How to Spot Serial Daters
  • Posted Oct 30, 2011
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For this blog post, I want to share some of the feedback I have received from members and close friends about the few types of people who use, and more importantly, how to identify a “serial dater” – i.e., someone who is only interested in dating with no serious intentions of becoming involved in a serious relationship.

Serial daters come from all walks of live. They are both men and women, generous and attractive. There are of course many reasons why certain men and women choose to be serial daters (and we’ll be covering this later), but what’s common across all serial daters is they will never advertise or admit that they are serial daters. So it takes a little skill, or experience to identify one, and that’s what we’ll be discussing today!

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But before I get into this topic, I should apologize for not writing a blog post sooner. The past few weeks have been crazy ones here at  We launched a campaign to introduce to Sirius/XM listeners on shows like ESPN, Fox News, Howard 100, Opie & Anthony, etc. Here are the clips of what Howard Stern, and Opie & Anthony had to say about our website:

Howard Stern’s Take:

Opie & Anthony’s Take:

Why do some Men or Women choose to be Serial Daters?

The first step in identifying a serial dater is to try to understand why someone would be a serial dater in the first place.  If you’re a serial dater, you probably already know the reasons well.  But for those who are looking for a serious relationship, here are some of the reasons why a man or woman may choose to be a serial dater in the very first place:

(1)  Because he/she is a playboy or playgirl:  Playboys and playgirls love the game of dating, and they aren’t ready to settle yet with just anyone.  Some are busy professionals (like lawyers, businessmen, doctors, etc.) who simply do not have time for the drama of a serious relationship.  Others are just not ready for commitment.

(2) Because he/she is just looking for something casual:  If you are looking for a casual relationship, you’re likely not going to be looking for something serious.  Casual daters are more interested in hookups, one-night stands, affairs (if they are married), friends with benefits or no strings attached arrangements.

(3) Because he/she is just interested in the money:  Some users do abuse the intent of our website, and are dating because they are interested in the money.  Some are escorts masking themselves as singles (even though we are very clear at that escorts are not allowed).  Most are what  you may call “gold diggers” or perhaps just interested in dating because it beats working a low paying minimum wage job.

How to Spot an Attractive Serial Dater?

There are usually a few ways to tell if an Attractive member is a serial dater.  First, read their profile carefully.  Are they in a committed relationship and are they just looking to meet friends?  Are they only looking for casual relationships, and nothing else?  What did they write as their occupation?

If reading their profile does not give you too many clues, the offer price they make or accept may be the final telling point.  Most singles who are looking for a serious relationship will generally accept a first date at a price of less than $200.  Remember, the intent of is to make it so the attractive guy or girl does not end up at a loss to go out on a first date with you.  Serial daters (especially type 3 – the ones that are only interested in money) on the other hand are unlikely to accept first dates at a price less than $200.

Suggestion:  To avoid ending up on a first date with a Type 3 Attractive serial dater, we recommend making offers in the $50 to $150 price range, and never accepting a first date that is over $200, unless you live in a city where the cost of living is very high (e.g., London, Manhattan, or Tokyo).

Do you consider yourself to be a serial dater?

Have you encountered a serial dater on the website?

Do you have any suggestions on how you would spot a serial dater? 

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