Lefties vs. Righties: Who’s More Generous?
  • Posted Aug 15, 2013
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In honor of National Left Handers Day this past Monday, WhatsYourPrice.com conducted a rather unique study that determined the generosity of left-handed men vs. right-handed men when dating.

We surveyed 5,120 men asking them to indicate their dominant hand. From this sample, we then randomly then selected 500 right-handed and 500 left-handed men of similar demographic backgrounds.

Our results were quite interesting: lefties were approximately 31.9% more generous based on their average first-date offer:

Right-Handed Men

Number Surveyed: 500 US Males

Average First-Date Offer: $84.39

Left-Handed Men

Number Surveyed: 500 US Males

Average First-Date Offer: $111.31

Though there is limited research backing the notion that being left-handed affects intelligence or creativity, one thing is clear: lefties are more generous.

Still not convinced? Our very own southpaw President, Barack Obama, wished the nation Happy Left Handers Day via Twitter. Considering he has spent trillion dollar budgets during a recession, it really does make sense now…


Do you think handedness influences generosity? Why or why not?

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