How to Save Money on a Date
  • Posted Mar 19, 2014
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A perfect first date isn’t always the most expensive. While money helps set the mood for different occasions, it should never define you or your potential for a relationship.

 Money should be used as a tool, not a solution, to entice genuine attraction. You’re only increasing the likelihood of encountering a First Date Fraudster if cash is king over everything else.

 While success is certainly sexy, you’re attracting the wrong kind of women by using it as your main motivator. Women that are genuinely interested will take interest in your passions, not in calculating potential financial gain while you list off assets.

Pinching pennies doesn’t make you cheap. In fact, many successful individuals are being frugal as a method of wealth conservation. Bidding can give you the edge, and it doesn’t have to break your bank.

When Bidding…

 1.) More Bids, Less Bucks

 Avoid placing all your eggs into one basket. It is much wiser to offer numerous bids in varying amounts in order to see what works best. Never invest every single dollar into one opportunity, no matter how attractive she seems.

When Planning…

 2.) Three Meals, Three Options

 First dates aren’t strictly limited to lavish, expensive dinners. If times are tough, simply offer to go to your favorite coffee or brunch spot, depending on the time of day.

 This less expensive alternative serves as an entitlement filter. While some girls will feel offended and decline, a quality women will gladly accept.

 The woman who accept lower bids are more likely to want to get to know you, not just get a free meal out of you.

 3.) Free Attractions

 Always take advantage of local attractions that are unique to your city. Dinner and drinks are a standard for any date, so don’t bore her with the usual.

 Stand out from other singles by experiencing the local sights and sounds, based entirely upon her interests. For example, Las Vegas is littered with free attractions that will make you look cultured, and not like a cheapskate.

 When Meeting…

 4.) The Gift of Giving

 Most quality women appreciate the gesture of giving, rather than the gift itself. So if you’re not going overboard for the meal, you should surprise her with an understated present when she arrives. Something as simple as a rose can greatly sway the odds in your favor at the end of the night.

 When Mingling…

 5.) Keep the Conversation Flowing

 Rather than offer to buy her a gift at the mall, opt for extending your dinner over a glass of wine. Or if the weather is nice outside, offer to walk with her. Try to create an atmosphere that is dependent on your mutual chemistry.

 These conversation-centric situations determine if there is an actual future. Once a relationship is established, then you can obviously spoil her with gifts. But until then, it is much wiser to focus on building rapport, rather than impressing a girl with your wallet.

When The Time Comes…

If you see promise in this date, then muster up the courage to propose a second encounter. There’s no such thing as the one-week rule, and second dates are free on WhatsYourPrice.

Remember, you never have to break the bank to seal the second date deal. Once you can gauge her interests, use it to your advantage. Thoughtful dates score more points than moving a decimal point.

At the end of the day, you have absolutely nothing to lose by asking. It’s better to spend money on a quality woman with potential, not just a pretty face.


What are some other ways to stretch your dating dollars without being viewed as cheap?


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  1. Josh says:

    Nice article. Thanks Brook!

    It hits a lot of important aspects of what makes WYP different and hopefully very successful in the future.

    One statement that stands out is,”second dates are free on WhatsYourPrice.”

    I will comment more as I find time.

  2. The Truth says:

    “Second dates are free on WYP”. Love this statement, love the article. We want more articles like this. We have quickly changed from $500 date madness article to REAL articles like this one.

    Our voices have been heard. We will never be silent.

  3. Dater says:

    Do second dates exist if they are free? I think the biggest challenge is getting the second date in the first place. My first date wanted a second one only if I became her sugar daddy, which meant buying her second date. Have yet to find a date that didn’t want to do dinner, lunch, or any meal for the first date. That’s the usual, so are second dates free? There’s no such thing as a free date. Even if you’re married, someone is paying for it!

  4. DarkHorseSD says:

    What is the moderation for?

    • David says:

      This happened to me on the last blog. Its still not showing up and still showing “awaiting moderation”. I put a smiley face in the text, maybe that is what did it. Other than that it was the first post on the blog. I Re-posted it and removed the smiley and it posted right away.

  5. Tasia says:

    I loved this article and cant believe there are women out there who are only interested in a mans wallet, of course it is part of the point of this site let me repeat that PART of the point fr me the biggest part is finding a genuine guy who is fun, intelligent, caring and who after getting to a level of comfort can give me gifts as well

  6. DarkHorseSD says:

    Which second dates are free? The ones that never happen?

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