March Hotness: America’s Hottest Coeds
  • Posted Mar 25, 2015
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As college basketball fans mourn the loss of their funds in office pools across America, is coming out with it’s own bracket to celebrate the start of the most crucial round of the NCAA Tournament, the Sweet 16. Although many of the teams in our bracket have lost their shot at the championship trophy, they score big in another arena — hotness.

In honor of March Madness, WhatsYourPrice is releasing “March Hotness: America’s Hottest Coeds,” pitting universities across the country against each other to see which school boasts the most stunning student body.

Using our unique date-offer system, we ranked the hottest universities in America based on the average first date price offered to a college coed on Results revealed our very own Sweet 16:

16. University of Wisconsin – Average Date Offer: $150

In a school full of hotties, it’s a wonder snow accumulates at all in this Midwestern university.

15. University of Notre Dame – Average Date Offer: $159

Known for their pride and school spirit, it seems the Fighting Irish have a lot more to brag about than their top-notch academics and basketball program.

14. University of Virginia – Average Date Offer: $163

Michigan State might have destroyed UVA’s chances at an NCAA Tournament win, but the Cavaliers definitely have the Spartans beat when comes to aesthetics.

13. Louisiana State University – Average Date Offer: $177

Whether it’s the Southern belles or good ole Southern Hospitality, suitors are willing to spend big to snag an LSU lady.

12. Duke University – Average Date Offer: $186

Duke already has it’s place in the NCAA Sweet 16, whether the team makes it to the next leg of the games, its players can rest assured in the arms of a pretty little Blue Devil.

11. University of Arizona – Average Date Offer: $198

This list only has room for one school from the Grand Canyon State, the attractive students at the University of Arizona beat out Arizona State with male suitors offering $198 for a date with a Wildcat.

10. University of Georgia – Average Date Offer: $209

UGA’s team might be out, but the rest of its coeds are still scoring big on their dates.

9. University of Florida – Average Date Offer: $218

Maybe it’s the water or the never-ending supply of rays. Whatever it is, there’s something about the Sunshine State that makes the students at this university shine brighter.

8. Columbia University – Average Date Offer: $225

Harvard Crimson may dominate in basketball, but according to a new study, Columbia reigns supreme among the Ivies when it comes to attractive coeds.

7. University of Texas at Austin – Average Date Offer: $232

Everything is bigger in Texas, including date offers.

6. Villanova University – Average Date Offer: $250

Wipe away those tears Piccolo girl, Villanova students are among the hottest in the country.

5. University of Mississippi – Average Date Offer: $263

It’s no wonder Ole Miss has produced three Miss Americas; their coeds embody beauty and grace.

4. University of Southern California – Average Date Offer: $286

Sun-kissed skin, these students are so hot, they can probably melt a popsicle.

3. University of California Los Angeles – Average Date Offer: $298

Just as UCLA knocked USC out of contention before Selection Sunday, the Bruins beat out the Trojans when it comes to the attractiveness of its student body.

2. Rutgers University – Average Date Offer: $310

Although Rutgers missed the NCAA Tournament, New Jersey can be proud of its university for having some of the most attractive coeds in the country.

1. University of Kansas – Average Date Offer: $324


Jayhawks reign supreme on our list of college-aged hotties. Students from the University of Kansas fetched the highest date offers, with male suitors shelling out an average of $324 for a shot at love with a KU students.

Did your school make the cut?

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