How to Spot Serial Daters
  • Posted Oct 30, 2011
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For this blog post, I want to share some of the feedback I have received from members and close friends about the few types of people who use, and more importantly, how to identify a “serial dater” – i.e., someone who is only interested in dating with no serious intentions of becoming involved in a serious relationship.

Serial daters come from all walks of live. They are both men and women, generous and attractive. There are of course many reasons why certain men and women choose to be serial daters (and we’ll be covering this later), but what’s common across all serial daters is they will never advertise or admit that they are serial daters. So it takes a little skill, or experience to identify one, and that’s what we’ll be discussing today!

serial dater

But before I get into this topic, I should apologize for not writing a blog post sooner. The past few weeks have been crazy ones here at  We launched a campaign to introduce to Sirius/XM listeners on shows like ESPN, Fox News, Howard 100, Opie & Anthony, etc. Here are the clips of what Howard Stern, and Opie & Anthony had to say about our website:

Howard Stern’s Take:

Opie & Anthony’s Take:

Why do some Men or Women choose to be Serial Daters?

The first step in identifying a serial dater is to try to understand why someone would be a serial dater in the first place.  If you’re a serial dater, you probably already know the reasons well.  But for those who are looking for a serious relationship, here are some of the reasons why a man or woman may choose to be a serial dater in the very first place:

(1)  Because he/she is a playboy or playgirl:  Playboys and playgirls love the game of dating, and they aren’t ready to settle yet with just anyone.  Some are busy professionals (like lawyers, businessmen, doctors, etc.) who simply do not have time for the drama of a serious relationship.  Others are just not ready for commitment.

(2) Because he/she is just looking for something casual:  If you are looking for a casual relationship, you’re likely not going to be looking for something serious.  Casual daters are more interested in hookups, one-night stands, affairs (if they are married), friends with benefits or no strings attached arrangements.

(3) Because he/she is just interested in the money:  Some users do abuse the intent of our website, and are dating because they are interested in the money.  Some are escorts masking themselves as singles (even though we are very clear at that escorts are not allowed).  Most are what  you may call “gold diggers” or perhaps just interested in dating because it beats working a low paying minimum wage job.

How to Spot an Attractive Serial Dater?

There are usually a few ways to tell if an Attractive member is a serial dater.  First, read their profile carefully.  Are they in a committed relationship and are they just looking to meet friends?  Are they only looking for casual relationships, and nothing else?  What did they write as their occupation?

If reading their profile does not give you too many clues, the offer price they make or accept may be the final telling point.  Most singles who are looking for a serious relationship will generally accept a first date at a price of less than $200.  Remember, the intent of is to make it so the attractive guy or girl does not end up at a loss to go out on a first date with you.  Serial daters (especially type 3 – the ones that are only interested in money) on the other hand are unlikely to accept first dates at a price less than $200.

Suggestion:  To avoid ending up on a first date with a Type 3 Attractive serial dater, we recommend making offers in the $50 to $150 price range, and never accepting a first date that is over $200, unless you live in a city where the cost of living is very high (e.g., London, Manhattan, or Tokyo).

Do you consider yourself to be a serial dater?

Have you encountered a serial dater on the website?

Do you have any suggestions on how you would spot a serial dater? 

207 Responses to “How to Spot Serial Daters”

  1. Brandon Wade says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!

  2. queen says:

    I can tell a serial dater by how they talk down to you and are bossy. No romance at all. Makes me wish i got more to be treated so badly. Some will tell you they left payment in the car to try a last ditch effort to force intimacy for the date rate.

  3. Bobby the K says:

    Great topic. And good post, Queen. I actually enjoy paying women as much as I can because I’m enjoying the practice from this site. But the thing that makes me sad about women (I could just as well say men) who serial date or play games or lead someone on is the loss of time. You never get time back. You never get these moments to purely love your youth back. And when someone who has the power of physical beauty, which by the way is a complete accident if you think about it, puts their poison in you too hook you and play with you, it takes a lot of time to get it out, and both lose the most precious thing in life, which riches can never replace. I’ve met some beautiful women on this site who were genuine and honest and I wanted to kiss the ground they walked on, even if it was only for one date. But in the end, I think the honest ones on this site, will reap the reward of loving their youthful moments, humbly, and cherishing them, while the others will end up like a J Lo or many celebrities always clutching at the sifting sands flowing through their hands, never being able to love purely what they have at the moment and constantly regretting in old age what they’ve lost.

    • Chycago says:

      I agree.. I wish people was just more honest so people can make a choice of they want to deal with you! This my 1st time here and hoping I can find someone who will love me right cuz i am a jake of all trades..:)

  4. pinket says:

    oh Booby,your reply is quite touching

  5. Blue says:

    Dear What’s Your Price ~

    You guarantee women money to get paid dating in mutually beneficial arrangements if they just name their price and then tell them they are misusing the site for doing just that. That’s called talking out both sides of your mouth. It’s misleading and unethical. I don’t care how you mince words.

    Either you want to know what my price is or you don’t! My price is not for you to be determined or predicated upon by your opinion or judgements.

    Bait and switch is not legal.

    All the best to you,

    • Brandon Wade says:


      Someone who is looking for a “mutually beneficial arrangement” isn’t a serial dater, unless that same person who says he/she is looking for a “mutually beneficial arrangement” when in reality he/she is only interested in the first date, with no intentions of ever finding an arrangement.

      I think you misread what I wrote in the post above. If a sugar baby is genuinely looking for a long term arrangement, she wouldn’t be asking for a huge amount for a first date. She would ask for what will reasonably offset her cost of going out on that date, so its not a waste of time for her. (Of course everything is relative, so if you’re asking a multi-millionaire out, $500 may not be a big number. But for most guys out there, that’s an outrageous amount to be asking for, and likely indicative of a serial dater.)

      This website isn’t for one-time arrangements, and those are the types of users we are working hard to ban.

      Hope that clarifies my point.


    • Kokietka says:


      I totally agree with you. Plus it seems like when men ” buy” a date they expect that sex is included. I am not exagerrating and I am talking from my own experience. Hence it is up to any single women to say her price and if men cannot afford it then there are other women on here , right ? As they say” tough love”.

  6. queen says:

    Blue, i think they are just saying in the event someone is looking for love. Serial daters should date other like minded but is not fair if a serial dater does a 50 offer to slobber and paw all over us. They have a sugar daddy option as well. I have that listed but…i notice you only get money the first date so if your a baby you have only one chance so 50 is not cool. My spray tan cost that much alone and then you want freshly done toes and nails. My lotions and potions plus makeup is expensive also. I only go all out if i have a date. I get hit on in real life without it but. I feel weird talking to them without my war paint on. If i do wear it i feel like im over dressed and getting to many stalkers.

  7. queen says:

    Also, guys if you want to bid low please have some sexy pictures to temp us. I am so tired of seeing horrible quality photos of guys looking like debbie downers.

    • Blue says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. It’s rare that a guy is hot on this site so if the prices are low, the men blah looking, what exactly is my reasoning for giving some random guy a chance with me. I though this was about giving the guys an opportunity to put his money where his mouth is….kissing a few frogs and finding that prince but I’m not kissing frogs for what I can be making at work or less. I have work to do, classes to go to a life to attend to.

      When you see a chance take it…find romance!

  8. pipqueen says:

    I agree with my girls here. I would never accept a low offer date. As a millionaire my time is the most valuable commodity i have, and if men want to date me they need to pay accordingly, simple as that.

    • Exactly says:

      As a millionaire, what is your need for off-setting your “dating costs” and why, as a millionaire, would you expect another millionaire to pick up the tab for your beauty resurrection?

      • pipqueen says:

        It is what it is. Those are my rules and standards and if men dont like it TUFF!
        they dont have to date me.

        • Exactly says:

          Considering as how this site is only months old, I guess that means that, as a millionaire, you have made this agreement with any dude who asks you, as a millionaire, out, is that right? One could ask why you, as a millionaire, deign to stoop so low as a web site to find dates when you, as a millionaire, have other millionaires vying for your presence. Maybe in fact you, as a millionaire, are on the wrong site.

        • Blue says:

          Pipqueen makes perfect sense but unfortunately I cannot understand what you are trying to say. The age of the site…making agreements with any “dude” who asks…stooping so low…as low as you perhaps and all the rest of us for being here if that is your true feelings and not just a disingenuous argument meant to menace and inflame or put down women with sexist remarks? I thought this site was for millionaires to meet their financial equals and the men who can provide in a manner that the woman is accustomed too.

          I suggest you might want to try reposting that again so that we may better understand your point.

      • Blue says:

        Financial compatibility and if you don’t like it feel free to join one of the many sites where women don’t require payment.

        • Exactly says:

          Alternatively, if you can’t stand other people’s opinions differing from yours maybe you should be on another site or have your own so that you can police it better than with disparaging comments and negativity, Blue.

        • Blue says:

          You’re opinions are more than welcome I encourage them but please at least stay on track here and not lose site of your goal to make an actual point. If you are here just to attack others or be a hypocrite we will call you out on it.

        • Blue says:

          Aha! It’s my smilie faces that put my comments in moderation. Let’s try this again….

          You’re opinions are more than welcome I encourage them but please at least stay on track here and not lose site of your goal to make an actual point. If you are here just to attack others or be a hypocrite we will call you out on it.

  9. pinket says:

    sorry BRandon,but just because a girl is asking for a high amount doesnt particularly mean shes not looking for a long term relationship,she simply knows her worth and wont settle for less,thats what it is, and well said BLUE ,i feel like whats your price is contradicting,i think you should avoid making such assumptions because firstly your site says it all,u asked whats your price?and the ladies are stating what their price is,so for you to finally come up with such a statement that purely has no truth what soever in it,isnt good,just let the girls and the men deal with that,if they can’t pay the asking price,fair enough there are girls on here willing to go with the minimum amount.take for example myself,am genuinely hoping to meet someone for a long term relationship,but because i have been so used to a certain lifestyle that doesnt come cheap,my asking price is quite high,there is so many time wasters on here both men and women,and my time is precious,the effort i put in when setting out on a date comes at a price,and if i charged less i would be at a loss,i might as well stay in with friends and order a fancy take i think you should take that back,the whole thing that the girls that charge alot are players is very wrong,am not a player and like most girls we all hope to meet someone we can settle down with eventually,regardless of what my asking price is,sorry if at all this comes out a little blunt but someones got to say it

    • Blue says:


      I respectfully disagree. I wrote a long letter here and I may post later but for now I have to agree with these other women you are making untrue blanket statements about your own women. You are stabbing us in the back.


    • Blue says:

      Thank you pinket! I don’t know how my post to Brandon got posted here but I want to thank you for your post.

    • Brandon Wade says:

      This is obviously a highly charged subject. And perhaps Blue, Pinket, Queen — all of you girls — are right that there is nothing wrong with expecting or asking what you feel is your worth.

      But the fact remains that I have received feedback from some of my friends who use (and love) the website, that they have encountered some “serial daters” who aren’t so much interested in forming any meaningful relationship. Rather, they are escorts in disguise.

      So, instead of debating whether it is okay or not okay to ask for a high amount, why don’t the three of you girls offer some constructive suggestions…. for example, answer this question:

      How can a guy tell the difference between a woman who is asking for a high amount who is serious about actually wanting to find a relationship versus a woman who is simply interested only in the first date?

      That would probably be a more meaningful question!

      • queen says:

        Brandon, I would say if a girl has sugar daddy listed on her profile then she would be a serial dater and same goes for men.

