Meet The Parents: Three Ways To Know You’re Ready
  • Posted Dec 18, 2013
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It’s almost Christmas, which means if you’re at least one month into a relationship, your girl is either dropping hints about meeting the parents, or your man is praying you don’t. While one month is probably too soon to be assuming he won’t be cropped out of the annual family photo next year, there are some signs that you are ready to make the plunge.

One. You live together.

If you are co-habitating, and you haven’t met the parents, then you should probably start to worry. Making a commitment to each other, even if it’s just a one year lease is just the beginning of the transformation of two lives melding into one. So if you officially share a bathroom and a bed, you should probably invite her home for Christmas to meet the brood.


Two. You think in terms of “we”.

Does your schedule revolve around “me” or “we”? Once you start thinking in terms of “we”, past, present and future. the time has probably come where a commitment isn’t far off. While you may not be certain yet if you are going to spend the rest of your lives together, “we” is a good place to start.


Three. He/she asks.

The biggest hurdle in a relationship when it comes to bringing your mate home (or not) is not knowing the implications of doing so. But if your partner seems interested, then why not? But if you have been dating for less than three months, don’t pick a holiday to do so. Make it more casual so there’s less pressure.

When do you know its time to meet the parents? 

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