Is Age a Number or a Standard?
  • Posted Jun 8, 2012
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A recent study by Queens College revealed that the number of older wives in America has steadily increased since the 1950s. This may seem  untraditional or hard to believe, but let’s examine the facts. According to The Department of Labor, though the average woman’s dollar is still a few decimals below that of a man, women continually have lower unemployment rates. And while traditional jobs are diminishing for men in this economy, women have niched into consistent, and at times, higher paying roles.

Image from The New York Times: Source

Could this “sugar mommy” trend be a desperate move for men to better their economic standing? Or can it be, though men are visual creatures inclined to marrying younger, that love is truly blind to age differences?

Let’s take a look at a quintessential older woman, younger man relationship. Nick Cannon dated against the norm, married Mariah Carey, and now they have two beautiful twins.  Cannon’s accomplishments, including a few films and hosting gigs, don’t really hold a flame to Carey’s music career…I mean, she did have an 11-year head start.

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Obviously, any reasonable man (including myself) would date the talented, award-winning, ageless beauty that is Mariah Carey, but that is beside the point. The point is that Nick Cannon had the right dating mindset. He was not complacent in settling for a “traditional” partner. Instead, he saw not only a romantic partner, but also a business one. Nick vied for the affection of someone he connected with—she just so happened to be older.

One can safely assume that Cannon did not predict or plan the path love took him. However, he did end up taking, what most of you thought until now, the road less traveled.


So, I ask you generous and attractive members of What’s Your Price:


What do you think? Is this just a sign of our hard economic times?

Can it be that we really are beginning to view and appraise our partners as a “total” package?

Or does it boil down to one explanation—one word. Love?


Whatever the explanation, here is my challenge to you: Be open-minded, don’t stick to a “type,” and try something—or someone new. You may just find your perfect match…

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