        My dates last a long period of time so I feel I deserve the payment. Escorts would never hang out that long. What they do only last 30 min and they get way more !
        I have had 2-6 dates with the same men to the point where money was only paid the first date, second if I am lucky and always the same fee as original date offer. I do bore with it as I am looking for a sugar daddy. I did like one 28 year old very much but, he kept a constant pressure of me to over drink and try street drugs. I was afraid he might put something in my drink, I just could not trust how shady he was and I caught him in a couple of lies. For one, first date he had a nice truck, all dates after he drove a beat up dirty car. Two, lived with many friends and three, on closer inspection had rotten teeth. My car was way better and my place is way better also. He was charming and good looking , his profile stated he was 5’9 . I am 5’2 and I was bigger boned and only one inch shorter than he so, he was 5’3 and had to be less than 100 pounds! I think he had an eating disorder as he excused himself from the table after every meal. I had a profile that was all about sugar daddy, he was looking for serious. I just did not see it as a match for a serious. I like Tall, workout type, full lips and a pretty nice face for serious. I did not know how to break it off so I just avoided his texts. I did touch on the fact that I thought he was a drug addict to him. He just claimed he did it at rave partys. ( his teeth said otherwise ) or that could be the eating disorder. If he was a sugar daddy I might have not cared? Other dates I had here most have been awkward, probing questions that left me drained and confused. Tonight I did meet a VERY nice man who might be a good sugar daddy match so, I think it just takes time and the right match. All my dates I have treated well, showed up on time with my best a-game. I think they enjoyed themselves too, I am sweet to them. I even make them feel like a king because they enjoy being the stud in the room with all other men looking and all females giving us the evil eye. Sometimes even other girls join our table !

        On a side note: I sometimes log on with my phone and it is hard to type. Lots of mistakes are made.

        I do love this site. I only get between 2-5 dates or so a month. Many offers and opened convos . Some guys do not follow through on meeting. It is frustrating at times to get to the meeting point.

  10. pinket says:

    LOL @ QUEEN your so right,the men complaining about the price are usually exactly what u’ve described

  11. whatever says:

    doesn’t make any sense at benefit from the dates being more expensive so why all the hate?why not make ALL the dates $200 or lower then if “gold diggers” are such an issue?getting my nails done, my hair styled, my new outfit, & a wax is more than $200. i wouldn’t go out with a man who low balled.

    a man that is not generous with his money will not be generous with his affections.EVERY woman knows that. way to get these lonely, old ,unattractive men even LESS dates!

  12. Kokietka says:

    pipqueen, exactly. You are so right. Men that cannot pay the price should not even be on here. These men are on here because they cannot get a date in real life or do not have time. Either way, the site states” whats your price”. Anyhow I completely agree with the women on here. Oh and by the way, as I have noticed there are plenty of men on here who just want a quick hook up, so you really think that women are the bad ones on here? I disagree…

  13. queen says:

    Some of us are not able to find a good match because the guys are being creepers. I am not sure how to avoid it but, I am thinking they get the wrong idea from the name of the site and the fact that it reminds them of that demee more movie where she gets a mill to sleep with a man. I changed my profile to go into full detail how one should court a female in the proper way. I hope that helps set the pace for a romantic evening. A good topic for a blog would be how to treat your new lady friend and how they should have good pictures on profile instead of ones making silly faces or hound dog no smiles.

  14. queen says:

    I found a review site on sugar daddy sites and found wyp listed :

    Review of

    Review of Whats Your Price
    This is one sugar daddy dating site that does not follow the same approach as any of the other free sugar daddy or paid sites. On this site you get to name your price! You either join as a “Generous” member who is there to pay for dates with beautiful members or as an “Attractive” member who wants to be paid the price of your choice for dates. There is no messing around or beating around the bush here in regard to intentions which some people find very refreshing. Photos are required in order to become a member and the costs of their memberships are low in comparison to most of the other sugar daddy websites out there.

  15. Allan says:

    I have a friend who was a serial dater on a free site for the longest time. He switched to another and he has happily settled with one woman. As for myself, my only demand is honesty, and that’s actually quite a tall order, as it requires a certain level of self awareness as well as a ability to be candid (but diplomatic). I have enjoyed dates where there was mutual agreement not to go out again.

    To my view a night out on a first or second date should be enjoyed, and if it leads to something more, then that’s all the better. So really, as long as both parties are civil, it is never time wasted.

  16. just bc says:

    I ask for 500 and I am not a serial dater. I just want a guy that makes more money to settle down with, just as a guy want a lady with looks.

    I am rather attractive and I know I am worth it. My personality is also lots of fun. I understand that most guys can’t afford it. I understand that this site needs to cater to the masses and hence write this article to make them feel better about bidding low.

  17. Blue says:

    Don’t you think if a man were to impress a woman with a lot of money to begin with she would want to stick around for more???

    Some women, like me, are looking for our financial equals not someone who has a hard time coughing up $500. Seriously. As a long time model of 20 years and the owner of several businesses I thought this would be a good place to find that. It seems like this site is increasingly becoming a place for rich men to troll for bargains and women in desperate financial situations. I have no problem with whatever people want and I wish all the college women quite well! But in doing that you only under sell everyone else and ruin Sugar Dating for everyone in the future.

    • Exactly says:

      Difficulty in coughing up the money might not be the issue; perhaps it might have something to do with the fact that the offer/agreement isn’t in person, it’s done on the basis of pictures. Off setting prep costs is one thing, but I think anyone who offers thousands on the basis of a few pics on a free (for women) web site is a fool. I don’t make an offer on property sight unseen because someone selling it told me it was worth a lot.

      • Blue says:

        I can understand your concerns but you do have the opportunity to decline upon meeting BEFORE sitting down for the date if you feel you have been misled in any way. Fair enough?

        So far I have not run into any problems here with any man. I was lied too once and the pic clearly not the guy in the profile he lied by at least 20+ yrs but he paid so c’ est la vie!

    • Allan says:

      If a man impresses a woman with direct contributions of money, she will stick around for the money, but if he pays for two non-refundable tickets to Hawaii, then he is demonstrating his generosity without directly benefiting her materially.

      There ware ways to be generous without a quid-pro-quo.

      • Blue says:

        But this is Get Paid to Date remember? If I’m not getting paid I’m not going to Hawaii. I’ll go with a boyfriend. Last time I went by myself and had a great time. It was very spiritual and I cannot imagine sharing that with someone I just met from What’s Your Price. That would be incredibly awkward. If I’m entertaining a guy than I must get paid otherwise we are going as friends and I will be doing my own thing in my own way and that may mean I’m going to be writing or mingling with other people, taking classes and following my own interests.

        I hate to sound mean but sharing a space with someone like that is very personal for me.

  18. queen says:

    I have met 3 guys on other sites who gave me one thousand for my time and never asked for sex! They never even tried to see me again. They where age range 40~63 and one was just visiting dallas. Others where perhaps they though to old for me and that i would agree with. I never found out why they never followed up. Serial dating super generous men i am guessing?

  19. queen says:

    Also, one guy on this site who lives out of state asked me via text what i was doing and i said i was at the spa. He paid 500.00 for my spa day. I look forward to meeting him now! The spa had a website that you can buy a gift card from. Not everyone is cheap and cruel on here!

    • Brandon Wade says:

      Queen, I completely agree … there are all types of men out there, and also a diverse set of women, each seeking different things.

      And if you were looking to meet only the super generous types of men, then this website has certainly provided you with a rather effective method of targeting your match. I see nothing wrong with that at all.

  20. attractive member says:

    Okay. So I make a lot at my job, which I am expected to miss, and I fly out to see them, and get an outfit, my hair done, nails done, ect. And now because of this bull I am offered 50 bucks, which is basically a smack in the face, to fly for two days. So ya thank you for saying cheap asses are encouraged.

    • Exactly says:

      Congratulations on keeping that high paying job in this economy. Do you think that saying there are cheap guys on the site will change anything or is it just too pleasurable NOT to? As I said below, if someone offers you too low, what’s the big freaking deal, just reject it and move on, don’t act like it took a huge chunk out of your life. Is it that important that all men see what you feel you’re worth in a few pictures that could very well not be you?

      • Blue says:

        Why all the snarky remarks? Brandon is talking out of two sides of his mouth here and the women are right. He has no reason to make assumptions or claims based on opinion where upon asking women what THEIR price is they answer only to be told they are insincere.

        Price point is a very personal thing and relative to the lifestyle one is accustomed too. Brandon supposedly “outing” women for doing what the site was actually designed to do and going against his original guarantee Get Paid To Date creates a very disingenuous argument on his end to which I would say is very misleading. I’m just glad I’m not paying for this.

  21. queen says:

    I am getting 50.00 offers also ! uggghhhh

    • Exactly says:

      And you agreed to 25 for a 3-way as I recall. Your words that I just read on a different thread, not mine, so I’m not being insulting. You constantly have mentiond “cheap” men, I also see, on every single blog post, yet now you’ve had 3 previously unmentioned 1000 Blue-Style dates and one guy to ship you to a spa, sight unseen, for…500$? What are you do consistently upset about? Just reject the ones not offering you huge on the basis of a handful of pixels and be done with it.

      • Blue says:

        What’s the blog for if not to compare notes about ones personal experience with the site???

        What are you consistently upset about? Just ignore the posts here you don’t like and be done with it. Feel free to speak from personal experience. I would love to know how you are doing.

        • Exactly says:

          You are telling me to do that? First, by “consistent” you have no idea who I am. I don’t know you either but just by reading all the “blue” and “queen” posts from any date it’s easy to see who are the ones who are most consistently angry and spiteful are. This blogs posts are what are supposed to be commented on, not the identical complaints about what horribly cheap men are on this site and what you as a security consultant, super model world class non sexual date business millionaire think of everyone that doesn’t agree with you. You’re an angry person, quick to offense and eager to advise others to get out of what you seem to consider your own private show here, anyone can see that from your first 100 posts that are virtually identical. Why are you incapable of being civil?

        • queen says:

          No one else posts here exactly, I-see, king and all the other handles you use. You must like us because you keep returning so we must be of some value. If we did not post pretty sure this blog will have no posts at all. At least we get you to jump in. In fact, the first blog I could have sworn you posted as that girl with long hair who said she plays in a band and offers herself cheap . Trying to be a busy body guy is not working because men do not work in that way. You are just upset for some reason, maybe you do not get offers at all? I do not know but point is you are all up in our biz wax all the time and we are not stupid to know it is the same person over and over. You blog a lot too !!!!

        • Exactly says:

          I am not your king and I have no reason to change handles since I have rarely been on this site since joining. I can tell by the errors you repeat who you are when you change persona to agree with yourself, though. What value you do you get by saying the same complaint every time, and why is it that you invariably say that anyone who doesn’t agree with you has some type of issue? It’s like freaking 6th form.

        • Blue says:

          I’m pretty certain you are really angry. I am pretty certain you are the same guy who gave me problems here before and you are changing your name. I’m not sure what your personal issue is with all this but I can tell you mine.

          I am really concerned about the direction of this site because the images it portrays to men about women and sugar dating solely for the purpose of monetary gain for one person at the expense of others is not only cheapening women and undervaluing them but it’s ruining it for everyone in the long run. It is not healthy and it’s unrealistic for many of us who have a larger scope of the issues.

          I see no reason to write articles that tell women to ask for less money, carry mace without checking the laws and give guys a second chance who have already skipped out on your bill except to manipulate younger women into thinking this is what they have to put up with it when nothing could be farther from the truth.

          A good saying applies here: People who say it can’t be done should stop interrupting those of us who are doing it!

    • Allan says:

      I met several sweet girls for fifty bucks. After the initial date we decided what we were interested in, and we did not see eye to eye, but a good time was had, so I think it all fair.

  22. queen says:

    I said I did ok the 25.00 to meet a female who said she wanted to make friends….She then told me she was married and I wanted to play. I blocked her ! I was just saying, I think they use girls pictures to get cheaper rates for 3-way! I do not do 3-ways! But dude or dudette, you sound like a stalker of the females.

  23. Allan says:

    One can demonstrate generosity without giving gifts, and in fact both psychologists and grandmothers recommend just that. It is a totally different action to give a girl five hundred dollars as cash or gifts compared to paying for two front row tickets to a Broadway show.

