Long-Distance Romance Guide
  • Posted Mar 31, 2015
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With tech-based career opportunities popping up throughout the world, jobs pull partners apart more now than ever. If the relationship you’re in is something worth holding onto, follow some of our steps below to keep your romance going even when physically far apart .

Screen-to-Screen Kinks


 Everyday tools such as FaceTime or Skype are great for daily one-on-one time with your beau. But try taking things to the next level with a dash of kink: flirty kisses, occasional strip teases, and/or “peek-a-boo” moments are always great for keeping the flavor nice and spicy. When you’re apart from the person you care for deeply—often weeks or months at a time—those natural urges need to be creatively satisfied.

That means every once and a while, have a little on-camera fun with your partner. Often, time zone differences cause difficulty in scheduling face-to-face time. In these instances, it’s great to set a “date night” to ensure that both partners are receiving the level of intimacy or satisfaction needed to keep the mutual attraction going. Also, it never hurts to add a little bit of anticipation for something you’ll both look forward to each week.

Signed With A Kiss


Emails may very well be the new letter, but there’s nothing quite like the thrill of waiting on a handwritten (or typed) note sent from the one you love. Emails can quickly be referred to, but they’re prone just as easily to get deleted. Once a letter is sent, you can scan it, photocopy it, or keep it tucked away for life. Emails also lack the tangible value of a handwritten note. Letters carry stamps, smells, and are sometimes sealed with a kiss!

You can refer to a real-life snail-mail letter time and time again knowing that the someone you love handled the paper and took the time to write special words just for you. Share this experience with your partner as a tool to create a treat to look forward to.

Social (Media) Time


If you find yourself constantly traveling or on the go, sometimes it’s nice to send a quick “just because” message. This can easily be a Snapchat to your favorite someone offering a quick view of the sights where you are and some sweet words for him or her to keep in mind throughout the day.

Instagram is another handy app that’s great for posting in-the-moment photos and offering a sense of permanence that Snapchat cannot. If you really want to leave your partner with something they’ll never forget, skip the apps and record a nice video to send them via Facebook or text message. This leaves a piece of you that can be enjoyed again and again.

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder


Time spent together is great for building memories and establishing common interests. But I bet you never thought that a little time apart can be just as good. We learn more about ourselves as individuals by taking time for self-reflection. Exploring new interests and encountering new happenings each day helps to make for  lively and interesting conversation.

We all grow tired of the “how was your day—good—how was yours” circle of non-conversation. Adding a little pizzazz by letting a day or two go by without contact can help to keep things fresh. Before you became a couple, you were two separate people with your own lives and interests. To keep a relationship feeling forever new, your sense of individuality must be maintained. Trust me—you’ll appreciate each other more in the long run if you enjoy the “me time” when apart.

What advice would you offer our long-distance lovers?

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