date and are only in it cause they read somewhere that it’s possible to make a living from endless first dates here.

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