    I enjoy the company of pretty women, but to really develop emotional commitment there must be shared experiences and a genuine level of compassion. Unfortunately I have little luck as of late, so I settle for drinks and a walk in the park. Several women have propositioned me, and that’s fun enough, but really when you know that a woman is hanging around for the cash, you are a fool to not treat the lady as a fungible commodity. It rapidly devolves into some sort of theater where everyone is nice and all, but you know in your heart that that girl will be nowhere when the chips are down.

  24. queen says:

    I think it just depends on the chemistry and that is hard to find sometimes. I know guys are going on beauty but not that many beautiful men are on here. You see beauty sometimes likes beauty because we are in the same league. Some of these older or men who do not take care of themselves likes beauty also, so the sugar daddy comes into play of course. I have dated men with nice bodies and not so good of face because they where good guys who never tried anything with me and we where friends for 6 months or more and I got to know him as a wonderful man. ( or at least I thought at the time ) Some men know how to hang around long enough to play it cool. Point is, pretty girls do not need to be online cyber dating because we can walk outside and catch a man with no makeup even. We are on here for a reason of course. To better our lives we hope. My rent alone is 2,000 and sometimes hair and nails and all the stuff I like to be pretty, not that I need it but, I want it. Well, it takes a back seat to my rent and bills to keep a roof over my head. Men do say I have pretty feet and hands when I do keep them done, meaning they notice these things so it is important these days. Girls stuff does not come cheap and it is never ending either.

  25. queen says:

    I have a date tonight for 300.00 !

  26. queen says:

    I had a great date tonight and met an amazing man with the best manners EVER ! Thank you so much WYP !!!

    • Blue says:

      That’s awesome queen!

      • queen says:

        Thanks! he said I was the prettiest girl he ever met. Sadly, I have not heard from him since and I see he has been on profile today and did not even say hello….serial dater I guess? Anyway, I have a date tonight for 500.00 !!!!!!

  27. CocoaCutie says:

    Yes, I am a serial dater. I am single, college educated with no children and I love to travel. I work a very high demanding position, and am not looking for anything too solid at this point in my life.

    When it comes to dates, quite frankly I prefer a quality date. I make a good salary at my job, and a $50 date for me to drive 2hrs to get to you is an automatic REJECT!

    I seem to get alot of winks from men who are out of state. While that isn’t a problem for me – the traveling expenses that will incur on their behalf are. Oh well..

  28. just bc says:

    Money is the best gift. I can buy whatever I like with it. How any bad gifts have you received?

    If a guy cannot to provide you with $300 for a date, how can he afford a date? That’s normally how much a date costs.

    Having a guy offer tickets to Hawaii instead of cash is crazy!
    That is how you end up dead.

  29. queen says:

    I had a great evening tonight with a total sweetheart and he paid very well. 500.00!
    Not even a kiss and I sure would have given one!

  30. splash says:

    queen your one lucky girl,how do u get the generous guy?

  31. queen says:

    He just offered that much. He moved to my state from cali!

  32. queen says:

    Also Splash, Make sure you send winks out all the time to locals !

  33. Blue says:

    Why does the article target Attractive serial daters? Why does the article not give the tell tale signs of a Generous serial dater?

    It works both ways. If a gentleman is truly Generous the only way to know that on the first date is by him being Generous as he so claims. A gentleman who does not make a significant contribution on the first date that should be a red flag and considered a potential serial dater especially if he claims to make a substantial amount of money or is seen with expensive cars and boats etc.

    My suggestion to women: Reverse the roles. To avoid ending up on a first date with a Type 3 Generous serial dater, the ones who just want to hook up with as many women as possible, I recommend never taking offers in the $50 to $150 price range, and never accepting a first date that is less than $200, more if you live in a city where the cost of living is very high (e.g., London, Manhattan, or Tokyo).

    That’s how to avoid a serial dater if you are a woman!

  34. queen says:

    I agree blue, some of my more recent dates say they have met 10 or more girls so far who they say all from this site and all much prettier than any other site! One man on another site told me he met 80 girls looking for his sugar baby and still no match. They all flew to him because he seems to be a tad lazy. I would be pretty upset if i was used like that and was just one of 80! He claims to have had sexual relations with them also! he target the young in small towns. He is much older. Just because you buy a girl a trip to the bedroom does not make one a sugar daddy. Just because you give a girl 200 or less is not a sugar daddy either. Sugar daddy should be life changing!

  35. queen says:

    Guys looking for pay per play on this site are always the ones with shirt off ladies ! HUGE red flag and a turn off . I do not want to see love handles with pasty skin! ugghhhhh!

  36. queen says:

    Update on my 300.00 date. I broke down and sent him email and his reply was as follows: ( he is 57 and I am 25 )

    You too! You are beautiful, sexy and a refined woman. You have style and grace (even in leather pants). However, I didn’t feel any «spark» or physical attraction and that’s very important to me so I won’t waste our time going through the motions. You «rocked» the bar at the Ritz when we walked through on our way out and you did it with class.

    Good luck!

  37. Justbc says:

    This sort of helps, but the better looking women are used to being treated like in the second date.
    Neither of these men or women appear to have any spark, else they would have said some loving-caring type remarks.

    Also the woman in the first video didn’t even mention how much time she spent buying groceries, cooking, cleaning, not to mention preparing her hair/makeup/outfit/nails/tan/shoes. One great outfit will cost most people’s monthly salary.

    Men have no clue about how much it costs to look great as a woman.

  38. Justbc says:

    I agree guys that show their bodies in pics think they look hot and should not pay.
    Most think they could be models and a woman should want to pay them. I find most average guys think they are hot. So sad when men are trying to be women. It’s a man’s world and they are stupid enough to want to be like a woman. Well don’t stop there then go all the way- be a transvestite.

  39. Justbc says:

    Most guys that can’t give you 200 to meet you, don’t have any money.

  40. Blue says:

    Queen I finally saw a guy that was my type on here, but was wary because he had no shirt but I wanted to at least meet and talk with him because he was my type and I didn’t want to miss the connection. So I jumped on a lowball offer of $175 without countering. I should have followed my own advice.

    I think I might have mentioned him before. He turned out to be about 100 lbs over the weight in the pic, talked about his children in their 30’s who were btw the same age he claimed to be in the profile, and argued with his wife on the phone in front of me. Lol I could have scheduled that evening to take clients. I’m a consultant and run my own businesses so I work mostly from 1pm – 9pm. These dates take time from work even if I worked a 9-5 or was back on nights working for someone else I would have the same issue. Why spend precious time off with strangers who are serial dating women on the site for cheap? Taxi was $25

    The gentlemen on here who have taken me out at the $200 and up range have all been very nice and taken me to better more upscale places not a bar/lounge like this guy. Even on principle their is something to be said for the truly generous gentleman here.

    Right now I have a guy making a large offer but saying things like I have to come to his state and his wife can’t find out etc. You have to figure this is someone looking for sex. I laughed at him and told him no way go call a service. The last guy to make a large offer wrote to me how he told me I would have fun he promised and we had a great time and went out one more time after that. It was really fun. I usually am good at weeding the them out as long as I don’t get my emotions involved. Otherwise these guys would eat me up alive and spit me out to dry. No one on here is looking for a mutually beneficial relationship as much as they are looking for a volume discount or a woman they can get on the cheap and not have to commit too in my opinion.

    Live and learn.

  41. queen says:

    I do believe all the men online these days are serial dating. At least i am glad we get paid for it. A 57 year old should be happy to be around a 25 year old who makes all others droll. Oh well!

  42. Blue says:

    Queen so agreed, they are all serial daters. When’s the last time you had a 2nd or third date with one of these men? I only had one and he contacted me with an offer of $500 and promised me a great time. I really liked him but then 2nd date was good but we did not have a lot in common. He wanted to take me on a short trip for our third but he didn’t pay me for the 2nd so I said I would think about it. I have no interest in casinos. He said he would take me shopping so I said “okay great” but I was not hard core about the money with him. He never called again. I put in my profile mutually beneficial but guess our wires got crossed due to lack of communication. I can’t be free arm candy and I was interested in more but that was disappointing….all he wanted was a free party friend to kick it with. I wish him well

  43. queen says:

    Blue, one guy was in his 60’s and I had two dates with him, he paid me 200.00 each time but he kept saying he wanted to make me breakfast. ( in other words sleep with me ) It was just to soon for me and I just was not feeling it just yet. Another guy was 28 and I saw him maybe 5 times. First time was 150.00 but he shorted me and gave 140.00. Second date was a small shopping spree for outfit for next date. He wanted me to go to a rave . Then a couple dates after that it was just dinner dates, no spoiling.

    he kept a constant pressure of me to over drink and try street drugs. I was afraid he might put something in my drink, I just could not trust how shady he was and I caught him in a couple of lies. For one, first date he had a nice truck, all dates after he drove a beat up dirty car. Two, lived with many friends and three, on closer inspection had rotten teeth. My car was way better and my place is way better also. He was charming and good looking , his profile stated he was 5’9 . I am 5’2 and I was bigger boned and only one inch shorter than he so, he was 5’3 and had to be less than 100 pounds! I think he had an eating disorder as he excused himself from the table after every meal. I had a profile that was all about sugar daddy, he was looking for serious. I just did not see it as a match for a serious. I like Tall, workout type, full lips and a pretty nice face for serious. I did not know how to break it off so I just avoided his texts. I did touch on the fact that I thought he was a drug addict to him. He just claimed he did it at rave partys. ( his teeth said otherwise ) or that could be the eating disorder.

  44. queen says:

    Also, he texted me a million times and that was creepy too. He hunted me down on facebook then logged on the site to write. Saying I should at least say [email protected] off !
    Anyway, I thought at first maybe he had something in his teeth… every single time I saw him he had it. He also lied just by a few years on age. Said 28 but it was his bday around the corner and he was 30. Not that big of deal . Lieing on height is pretty big when you are only 5’3 – 5’9 is stretching it bigtime !

  45. queen says:

    Also, he texted me a million times and that was creepy too. He hunted me down on facebook then logged on the site to write. Saying I should at least say [email protected] off !
    Anyway, I thought at first maybe he had something in his teeth… every single time I saw him he had it. He also lied just by a few years on age. Said 28 but it was his bday around the corner and he was 30. Not that big of deal . Lieing on height is pretty big when you are only 5’3 – 5’9 is stretching it bigtime !

  46. Blue says:

    That’s why I never give my number out until I meet them and feel like they would not do something like that. Did it once when I was running late and that was enough. I had to threaten the guy with a police report if he didn’t stop.

    What area are you in?

  47. Rachel says:

    Brandon, I will post a suggestion as you requested. First of all, please make instructions and suggestions and then revise them before you contradict them in a blog post. I read on your site to ask for an amount that reflects what I am paid for two hours of my time. I did. I am a counselor and get paid at least $150 an hour for my time. Now you are telling generous men that this is a sign that I am a serial dater. Not cool. Now I feel I am being rejected based on this. A better way a generous man can tell who I am is to read my profile and message me with questions. Because of your post, many man may pass me up, and miss a date (and maybe a future) with a quality, kind and responsible attractive lady. A shame don’t you think?

  48. queen says:

    I am in texas blue!
    Rachel, I agree with you and anyone who meets a stranger online these days is playing with fire. The money makes it worth the risk at least to me. 50.00 is sure to make the risk even more so because, can you imagine how many times you could meet people for only that low of a rate? I do not even think that would pay for all of my lotions and potions I use to even fix up for a date. Men these days just get off on meeting tons of ladies, it is just to much fun to just pick one! Why reward them with making it cheaper and use the ladies even more so?

  49. queen says:

    I am in texas blue!
    Rachel, I agree with you and anyone who meets a stranger online these days is playing with fire. The money makes it worth the risk at least to me. 50.00 is sure to make the risk even more so because, can you imagine how many times you could meet people for only that low of a rate? I do not even think that would pay for all of my lotions and potions I use to even fix up for a date. Men these days just get off on meeting tons of ladies, it is just to much fun to just pick one! Why reward them with making it cheaper and use the ladies even more so?

  50. Blue says:

    Well said Rachel & Queen!

    I have thought about getting a 2nd phone line but I don’t make enough here to warrant that besides I have not had any problems just using email so far.

  51. just bc says:

    I just use email until I sense that I can trust them.

    I think part of the problem recently ha been the advertising on Howard Stern. That has brought in some low level men lately.

    Please advertise the site at higher end stations, or places.

    Guys who listen to howard stern hate women.

  52. just bc says:

    when I meet someone I ask immediately, “are you happy with me, or should I leave?” If he says “no please stay” then I ask if he minds paying me half immediately bc I don’t know much about him or whether I can trust him to not waste my time.

    If he can not pay at that moment, then I leave. I have never been asked to leave. I learned to do this after realizing that most guys will just waste lots of time before bringing up the $$. Some men have been really sweet and pay it all right up front in the form of a card in an envelope. If they pay right away then you know that they can really afford to take you out. Otherwise they are cheap serial daters.

    If a guy can afford to be a serial dater that pays, then great, at least my time is not wasted. A night out meeting a nice new person is not a waste for me, if he is indeed honest and nice.

    Guys who are looking to waste your time are not nice, and have no respect for you or your time. The premise of this site is that our time is not to be wasted.

    I put a lot of effort into looking fabulous- shoes, outfit, hair, nails, lotions, perfume, cab, time, time away from friends, time away from chores, time away from relaxing, time away from work, time away from hobbies. I work a lot and my free time is more valuable to me than my work time bc that is “me” time.

    I would rather stay at home then get my drinks and meal paid for but not my time. I do not need drinks and food, I can pay for that myself. I do appreciate getting paid for my time though.

    If you call women who do not want to settle serial daters, then I guess I am. What makes a woman a serial dater? the fact that she did not like you?

    This is like a guy calling a hot girl ugly after he sees that she is not interested in him. Sour grapes maybe?

  53. Blue says:

    You are so funny I love your posts! Saw the video too, hilarious! Not sure why I didn’t see till now.

    Seems the posts are out of order and we can’t reply, is anyone else seeing this?

  54. Ara says:

    You can’t put a general price on a first date. If the generous user is around my age, then I’ll take a lower offer. If he’s in his fifties though, there’s no way I’d settle for 100 dollars because it’s more likely then not to be a waste of time. I don’t intend to settle down with a man old enough to be my father. While I’ll give him a chance, he’s probably just looking for a quick hook up with a hot college girl. I don’t want to deal with that crap. Asking for a higher offer insures that he’s being serious.

  55. just bc says:

    u 2! I love how the ladies are just telling it like it is here.
    Most guys just have no clue about women.

    I don’t like how long it takes to get the posts approved. Maybe that is part of the problem u were having.

  56. alli says:

    i seriously just spent 45 mins of my free time reading every single comment on this contradictory blog. it was worth it;) i do remember reading: “there is no price too high for a first date!”..i LOVE queen and blue…your comments are amazing.. you ladies would be great friends! if i wasnt in LA we probably would be. i feel like i too, keep getting lower offers cuz of this stupid blog..and when i counter offer for a larger number, i get rejected! these old pigs think they can lure me into a (most likely) lame and awkward date with a low number like that? it truly offends me. and you know what, so f*cking what if im a “serial dater” like all these butthurt woman-hating men say on this blog… im extremely young, work my tail off, AND i live in one of the most expensive cities EVER and i will not tolerate less than i deserve. if you are on here claiming to be a millionaire, then 200+ measly bucks shouldnt be an issue!! but another great point is made ladies, do they really think theyre fooling us with the fake celeb pics or their old high school portrait? if they looked that good..they wouldnt have to pay us to date them. i got an offer the other day, and this very unattractive freakazoid really had the nerve to tell me that his lady friend would be attending the date with us. he wanted a threesome and strait up said it. im sure you can guess what i said back!… ive had about TWO genuinely kind dates..and i was very sweet to them all. this site is starting to disgust me. plus its probably more dangerous than we all think. these guys think sex is owed to them for spending a little cash on us. it sucks that i like cute clothes and fresh highlights every few weeks, or else i would mind spending my saturday night being some random dudes arm candy..(IF he is respectful and ur in a WELL LIT public place, hopefully should be ok!!).. and like you said…. they should be happy to have us on their arm cuz they paid to get us there. sorry if i sound rude boys but truth hurts..and as for the dangerous part, its just common sense; were the prey and theyre the predators, its nearly 2012, and online dating is a good way to get yourself raped, murdered, and thrown in a ditch. aaaannnd suddenly, i think i might delete this account. this blog and its comments are making me think twice lol.

    be safe. and haaaapppppyyy dating ladies!

  57. Lighteyes says:

    wow i must have insulted some nice women. They should have a minimum payment amount determined by the user. Today was the first day one the site and got three winks and i offered like 20 and 40 because i thought it was a different type of site. I didn’t know how much and there was no real guidance. I was just expecting a counter offer below 100. Besides they winked at me. Well, live and learn. One of then i really wanted so if she say 100 i’ll hit yes. I’m only on a 45k salary. With this blog, I’m going to offer 50 and hope she say yes. I have the looks to pick up a girl in a bar or lounge, but i don’t have the speech for the initial approach. I get tongue tide with average and hot girls. Ive never had a gf that didnt approach me first but been off my game since my divorce that a site like this should help as an ice breaker. Wish me luck. 🙂

  58. just bc says:

    yay, finally a handsome guy with $$ and MANNERS!
    there are some real men out there that get it.
    I met a pretty good looking 40 something that paid me a loTT. way over $200, could be in the 1,000s 😉
    totally worth my time.

  59. Blue says:

    Alli I love your post! Thank you. So right and so true. No one has the right to tell us what we “deserve” for a date, it’s a personal matter, especially when it’s with a man who is probably too old for us and not that attractive either. I got propositioned by a couple too and asked $200 in ny they responded with $35! Seriously, and 90% of the men on here who are offering and sound serious never open their emails.

    It sounds like all of us on here are capable women who can take care of ourselves and the extra money is only worth it if it is several hundred dollars and up. I got a new email if you or Queen or any of the other women on here want to write and connect that would be fun! It sounds kind of silly I was looking at a necklace my SD bought me last year and wanted a new email quickl but I’d love to keep in touch offline without the constant critiquing of our opinions.

    I just don’t understand how Generous men can be excused from being Generous on this site!

  60. K says:

    Question, what about a man who doesn’t want you to get all dressed up and see you for who you really are. What’s wrong with meeting at a cafe for lunch somewhere where close to where you live? You can call me what you want, but I’m not going to pay $200 for a date, pay for a meal, then if all goes well pay for a show or something elsewhen shes not that into me. If that is something you choose, then that is your choice and I respect your decision. But for me, that shows it’s all about the money and nothing else. To me, I might as well call an escort service.

  61. queen says:

    K, We are talking about sugar daddy stuff for the most part as most girls who are “hot” do not need to cyber date. You can try other sites if this one is not for you. I heard girls on match are more that style. I do not go on those sites, just what guys from here tell me. They like a higher standard so they look for sugar babies.

  62. queen says:

    Also K, If you are looking for sex first date do call the escort service and not bother the girls on here please. Get that 30 min and out the door of fun with the pimp in the closet! ( joking )

  63. queen says:

    K, When I was 18 a 30 year old moved in with me and wanted me to stop modeling / working. One day he says I “changed” because I no longer tan, get my hair done, do my nails . I just wear ponytail . I told him. ” no money for that because you had me quit working! ”

    He also told me I have to iron his shirts, clean the house and have dinner on the table by 6:00 and now get a new job. WTF ? ( his friends and family said thats what girls do )

  64. just bc says:

    K, “see you for who you really are”? what does that mean?
    jeans no makeup no tan tshirt non-colored hair. I do not think that is very attractive. It certainly is not what most men’s magazines think is attractive to the general male population.

    If you are into plain jane’s then is where you should go. Those girls will date you for free.

    why are you on this site?

    looking for a hot girl that is cheap I guess, well good luck with that.

    I am not going to date an old guy without him paying me. I can get sex any time form a hot young stud when I want. An old guy is paying to feel young again by being with me.

    Does an old guy really think that the girl would be with him if he did not have money. would you be with a girl if she was ugly?

    This is not a charity site for hot girls to give old men a smile and a great time. If you expect charity, then try giving it first, why don’t you go try and date a woman that is 15 yrs older than you are and see how you feel.

  65. Blue says:

    My post from this AM is awaiting moderation. trying again…
    Alli I love your post! Thank you. So right and so true. No one has the right to tell us what we “deserve” for a date, it’s a personal matter, especially when it’s with a man who is probably too old for us and not that attractive either. I got propositioned by a couple too and asked $200 in ny they responded with $35! Seriously, and 90% of the men on here who are offering and sound serious never open their emails.
    It sounds like all of us on here are capable women who can take care of ourselves and the extra money is only worth it if it is several hundred dollars and up. I got a new email if you or Queen or any of the other women on here want to write and connect that would be fun! It sounds kind of silly I was looking at a necklace my SD bought me last year and wanted a new email quickl but I’d love to keep in touch offline without the constant critiquing of our opinions.
    I just don’t understand how Generous men can be excused from being Generous on this site!

    Bluejewelsb @ yahoo

  66. Blue says:

    To K

    I understand your concerns but the site is advertised for women Get Paid To Date NOT
    Get Reimbursed For Car Fare To Date

    This is Sugar dating and we want Sugar. Otherwise I can just go call my guy friends who are hot and go to a movie. They would be just as happy to take care of my taxi and tickets. If that’s all I wanted I wouldn’t be on the site.

  67. PrivacyPlease says:

    I ask for 200 and won’t accept less because it’s a nominal amount, really, for ‘successful men looking for attractive females’… Such a contradiction the site can be — men are encouraged to continue to look for women based on the physical, while women are being considered ‘serial dating gold diggers’ because we want someone successful/generous? No one likes to play the game I call hungry-hungry-hippo-crite and if you are going to base your decision to date me on my looks, why can’t I do the same based on your generosity level? 200 is a bad hand at a casino or a decent meal at a steakhouse… It isn’t some crazy high amount that assumes I have a sense of entitlement… What I do have, however, is a sense of style… Not that men should be responsible for my upkeep, but – isn’t that sort of what the site is designed to do? Encourage women to go out and play and forget about life/responsibilities for a while? It costs a lot of money to upkeep hair and skin and nails and wardrobe/accessories, but I consider that to be my own obligations as I take care of myself for ME, not for someone else… However, have men considered cab fare or parking costs/gas $$$ (most of the men seem to be a 2-3 hour drive away)???

    With all due respect, doesn’t it make a man a serial dater if he is looking to spread his monthly dating budget across several women, so he comes in with lowball offers, hoping women will believe his riff raff about wanting to make sure the woman he picks isn’t disingenuous? Isn’t everyone on this site just a tad bit disingenuous in that we are expecting something for the otherwise-free activity called dating? When I signed up for the site, one of the very first profiles I came across was that of a good friend of mine. Who is broke. Flat broke. But I am sure he is telling these women he’s a Hollywood guy with connections and his $35 offers are justified because of the potential. Trust me — there is ZERO potential — he’s just hedging a bet to himself that he can have sex some of these women before they realize his game…. Not that he isn’t an amazing guy — but — we didn’t sign up for the site to meet that type of guy – there are free online dating sites for that….

    All that being said – don’t judge a book by its’ cover (a woman wanting more than $50 or $100) after YOU have just judged a book by its’ cover (her profile based on her looks/build)… You will be missing out on a lot of amazing women willing to make you feel like King of the Jungle — if you would just show them intent… A $35 says ‘I don’t care if you take this offer or not – there are plenty of women who just may’… A $200 says – I really like how you look and what you said and am willing to commit this to you to show you that.

  68. K says:

    To all, I guess I assumed this was a dating not a sugar daddy website. At least that’s what it appears they are promoting. I’m looking for dates where we meet and see what happens from there. If something more great, if not even a friendship is nice to hang out once in a while. (No I’m not looking for sex on the first date, haha.)
    Thank you for your opinions and not beating me up to badly 🙂
    Regardd K

  69. splash says:

    are there any girls in london,england on this forum?i would like to meet other sugarbabes i can have a real chat with as a woman,and possibly meet up too

  70. Truth says:

    To be honest, I think most women will believe that they are worth a lot. True or not I think that’s just human nature.

    I go low at first expecting a high counter if she’s interested. If she comes back with something really high like $300 (which happened once) then there is negotiation. If she comes back with something lower it means she’s interested in you and doesn’t want the high value to ruin her intentions.

    Personally, I’ve found that most women will offer $50-$100 which is great for me. It tells me that they really want the same opportunity as I do. Or maybe they feel there is no reason to go higher.

    Men and women both have value, and it’s really about how you exchange back and forth.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with Blue demanding a high value. As I was reading I knew that there had to be someone that sparked her to go low. I was right. The high value is the, “how much are you willing?” price. It’s a shield just like all women have. You have to break that barrier. Once that barrier is broken you are gold. Sometimes a man will have success initially with no effort, and sometimes he has to work really hard.

    I’m sure that even if Blue went out on a $1k date, and was swooned by the guy and she really felt a real connection; money would not be an issue ever again. Once you get to a woman’s heart she will give you everything – every man should know this by now. LOLs

  71. queen says:

    This site makes it easier and faster to neet people instead of all the back and forth emails and drama. A few times i have had to go back and forth in mails only because the guy was used to that in the past. Men should just try to line up the meeting instead of trying to get more info to see if he wants to move forward and meet. The hardest part is getting to the meet and that makes this site worth every cent! Men should be happy and willing to pay for less drama!

  72. Blue says:

    Truth ~ so True. LOL

    You bring up some great points. My $500 offers on this site have been offered to me not the other way around. It’s NY. All the larger offers $1000 + were offered to me in person and not to sleep with them. The men who wanted to sleep with me right away, all made ridiculously low offers.

    One much older gentleman that I knew personally, asked me what it would take for me to go on a date with him. This is before Sugar dating online was even available. I told him $3000 and he was fine with that. He even showed up with H. Stern earrings and we continued this arrangement for just over a year.

    I have to look at how that low offer turned out and learn from that lesson. A expect a generous man to round up to the nearest hundred. So now I don’t go lower than $200. I own a company, my lowest rates are $125 hr so I have to go high. In my line of work, I don’t have to dress up or take taxis often.

    I don’t know if there is way to know by a number what a woman is really after because by my thinking I can get so frustrated with this site, that I think screw it, I’m home doing paperwork not getting paid, I”m going to just make whatever money I can and take all the low offers, throw some clothes on, cut my time short and see them all on the same day. You just never know.

    True in real life I don’t care about the money. I care about the commitment, connection and quality of the person. Thanks Truth for your post!

  73. Truth says:

    Blue oh so Blue,

    Don’t give up. Don’t let life’s cruel ways change your heart. No matter what happens… see? Regardless of how you wrote things and how you were judged there are a few of us who really can read in between the discouraged words you expressed.

    I’m not labeling you or anyone. I’m just merely trying to encourage you to not let fear take you. I’ve been there and I think I missed out on a few opportunities because I was jaded.

    The ONLY reason I don’t do more then $100 is because I think I am worth a lot in human dollars. So I believe that $100 or less is fair and I can offer a woman far greater than $100. Not that they can’t demand more.

    So lesson here guys is that if you are doing low amounts to be cheap then that’s just not right. But if you go low because you truly believe in your own self worth then it will get you in a woman’s pants quicker and more frequently then your money.

    Women? Agree/Disagree?


  74. Al Bixby says:

    This is a bad idea. Most of the men are thinking that if they are paying they are getting sex.

    Second if a woman is being paid for a date, she is not looking to meet a man for a relationship. She is looking to make money dating.

  75. Just bc says:

    “get into pants” your phrase says a lot about you.
    Guys who can’t afford 200 for a date are not successful enough for me to meet. Simple. After we meet it just goes like a normal date. 200 is just the minimum for me to take someone seriously.

    I’m l really am looking for a successful guy and not just to make money dating. I want to find one great guy and stop dating.

    Most guys are simply a huge waste of my time and that is why I think this site is great for women.
    At least all the preparation and time in meeting is accounted for. Most guys on match are just lOoling to hook up. I wasted a lot of time meeting those guys. I’m fine with match, and now I’m here.

  76. Blue says:


    I have no idea what I said to give you that impression. Don’t give up what? I’m here for a Sugar Daddy. I’m not here to find a boyfriend. I don’t care if the guy who turned out to be 20 yrs older was a fake he was nice and I got paid. I’m just disappointed that I didn’t stick to my rules and ask for more. Guys who don’t round up to the nearest hundred and especially in nyc are not treating the woman right. The site said Get Paid To Date. What reason would a millionaire on Park Ave have for keeping $25 or $50 to himself? I don’t want anything to do with cheap men from here.

    Um…and easy now Truth I just caught that last sentence about getting in womens pants!…See this is why we need to keep the rates high ladies!

  77. Blue says:


    Most men? Really? All I meet are a lot of Looky Lou’s. Guys who can buy anything in the world so they are shopping around. LOL or think this is a good way (like Truth) to get in a woman’s pants for cheap. Neither works for me.

    I’ve had really good gentlemen here. One guy was exactly like Queen described, offered $500 then told me he was married and hope I didn’t mind going out of state to meet him. I had to laugh. I thought I was supposed to be the high maintenance one. :~ )

  78. Blue says:

    Sorry that was for Al Bixby

  79. Truth says:


    You read my last comment wrong. I was making a point that if you truly believe in your self and worth this will get your farther with a woman (her pants was an exaggeration), than your money. Because without that self confidence you will always be paying and never have the real thing you are looking for.

    Did that make sense at all? LOL

    Also, why not be open to finding a boyfriend? I thought you wanted that connection? Open mind, open heart or no?

  80. Blue says:


    I find that more of a Freudian slip than an exaggeration but okay. lol I will take you at your word.

    People coming to this site and making the choice that works best for them as an individual, that you may not look favorably on, has nothing to do with lack of self worth. This site is intended to give Generous men with money the means to meet Attractive women and pay them for that date. Plain and simple. What people are looking for from this site, varies from person to person based upon their current circumstances.

    You are asking me a question that really does not apply here and claiming I”m not open to something. Due to the nature of this site, my profile is set up to protect my identity and attract very wealthy generous men. I can’t put any personal details about me that are unique to me due to the businesses that I own, so I’m sticking to a high dollar amount and looking for the strictly high end Sugar dating arrangement.

  81. splash says:

    honesttly any man that comes on whats your price looking for love should realise he must meet my price criteria and il not go any low on price just because he claims he wants a real relationship,well this is to him,he will have to keep paying my price up untill he puts a ring on it,i will NOT fall for men who love to string women with the whole emotional black mail of i want to be wih u,i love u etc,trying to say the want a genuine commitment then after a few years of wasting my time and no gain he walks out on u leaving u with a broken heart,am sorry truth but if u r here for a cheap date on the grounds that u want a real relationship,il say thats a trip,ul have to pay her what she needs

  82. splash says:

    just because u want a real relationship doesnt mean u have to cut back on the money side of things,what makes a relationship work is complementing ones needs,doesnt matter whether its in terms of money,sex,emotion,u have to meet it for it to grow deeper without trying to push someone to do what u think is appropriate and smart,am an old fashioned girl in the sense that my man should be my soul provider,my protector,am his woman and i find it such a huge turn on when i know my man can do it all,both emotionally and financial,its all about power for me i love powerful men,the one who reassures me darling u can have it all,baby for u i will,yes he makes everything work,not some poor man,il be very stressed in that relationship bse am so used to my luxuries i would be lying if i said i would cope with living with a guy on a minimum wage,thats why am on here to meet people that can make it happen

  83. splash says:

    truth why can u join POF u wont have to pay on a date,even, girls on here dont want your average man,they want powerful sugardaddies,and yes u can still get married to a sugar daddy the only difference is he knows what rocks his babys boat 😉 and wont question it,he just DELIVERS period !

  84. splash says:

    why cant u not why can u

  85. Truth says:


    What you are saying is that I have to have money to give me the edge in power. I say that’s not true at all. I’m not looking to find a cheap date (that’s relative anyway). All I said was I never had to pay more than $50-100 for dates, and they are with these beautiful women.

    So from my experience what I am expressing is that I didn’t need all that money to go out. Which in turn tells me, that at least for me the request for $200+ dollars I was able to negotiate down and still have a meaningful time; however, I can understand a high dollar value if a woman so pleases to be firm with that.

    It doesn’t matter the financial status of a man on how he treats you. Any one person can leave at any point in time. The reason two people are in relationships is to relate to one another. You want to be with them, and they want to be with you. There is no ownership; therefore, if one person wants to leave they have every right to.

    Just a statistical fact from my experience as a man. They guy that is the flashiest, talks the most, and is the easiest will leave the quickest. Not ALL men are that horrible splash. ;P


    I understand where you are coming from. Thank you for the insight. Also, sugar dating isn’t what I am after so I took that off my looking for.

    So I just had a request for $300 which I kept negotiating down, then I rejected the final amount. Then later she came back with a request of $15. What am I to think of that?

  86. Truth says:

    On another note, no one really knows my financial worth except maybe guessing it when they see me in a suit and tie with my spiky hair, and cheesy smile. Other than that I live a very simple life.

    I don’t make 1M, but I do make 6 digits. For me I don’t like that women want to know about my finances. I think in every relationship I’ve had it ended because finance was never a problem. It was always moving too fast and realizing a connection wasn’t there.

    A financial situation, in my eyes, can be easily fixed. It’s what you really want in life and who is willing to walk with you is my biggest problem.

    Now where’s my cape? I can’t just fly without it… it’s not easy to be me…

  87. splash says:

    the problem is its not u that decides a girls price,thats why there r many sites out there for pple like u who want to pay less in the name of a genuine relationship,i think let the girls who have chosen this particular way of dating be allowed to state their price,thats just it,u either fit in or do simples as the meerkat says

  88. splash says:

    honestly i wud rather be with a man that may not be a millionair but gives me wat i want bse one thing abt me is icarter to my mans every need without question,so y cant he mine ,so its not abt earning 6figures

  89. splash says:

    the problem is we r all individuals with different needs,and thats good that u haven’t had to pay big bucks for a date,ps,i dont like knowing what my man earns,but i love to know his capable financially,mentally n physically ,if anything i have never known what my previous bfs earned all i know is they where very capable,and as much as i want a long term relationship,am ver happy doing things this way as none of us feels used once the relationship is over
    thats just my take on things,its hard enough nursing a broken heart,let alone being left feeling like u were used and have nothing good to look back on except stupid memories of the so cold good times that ul be now questioning,most times your even left broke while the man carries on with his comfy life and will still have money to string another girl,i guess all am saying in whatever relationship,we all need to have a good share of our cake,meaning as partners we need to carter to each others needs,anyhow am sure we all know what we want and should follow that

  90. J. Cole says:

    The site does get you great looking women and more dates on the front end. But on the back end problems pop up. After the 1st date ive had women ask me to pay for their rent, bills, and take them on shopping sprees. One girl was a “serious” serial dater rushing me through dinner and saying that she was to my face. I disagree with the media saying the site promotes prostitution. In my opinion it is the other way around the men are being expolited often times without even having sex with the girl. The one girl that asked me to pay for her rent didnt even kiss me nor go out of her way to meet up with me on a second date. if im going to pay your rent you better be my girlfriend and we should be in a real relationship that includes sex. lol

  91. Babygrl says:

    I don’t know anybody in this blog yet but imagine this comment will ruffle a few feathers. While I understand there are a variety of dating styles on this site (regular and sugar) I don’t believe any person ‘deserves’ to be compensated for a date…at least arranged through this site. To speak with such entitlement is disturbing.

    Let’s take for example a regular, in real life date (assuming it is in your same town and no travel is involved), why would you feel it is ‘his’ responsibility to pay for your nails, eyebrows, hair and a new dress. Now, the difference on this site is the gent is willing to contribute and show he is seriously interested but the sense of entitlement is disturbing.

    I have a nice wardrobe – nothing special, but I certainly do not NEED a new dress. I’m fully capable of giving myself a mani (if need be…you care more than he does) and grab a pair of tweezers to clean up the brow but to get a whole spa and shopping treatment out of one date is seriously a bit ridiculous. Obviously if there is travel that is a different story and there are always variables that can be argued ad nauseum…but you get the general message.

  92. Joe C. says:

    You must have a lot of pride and maybe not a gold digger.

  93. Blue says:


    Let me remind you the site says Get Paid To Date. These are men who I date BECAUSE they pay. Otherwise they would never meet me. I think you seriously miss the point of Sugar dating.

    What makes me entitled is that is the arrangement we agreed upon. When I meet a man here, he is usually too old for me and not attractive to me at all. Money is his segue to a meeting >to a friendship if I find we have complimentary personalities> to spending more time with me. I could show up in my tennis shoes and no makeup and sweats like I do for work but he does not want that. So that is why he pays. Because of my history as an entertainer large corporations pay me huge sums of money to tweeze my eyebrows. Why shouldn’t some stranger online?

  94. Babygrl says:

    Blue – I assure you, I get the concept of sugar dating as I’ve been a sugar baby for many years. I gave and he gave but never did I feel a sense of entitlement…essentially laying a claim. His money is not mine until he offers to pay it. ONCE he offers to pay it then I will personally judge whether to spend the money on a mani pedi hair and a new dress.

    If a guy (or business) is willing to pay you to do all of that then by all means go for it, but how does a person feel justified in laying claim to something that has not yet been offered to them? Did ‘he’ ask you to get a mani pedi wax hair and dress….if the answer is ‘no’ then it was your decision and therefore your responsibility.

    I have phased out of the sugar world and am looking for something real now. I do understand all aspects though and, while I’m not judging ANYBODY here….it’s just me trying to understand the different perspectives.

  95. Blue says:


    Maybe you are misunderstanding what women are here trying to say. The point is not that someone “owes” us for our personal care products. The point it that no Sugar Babe feels the need to spend a night out with someone they don’t want to be with if it is going to cost them money or break even.

    Why on earth would you consider a deal like that if you were really ever a Sugar Babe? To be a Sugar Babe means to make money to be taken care of through the exchange of money and/or gifts. Their is no other meaning.

    Laying claim, you say? This is an agreed upon specified amount that both parties agree upon. Sorry I’m not understanding your logic. Please explain.

  96. Babygrl says:

    It’s of no consequence….I will continue to follow the blog and get to know people more…perhaps my answers will be addressed as I read further.

  97. Babygrl says:

    I am not suggesting the women isn’t entitled to receive what ‘he’ has offered. He provides the agreed upon amount and nothing more unless it is his desire to do so. My primary point…and original reference point was this comment…

    “getting my nails done, my hair styled, my new outfit, & a wax is more than $200. i wouldn’t go out with a man who low balled.
    a man that is not generous with his money will not be generous with his affections.EVERY woman knows that. way to get these lonely, old ,unattractive men even LESS dates!”

    I do believe in integrity and BOTH parties supply their part of the bargain. Blue, I absolutely believe you and I are on the same page as I feel similarly. Was speaking more specifically to the quote I posted here. Must every guy pay $200 just because it is her desire to have all that done prior to each and every date? I would understand better if it meant, “I had to give up an entire day’s work to attend the date and therefore $200 seemed more than reasonable.”

  98. J.Cole says:

    i decided to try another date since i still had credits. 1st date was great. then she calls me 2 days later that she needed $300 dollars by western union. huh? like lets get into something real first before you ask for something like that. she also gave me two different names. I dont know much about sugar dating but it sounds like a straight up scam. I can get laid anywhere on any site for free. I know friends that also pay $200 bucks to sleep with models. is there any real women that want to date here or should i go back to POF ?

  99. queen says:

    Babygirl~ at the end of the day who cares? Seems you are picking apart what others say. Just do you and not worry about others.

  100. Ray says:

    I think any Western Union is a scam. Sounds like the stuff I get in my spam box.

  101. queen says:

    J.cole, sounds like you met her in person so now she wants money without meeting again. Tells me she does not find you attractive enough to meet again. She finds the money sexy as hell!

  102. just bc says:

    @J. Cole

    what does “something real” mean, marriage?

  103. Blue says:


    To answer your question:

    ” Must every guy pay $200 just because it is her desire to have all that done prior to each and every date? I would understand better if it meant, “I had to give up an entire day’s work to attend the date and therefore $200 seemed more than reasonable.”

    The only thing that is required is that he be Generous and he can’t even do that then what is the point???

    I’m pretty sure it’s his desire that I dress to impress. I could show up ungroomed but then what chance do I have of getting him to be my Sugar Daddy?

    If I had to take an entire day off of work for him it would be at least several thousand.

  104. Babygrl says:

    Good point Blue and thank you for sharing your perspective. As I mentioned Queen…not judging anybody and I do “do me”….was just taking it all in.

    Thank you 🙂

    Oh and Blue…that $200 for work wasn’t a static #…just used in place of whatever the daily work rate was. If I earned your wage I would have much higher standards than I currently have 😉

  105. j. cole says:

    a sugar daddy is a desperate fool the opposite of a pimp. the sugar daddy is the one who is getting pimped by the money hungry female. this site would be better served and more legit if the sugar dating option was taken off and reserved for Seeking arrangement. I think brandon has a great idea that could attract normal daters but he has to purge the sugar babies and direct them to his other sites or this will never get as big as match.

  106. queen says:

    Sugar daddys are the main ones on here offering payment. Regular daters do not need super attractive females. Super attractive females would have no need to find a regular guy because they are a dime a dozen! Removing sugar daddies will have sugar babies leave. All you would have is average left and who would wanna pay for average? Just go to match if you do not like it here. The point of paying seems odd in regular dating so taking the pay offers all together would be more in line with regular dating. The site is called whats your price.

  107. J. cole says:

    well if its the concept used in charity its a great idea. when i was 18 i was in a college charity where a girl bought a date with me for 5 dollars. the idea was it was for fun. she then treated me to pizza. but its ugly when woman disrespect themselves by going out with guys they have no interest in just for money. Money is an extra incentive and should not be the main reason for going on the date. The money part can be fun if both people sincerely like each other. sugar daters are a minority in this country. the site will be much more successful if presented in a more innocent way.

  108. queen says:

    You can just go to match though! Hot chics can get a man easy. No need to be cyber dating.

  109. Ray says:

    J, some donation to charity would make this site better imho. Or better yet maybe someone will make a site like that soon. Who knows…

    Meeting a charitable, smart, and sexy girl is rare these days and might actually be the real gem.

  110. J. Cole says:

    Thats a great idea Ray. maybe they can create an option like this on this would be a great option… plus Who wants to date and marry a girl that just wants your money anyway. nobody respects sugar babies and gold diggers and they arent really taken serious by most men anyway even if they manage to get some cash. Unlike seeking arrangement i think many people want “real” relationships on this site.

  111. Blue says:

    J. Cole

    To answer your question Who wants to date and marry a girl that just wants your money anyway.

    You may be confusing two issues. Their is an excessive amount of men who want to pay rather than deal with the issues and responsibilities of having a girlfriend or wife.

    I’ll be completely honest with you, the men who have a great attitude and treat me the best for many years, and that I actually consider like family are the Sugar Daddies. Not to be mean towards you, but you seem to have a bad attitude and quite frankly that’s very common in men. So I avoid guys like you because of that judgement.

    I honestly believe that their is something to this site and Sugar dating that brings out the best in guys and maybe they need that like a little guidance. Once you win a woman over, they are very giving. Even if I wasn’t doing this I wouldn’t want to date a guy who made some of your remarks towards women just like I wouldn’t date a man who was racist or sexist or anything negative in general.

  112. queen says:

    I think because you have to cough up money on this site you are trying to act like you want something real all of a sudden because you are not able to string girls along anymore. What is real anyway? To men it means free sex from strangers online. If you want real then try dating at church. Why online at all. I bet most on this blog do not even date at all they just are sad they can not afford to make offers. If you do not like you can just leave.

  113. splash says:

    i feel sorry for j cole,as much as his criticising girls on here,he seems stuck here,i would have thought by now you should have run for the hill(,POF, u want a cheap deal u know where to find it,as for baby girrl,correct me if am wrong,but u sound like a bloke pretending to be a girl,i believe ur not a sugarbabe,maybe a sugar boy, i think all those complaining about paying should have gone to SPECTS SAVERS before signing up to this site,its clearly stated whats your price?so people should be free to state their worth,and if u think shes not worth it,move on to the next,and if u want it all free,as i say POF is full of FREE FISH,AND I DOUBT THEY GO FOR MANICURE AND PEDICURES SO ALL THE BETTER,i say avoid these girls that need u to pay for a date(me inclusive 😉

  114. Blue says:

    Queen I agree! Seems like guys are always propositioning women then when they come to What’s Your Price and it’s time to cough up money, everyone starts acting like all they want is something real. Makes me laugh really.

    If you come to What’s Your Price expect women with prices. Doh! Don’t try to circumvent it by calling women here ugly or saying it should go to charity! LOL

  115. queen says:

    Happy thanksgiving everyone!

  116. J.Cole says:

    its a free country people can live how they want to live. But if you listen to the advertising on Sirius XM the site is geared for an audience that is not sugar babies or daddies. I think brandon wants to go mainstream.I think this is a great vehicle to do it but he has to direct the sugar babies aka gold diggers to to separate them from the normal not a sugar daddy so there is no reason someone should ask me to pay for their rent unless they are my exclusive girlfriend or wife. The idea about charity that ray came up with is a great idea because it would show the heart of the female and the causes she holds dear to her heart. lets say she wants to help hungry children and i feel the same way imagine that noble starting point as opposed to give me 300 and ill meet you at this hotel. tacky !

  117. Blue says:

    No one said anything about meeting at a hotel here. Please stop being dramatic.

    Thank you for your interpretation, but seriously a site that is called What’s Your Price, and only offers one serious relationship option out of six may be well worth looking at the whole picture and not just one ad on the radio.

    Short Term Relationship / Dating
    Friendship / Activity Partner
    Long Term Relationship / Marriage Minded
    Mutually Beneficial Arrangements (Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby)
    Married Dating / Discreet Affair
    Casual Dating / No Strings Attached

    If you go to the videos posted on the site, and the one ones posted on Seeking Arrangement leading us Gold Diggers to this site it says Get Paid To Date Guaranteed. So that’s why I’m here. Plain and simple. Sorry this site is not your cup of tea.

  118. J. Cole says:

    @blue no im serious some girl made me that proposition for our second date which i declined turns out I enjoy the money in my pocket better because im fairly young, good looking and in shape and can get sex for free so that is an insult ! lol but on a positive note I actually just met another girl that didn’t even want to accept the money we agreed on but I put it in her bag anyway. guess whos getting asked for a second and third date? ..and your right it does have those options and i took off the(Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby)option but some girls must not be reading my profile ! …A lot of younger guys like in their 20’s & 30’s do not dream of being sugar daddies but we like to meet hot girls too! we will pay your 1st date price but we dont want to pay your rent (unless your moving in)! we have bills too
    Happy Thanksgiving !

  119. Joe C. says:

    Just be nice and once you win their heart then screw them over. No woman will ever know once they believe you. No one knows your real purpose. People who claim they know someone is ignorant.

    Most of the time being a sugar baby involves sex. So treating them like family is gross. Wham bam thank you ma’am. What a conundrum.

  120. queen says:

    Joe, most men are that way. Treat you well until they get what they want then cheat. At least as a sugar baby you get something out of it. Regular dating can be a drag for females. I do not wish to be a maid, cook and a sex toy or baby maker.

  121. Blue says:

    Joe C.

    With so many conversations going, your post is confusing. Not sure how the first paragraph relates to what we are talking about or who you are even referring too.

    You need to get your mind out of the gutter! I don’t know what you mean by wham bam but I have had the same Sugar Daddies for 7-10 years, never even kissed them and definitely never had sex with them. So you have no reason to be rude. I have had one SD who I had gotten involved with and he asked me to marry him, kind of sloppily, so I laughed it off. Now he’s married to someone else and we are still great friends. Once in awhile he still sends me gifts or hooks me up with connections I may need. So he is definitley still in the Sugar category. He’s like family to me because share a lot in common with our diets, work, philosophical and spiritual ideas. We touch base on the holidays. We can call on each other anytime and expect to act silly and just be ourselves. I don’t know what else you would call it. Perhaps you shouldn’t take the term “like family” to mean actual family besides married couples are family.

    Another guy is someone who just needs dates for parties and things like that. We have been doing this for 10 yrs. Him and his parents are like family to me. He lives out of state so we have maintained a friendship. When my Sugar Daddies are more loyal and last longer than most I would say they are like family. When I had a family emergency I call my Sugar Daddies. They understand clearly what I do and what I provide. I guess what I am saying is their loyalty to me over the years has earned them a place in my life that superseeds our moving on to other relationships.

    I don’t see what your problem is Joe. Just because I don’t burn bridges you have a know it all attitude and have to say nasty things. I hope your post gets moderated out and you try again with one that makes a bit more sense.

  122. J. Cole says:

    @blue “I have had the same Sugar Daddies for 7-10 years, never even kissed them.” what kind of low self esteem do these poor men have. do they look like smurfs? dont you feel badly your taking advantage of them? How can i become a male sugar baby? where do i find women to pay things for me! 🙂

  123. cptain says:

    I found this site and its almost fascinating to me. I am pretty close to meeting the 1st girl. Ive spoke with a handful and am trying to figure out how to make it work. I have yet to meet one person who liked the sound of the site, although some were neutral after I told them my take on it.

    I’m not a sugar daddy type person. I do have some money to blow if I needed to do so but Im far from wealthy and Im very responsible with it and I save or invest.

    My impression of the site is its a little bit of an old school way to meet women and its gives them a reason to meet a guy they dont know. I see ppl all the time, and it seems like guys just want to meet girls without investing anything, whether its time money, emotion or even thought. Prior to maybe 1950 guys met girls bc they paid for the date and whatnot.

    Ive spoken with a few women who i negotiated prices with. The prices are in the 20-60 dollar range. I state in my profile Im looking for a short term or casual dating situation which could turn into long term relationship. I would spend money on a women if I was in a relationship so whats the big deal to do it on the 1st date….I wish bars and clubs had something like this..and if a cute women was told there were 2 or 3 guys who wanted to spend say 40 bucks on her to go on a date with her, I think bars and clubs would turn into a place where ppl could find a partner.

    Im not totally sure if I understand the site yet….but I know for sure I would never pay 200 or 400 bucks to go on an hour date with a girl who needed her rent paid ha…..I feel like a major issue w online dating is that 100’s of guys are contacting 1 woman, and she doesnt know how much they are invested in their message and if shed even want to invest time into finding out what they are like…this site solves the question about if the guys invested into her…I dont know any guys who would pay 40 bucks to go on a date with a girl if he wasnt invested into her at least a moderate amount….Im looking forward to meeting at least 2 girls…one for 45 and one for 30…one seems very fun and cute, and the other seems sweet, both are excited….

  124. Nathan says:

    To the girls that think they “deserve” to be paid $500ish for a date because they need mani-pedi-spa-facial and a dress/cab for the date: please keep in mind we have such requirements too. Unless you want to date a caveman, I need to shower everyday and use soap/lotion/cologne. I also need to shave and I dont use the barbershop for it. My haircuts are cheaper but more frequent- so we probably spend the same on a yearly basis. Gas is north of $4/gallon and my car will take me about 8miles on it. My car has its own set of needs and costs a lot more than what the IRS allowance or cab fare are. A decent suit costs ~1500 and shoes cost the same as yours though I can make do with 2 pairs each of brown and black and dont need 100 pairs of Gucci or Loubotons. You should not expect the man to pay for all this.

    However, I am in my 30s and not exacttly the type to pickup girls at a bar/lounge/club. Due to modern workplace laws it is complicated to date someone from work and I am a fairly busy man. The premise of this site is for girls to weed out guys who earn less than her and a more “traditional” relationship where men were the primary breadwinners and women didnt work or earned for the “frills”. Men also have a longer “shelf-life” compared to women. Given that I am eventually looking for something long term as most of you should be….I am not willing to pay $500 every date. I have been a poor student once and am pretty much a self made man. I have no pity/respect for those that want everything handed out to them. If I was bald/ugly/fat/married I would probably be a lot more willing to pay $500 per date but that would make the girl more of an escort than a date.

  125. queen says:

    Some of us are looking for sugar daddy types and 500 is nothing to a man who has so much ! I also do photo shoots for money . I do a wax, hair, nails, toes, spray tan , facial , eyelash ext to make for a great photo. The cost is 500.00 each spa visit to get ready. Photographers expect us to be on point and perfect. A regular girl does not need all that. A ponytail and sweats. They are the ones who get cheated on though. I also workout to keep toned. Most regular girls do not and the cheating men always say that the baby momma just is not sexy or cares anymore and nags him. Sugar daddy is just about the fun times. They want a well put together girl and hope the drama does not come around. I do not agree men have a longer shelf life, I find most older men are bloated and a shell of what the used to be around 40. I see many hot 40 year old females though. This is just something men think they are but reality………Not true buckaroo !

  126. queen says:

    Also I know Hef as a close friend and you know how many girls tell him hes handsome sexy and a great dancer? He is none of that !

  127. Blue says:

    Nathan ~

    This isn’t Dutch dating it’s Sugar Dating. You either want to be a Sugar daddy or you don’t.

    I don’t “think” I deserve $500 a date. I get $500 and up a date. I don’t know what else to say. Guys offer, and I take it. If you don’t want to pay, that’s fine. We’re just not a match then.

    I think some of the comments about expenses for hair, makeup, clothes, have been a little misunderstood. The point is, if I’m investing hundreds of dollars on a Sugar date I expect to see a very good return on my investment for the time and effort I put into it.

  128. Just bc says:

    Guys like you are not worth meeting. You would not pay 500. Thus us why I only take high end guys. Low end guys like Nathan ask for more pics and get bossy. I just ignore them. I don’t have time for crazies.
    Real men know the risk is far greater for us women than them. Men are not afraid of meeting a woman, whereas we never know what kind of crazy we could meet. The price of the date to me shows chivalry in addition to sincerity. The rest are whiney cheap losers. I am off of match Bc of the many rude timewasters I had met. If you are whining about paying for a date go to match.

  129. Just bc says:

    Sorry should say
    This is why I only date high end guys.

  130. J.cole says:

    @ Nathan you speak the truth ! hope to see more posts like yours !

  131. chris says:

    Do no like the money part then easy enough to leave. Blogging does nothing unless you just enjoy fighting with strangers. I see now why men are looked on like douche bags.

  132. Just bc says:

    Isn’t every girl an escort for free until marriage?

  133. J. Cole says:

    @ chris your being too hard on Nathan and some of the other men that have posted. Women abuse and use men just as much as the other way around. its the truth. I think men dont mind paying for a 1st date but they dont want to pay for some strange women’s rent that they dont even have a real relationship with! I think the site is great though and can bring good people together but we have to be careful to avoid the shallow gold diggers and serial daters.

  134. Blue says:

    Gentlemen, no one is forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do. This is a site where women are attracted to the prospect of making money. The amount is set upon in writing through the site. IF you wish to continue, and the woman does not see any potential with you, but would be interested in a mutually beneficial arrangement than you have the option to consider this.

    Many men are married or confirmed bachelors and do not want the added responsibility of a relationship. They want the control of being able to fund our lifestyles and not have to live up to our relationship standards. This is not abuse. It is not abuse. This is a agreed upon arrangement between mature adults.

  135. Blue says:

    Did I mention it’s not abuse? 🙂

  136. queen says:

    True, men will be worried about money if they have none to give. Even in a real relationship I would not date a penny pincher! It is just a turn off no matter what. Most men are using sugar daddy to fast forward intimate relations then get upset about a payment. Take it down a notch and get to know a girl !

  137. Just bc says:

    Nathan if u want sex for free go find a woman who would marry u

  138. splash says:

    well said CHRIS,you need to educate these two men,jesus they sound like little kids putting on a tantrum,honestly what woman would even want such an argumentative man,yet he clearly knows where to go if paying up isn’t for have been told where to find dates for free,but you still insist on arguing over a plain clear matter,if you want to carry on on this site,THEN PAY UP,IF YOU CAN’T THEN SHUT UP AND MOVE ON TO THE other non paying sites,sounds like a new type of male breed that love to argue,well chris your a true gentleman and am sure if this wasn’t the place for you,you wouldn’t be acting like these two men arguing with the ladies on here,sorry guys but please don’t come and ruine the fun and atmosphere on here,lets keep it as the fun play ground it has been,if we don’t like it don’t spoil it for those that are happy here,just take the misery else where,this place isn’t for the faint hearted ha ha…

  139. passion123 says:

    I have expected several offer but have not gone on any date. if I ask 200 dollar I get rejected without a counter offer.
    All of my excepted dates are less than 200$ but after the acceptance I never hear from the guys.

  140. queen says:

    Passion, this is normal ! only 20 percent or less will follow through.

  141. J.Cole says:

    @queen i imagined that the follow up would be much higher then 20% I know for myself I follow through 100% of the time in contacting the girl for a date. But maybe i am one of the few gentlemen here that is serious. @Passion123 i have no idea what your offering or look like but the price your asking is too high go lower. some guys get offended when they get a request for $200 dollars it looks like the woman is not interested in going on a real date to meet someone but only in getting paid. I never go higher then $80-$100 and have recently even went down to $50 with 2 that even went for $25

  142. queen says:

    I myself think that 200 is the magic number ! Anything less I find the guy to be very rude and pushy in person as if he is used to meeting girls on escort sites and not willing to pay more for non sexual dates and will push for more in person. Anything over 200 most guys will flip out for any random reason, say you say the wrong thing in email that sets him off so then he will get verbal abusive so that the date does not happen. I have had only one 300.00 and only one 500.00 date that followed through. It is just not worth the danger / risk to date than 200.00 – I also thinks it depends on what you look like also if it is worth it to the guy.

  143. PrettyTall says:

    The bottom line is this: This site is in place for GENEROUS people to find ATTRACTIVE people for a price. And for ATTRACTIVE people to find GENEROUS people at a price- regardless of the type of dating they are looking for, all of which are okay.

    The very nature of this site is going to attract escorts and Johns (or Janes) (Both of which are illegal). Regardless, it makes it much easier to navigate through this when generous and attractive members are clear about what they want.

    The attractive people generally are not going to show up on a date looking unattractive. So why should the generous people be “allowed” (if you will) to not be generous- and vilify the attractive people for asking solely for what the makers of this site advertised. The generous are getting what they want, so why shouldn’t the attractives?

    I personally don’t feel it’s right to use my beauty regimen as a reason to be paid- it’s about my time, and what the site advertised.

    Brandon, pardon me, but you are double talking, and sending (and printing) mixed messages all over your site.

    Since you asked, my suggestion is this:

    1- Make it VERY clear what this site is about, how to use it, and keep everything you say consistent. The FAQ/Help section is severely lacking important details.

    2- Detail what every “dating type” category means- perhaps have a pop up (when people scroll over each type) that clearly states the definition and maybe even have users tick a box that says they understand the definitions?

    3- I want to see more online interaction encouraged before scheduling a first date- can you do that, Brandon?

    That way there is some sort of checks and balances- (where WYP can see via emails what users’ intentions are?) Something is missing as it stands now.

    In my limited experience on this site, AFTER I have accepted a generous user’s offer, I realized his intention was to “hook-up” sexually- but what he wrote in his profile showed NO indication that hooking-up was he was looking for- the misrepresentations need to end. This site allows for us all to find exactly what we want- if we are all totally honest, we can use the site to it’s fullest potential- ESPECIALLY WHEN THE OWNER OF THE SITE SUPPORTS US ALL BY BEING CLEAR AND HONEST HIMSELF.

    4- Don’t make it wrong for attractive users to ask for any amount of money. In one breath you say to ask for what you’d make at work. Well you’ve got a pool of attractives who may easily make 2,3,4,5,1000 dollars a day or per hour for their work as models, actors or actresses, bartenders, entrepreneurs, professionals etc. Then in the next breath you say we are serial daters who shouldn’t be offered more than $200 for a first date? Again, be clear and consistent.

  144. Green says:

    Wel… Where we all rolling.. Who are those guy who pays this lady 500$ a date, and according her post she cares only about the way her nails done and face peeled.. I wonder is there something else in her head?
    There is so much beautiful educated and intelligent women with the style… And who is not selling themself..
    This is prostitution but different kind which doesn’t enclude sex..

  145. queen says:

    prostitution is sex for money. Period!

  146. Rachel says:

    Pretty Tall, Thank you for adding constructive solutions. This is what Brandon asked for on this Blog. I did a while back, and got no response. I will say this. I love and appreciate innovative and experimental social change. This site is one of these. It’s the journey not the destination as we are all a part of Brandon’s cool experiment. So far, I have had two wonderful dates, resulting in a second date. In both cases, my date and I felt it was helpful and worthwhile to have this service. I for one, would not have been able to justify the date and risk wasting time without the financial compensation. I work too hard and have too many people counting on me to through my time away. This way I can feel good taking the chance. For me it makes the difference between dating a couple times a month and not at all. I would be just hidden away behind my desk otherwise.

  147. JSAL says:

    Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,
    Just a reminder to most of us on here making comments to this blog were all benefiting from this site right? I know I am! The $200 + offers you speak of are great compensation for a couple hours of your time. I have gotten a couple $300 offers without me countering but rarely. I am no super model and I am actually just grateful that Brandon came up with this site because it’s helping me and my kids get through a unfortunate and rough time for the past few months. I had a few men call me a serial dater because I wasn’t interested in them so they felt used! Isn’t that how woman feel when we go out on a date normally and because we don’t have sex right away so the guy doesn’t call you? Our first interest is motivated by money yes! Like men our by sex! If I were to meet a guy on here that I was attracted to and compatible with I would definitely settle down with him but most of dates I been on I feel like I’m being paid for Counseling, Listening and Advice either to give them helpful marriage advice, compliments to build confidence so they won’t be so insecure or ice breakers & practice so they won’t be shy to ask a girl out normally without paying her. Never the less Brandon I would like to thank you for the site and allowing normal to average woman like myself the opportunity to join for free and make a possible $2,000+ monthly income profit consistently month after month while given the opportunity to possibly meet my partner in life or if not that for sure a lot of new friends. So THANKS AGAIN BRANDON, YOU THE MAN!!!!!

  148. J.Cole says:

    I think your misusing the site JSAL. If your going through a rough time my taxes fund welfare you can apply for that. But taking advantage of men because some men take advantage of women is not right. I seriously doubt you are making $2,000 a month you must look like pamela anderson or something. stop giving other women on here false hope.

  149. chris says:

    Some girls do make that from the sugar life. Upgrades?

  150. J. Cole says:

    @chris if some women are making a “business” out of this then they should be taxed. I would hope the government would get their share of the taxes to help fund programs to help people that really need the help. nothing is worse then a man or woman taking advantage of another human being. its immoral and its wrong.I’d like to believe women like that are the minority on this site. real dating is not a business its about finding the love of your life.

  151. queen says:

    J.Cole : they do have a sugar daddy listing on here and in fact that is how I found it. Same guy who owns this has a sugar daddy site and all the people got a free profile here. As far as taxes go, I’m sure they are paying a fair share already and would you rather them be on welfare and take fully from those taxes? Perhaps one should raise the dating rate to include taxes now?????

  152. chris says:

    Great jcole. Now girl will want more to make up for paying taxes. Way to go buddy!

  153. J. Cole says:

    Haha just be glad im not in politics because I would close the deficit very easily without making one budget cut just on these sugar hustlers lol (i still dont understand why sugar babies just dont find one decent man to pay for their dinner instead of serial dating by the way. they must have some terrible personalities!)

  154. queen says:

    who wants one man when you can have many! It rocks !

  155. J. Cole says:

    @queen thats not even funny. lots of STD’s out there, pregnancy, & crazy guys. its very dangerous to think like that. Get one monogamous partner in a relationship of mutual respect and trust. dont miss out on real love. money can never replace real love. A person that loves are there for the person with or without money. money is not even a consideration. dont miss your opportunity for real love for that special someone instead of chasing a pot of gold over a rainbow that does not exist.

  156. queen says:

    J. cole I already did that and was not happy with just a regular boring life. All my friends who have one partner find out he has been cheating . I just think it is a stupid dream and not much of a dream in the end. I like the no drama relations and when the drama comes in it is easy to dump . I will depend on just one person again as it makes for to much stress.

  157. queen says:

    Will not depend I mean. When you get with a guy they always turn bossy as if they are the kind of the house. No thanks buddy ! Rather have my own place that I rule and not need just that one one man who can not afford my lifestyle anyway or let me spend money on what I want or have to ask if i can.

  158. J. Cole says:

    @queen – not happy with a regular boring life? then go to school – invent something – give to the poor – go on a missions trip to africa. Do something meaningful! Stealing money from geeks and gullible guys is not a big contribution to society. Sorry it is what it is. If you have been hurt your better off seeing a psychologist to talk about how you can have a normal relationship and how to go about finding a good guy. What are you going to do when you get older? don’t waste your life I say this with complete love and pity for people that are thinking like this. If money was the key to happiness then why are celebrities & rich people on drugs and killing themselves? money is nice to have but it can never fill the emptiness and take away the hurt that we go through in life.

  159. queen says:

    You do not have to be in a relationship to be happy. Mind your own life anyway. Hate the site, leave ! Do not preach to me . What I do is none of your biz. This is my life and it is how I want to do things. Some people just love to tear each other down. We are all brothers and sisters and all a part of the spider web of life, to try to destroy your own web is just insane.

  160. Romey says:

    Just found this site, it is AMAZING! I have been on 7 dates, and earned $1150! I got to eat dinner with two millionaires! One of whom helped edit the King James Version of the Bible! The whole experience is awesome! Dating and meeting important men who I would never have a chance to even talk to are PAYING me to hang out with them! I love this =)
    And, no worries, I made it clear in my profile that I am looking for a mutually beneficial relationship, and not a boyfriend. So the men bidding on me are potential SDs. I haven’t found one that I want to make an arrangement with yet, but getting by paid for the search, I’m able to take my time, and make sure he is the right one, instead of rushing into anything that wouldn’t work.
    @Cole: What are you doing spending all your time blogging on this site when it’s something that you don’t even believe in? Perhaps your time would be more productively spent if you would invent something, give to the poor, go on a missions trip to Africa. Do something meaningful! Continually commenting on this blog, is a poor use of your time. Continually bashing girls for accepting dates from guys who are OFFERING to pay us, is just dumb, and accomplishes NOTHING. Sorry but it is what it is. If you have been hurt by a girl who has used you for your money, better off seeing a psychologist to talk about how you can have a normal relationship and how to go about finding a good girl. What are you going to do when people realize that you are just a loser sitting on your computer all day, writing on a random blog on an internet dating site that you don’t even use? don’t waste your life. I say this with complete love and pity for you because you don’t seem to have much of a life right now. Sure, commenting on this blog, and trying to give your opinions might feel nice, but it can never fill the emptiness and take away the hurt that you have in life.

  161. chris says:

    Willing to bet poor jcole could not get a females attention if she where handicap and missing all limbs ans she needed him. She would rather call life alert system. I also thinks its strange how he thinks what he posts is of value to people who could care less.

  162. queen says:

    I think it is the same person over and over. The person keeps getting new names. I believe it is a girl who was very girl next door looking so she gets passed by the other alpha females. In the beginning they did a story on her about how her rate is cheap to go out. She was a punk singer in a band or something. Below average.

  163. J.Cole says:

    @queen & romey. i dont hate the site. I think as advertised on the radio it can be a great idea. For instance when i was in college we had an event where a girl bought a date with me for $10 bucks and took me to eat pizza. To me thats fun and innocent and I had a great time. When you start living off people to pay your bills your just taking advantage of people. Thats why if i was an advisor to the brandon the owner -I would advise him to separate the two models and – can be dedicated to the men who like to be taken advantage of (Lol)and this site should be more mainstream similiar to that experience i had in college. as it stands the sugar life style wont attract most men because its plain silly and a waste of money.

  164. queen says:

    No girl is going to take any man seriously who has to bid on a date to get her attention. It should be more for sugar daddy only. Brandon only makes it seem he offers normal dating here for the press so that it sounds better in promos. Ever single guy I met from here takes things fast forward to the fast lane. This is what they seek. None of them are looking for a slow ride to love. The site would fail and the girls would only be the ugly ones who are left.

  165. queen says:

    And I doubt guys with spend but 10.00 on an ugly pig with a wig if even that ! You would not have enough income on the site to keep it going. At the end of the day what you say means nothing to the owners of the site so you are just being an overall pain in the backside. Beating a dead horse no doubt.

  166. Doll says:

    Totally true, many guys in here are expecting sex after the date is over, I went to two dif dates and they ended the same, inviting me home or to their suites and thats why I stop dating from here. Others have send me offers of $20.00 LOL, That doesnt even cover the gas and valet parking. I have declined and then they start incrementing their price $5 at a time. If they are that cheap and they call themselves “generous” gentleman I can’t imagine if they were not generous. I think the pizza boy can do a better job at being “generous” LOL

  167. Michelle says:

    Here is what I have run into. Serial non daters. They want to chat me up on email, text and phone conversations forever and the date never happens because I loose interest because they are killing attraction by not pulling the trigger on making the date happen. I’m getting used for phone/text practice, free advice, company, a sense that they have girls in their lives to talk to and to take an edge off of loneliness. I don’t mind holding space in this way for good men but it defeats the point of the site if my time and energy is being consumed and I’m not being compensated for that. It’s disrespectful and not what this site is supposed to be about which is honoring each others time and cutting through some of the bs of first dates. I’m willing to offer amazing feedback on how to be successful with women but my time and wisdom has to be seen as valuable. I want a life full of positive experiences with men. Any time spent with me is going to be a great experiences because I don’t show up on a first date with a list of qualities and agenda I show up in human spirit open to real connection with the other human spirit that shows up. It’s 2 hrs of my life I don’t get back. I want it to ROCK!

  168. Cora says:

    I wrote about this very topic !!

  169. Dead written content, thanks for entropy.

  170. Jackie says:

    I should have seen the signs:
    His Facebook page is 98% women…
    He remains close friends with all his X’s
    His daughter asks if they are flavor of the week when they are introduced
    He remains on the dating site

  171. Awesome and interesting article. Great things you’ve always shared with us. Thanks. Just continue composing this kind of post.

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