How to Receive $500+ Dates
  • Posted Jan 21, 2014
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In case you didn’t hear, date bids on are rapidly increasing, and we want to help you make the most out of our site. More than 4300 females received bids of 500 dollars or more to go on a date last year alone. If you were not one of these females, don’t worry. We are here to help. Follow the below steps to improve your profile and overall dating experience with!

1. Revisit your images

Images are the most important element of your profile. If you have bad photos, chances are most men are bouncing away from your information almost immediately. Although we would never require professional images, make sure your photos look clean and crisp. All too frequently, we see blurry photos or selfies that look pixelated. One selfie is alright, but avoid a selfie outbreak by providing more alternative, classier options.

Don’t skimp out on the photos, either. Having 1 or 2 photos is sufficient, but why wouldn’t a user want to add more? Try adding a headshot, a full length picture and photos of your favorite activities. Activity-based photos show personality and engage prospective dates. No one wants to date a boring girl, show them your fun side!

dating advice for women

2. Spice up that “About Me” section

When describing yourself, keep the length in between a tweet and a novel. 1 or 2 sentences just doesn’t cut it, 2 or 3 paragraphs is just right, and anything more can lose their attention. Have fun with it and don’t feel intimidated by that empty paragraph field with a blinking cursor.

Our suggested format:

Tagline/ Catchy Sentence

Paragraph 1: This could be a fun, playful blurb about what you like to do for fun, In turn, this could include the places you would enjoy frequenting for a date. This is where you keep the reader interested and begging for more, more, more.

Paragraph: 2: End the “About Me” section with what you are looking for in a partner, and how you would make their time worth while. Remember, you want to leave a lasting impression, so this really counts!

3. Know your worth

Never settle for less than you’re worth. OK, so if a male offers you a $100 bid you have to accept, right? Wrong. The average bid on is now $130, so that $100 is not so high after all. Try starting a conversation with them instead and see where it goes. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of smooth talking, and he’ll be whistling a different tune…to your beat.

4. Keep it fresh

What attracted fresh faces to your profile 6 months ago, won’t keep them interested forever. Also, as women, we love to change our look. If your hair used to be blonde, but you decided to dye it black for the winter, update your photos. Surprise is nice, but you still want your pictures to closely reflect who you are as a person, not who you used to represent.

The same goes for when you change your job or relocate. A new career or even hobby change could attract a different type of love interest, and a new city could mean thousands of fresh connections. Who knows what type of connection you could be missing by failing to change your current city from a small town to the capital of a booming state!

5. Play Offense

Lastly, BE PROACTIVE. Too many females just sit back and wait, and wait, and wait.  Hey, this may work for some lucky ladies, but certainly not for everyone. It’s alright to be a little aggressive and show a man you are a lady who knows what she wants — it is online dating, after all! If you don’t get a response, it’s not the end of the world. You will never know your full potential until you take the reins in your own hands and initiate conversation.

Are you one of the savvy online daters who lands high bids? We would love to hear advice from the experts on this one!

98 Responses to “How to Receive $500+ Dates”

  1. Jorge says:

    $500? Good luck with that…

  2. Mary says:

    $500 dates are very hard to achieve unless the generous user finds an attractive user that is absolutely irresistible. It also depends on the generous users disposable income. S/he has got to make a big salary to be able to spend that kind of money on an attractive user. I’ve found that the average bid is like $150…anything more is above average and harder to achieve….dates will be harder to come by. The attractive user, must also be above average to be able to command that…combination of great pics of an attractive person & good profile.

  3. Timmy says:

    I must agree with Chris it seems like you’re trying to encourage women to take more money from then when the whole idea of the site and correct me if I’m wrong was in fact to find true love. Meaning
    Of gentlemen do not get a second look from very pretty girls because they are probably sleeping with some guy that is never been in the boardroom has no idea what he’s doing in the business world however he is attractive to them. I realized both men and women have a different understanding of the track what’s attractive to them. However this is not the way to actually go about this all this does is encourage women to go for a guy that wants a Gold digger. Honestly that’s mostly what the site is made up of. However I am actually looking for the perfect girl FOR ME. Unfortunately girls that I normally date would find this site repulsive and they would think the worst something far different than what you guys wanted at least that’s what I thought. I want a accomplished woman who does not necessarily need extra money however I definitely have no problem paying $500 to meet that woman but it’s beyond this most $500 dates are implying something and if you go over the data I am certain that you Will find the messages for a $500 date you will find subconsciously consciously the man has up an expectation of how that particular day will go. Thee is a very good chance with the large amount of people in the world that they will not get along regardless of whether or not you paid $500 to meet them. Now if they’re looking for somebody to pay for their life and they essentially will love you for your money and that’s well and good that’s what you should probably change the name of this thank you. would need you it is very respectable looking and smart tend to come on site.

    Would be insulting to say that you should change your website branding name to
    “will love your money & try to tolerate you”

    You sending a message that women should become escorts what’s the difference between having sex and going out on a date that could lead to sex whether not the woman consents think about it the woman must consent if she is a escort or it’s rape. Thats the exact same thing here.

  4. Jas says:

    I agree $500 is bit much.i am not sure if many men/women would achieve in getting that.But if they do,props to them.

  5. cascades says:

    Honestly, if i get a $500 offer, i wonder if the woman isn’t making a veiled offer of sexual favors early in the process–unless we are talking a woman that neeeds to do a makeover and wardrobe upgrade to feel she is ready for a date.

    I understand that women have dating expenses.My own philosophy of compensation; i make sure all a woman’s transportation and opportunity costs are covered by what offer. i have dated women here who had real challenges-one was a single mother that needed money to buy diapers for her infant. i was happy to help in a small way to get her to take a couple hours from her schedule.

    I am on a budget-and i have met women here that respect that. I am not sure if higher end offers have any more chance in making a friendship or relationship happen.

  6. Mike says:

    If a woman wants $500 for a date she’s only interested in your money, not you.

    • Linda says:

      If I discover the guy is a great guy, he will get back ten time that in gold. I find complainers are time wasters, and its better to be positive and have good energy. That will bring good things in life. If you don’t like the concept of this site, why are you even here ?

      • Alex says:

        Ok. Agreed complaining is counter-productive/not conducive towards attracting someone or motivating someone. On the other hand, there are a good number of women on this site that have agendas that include taking as much as they can get with MAYBE a 10% ROI (the min to get the cash and dash).

        Guys, we have to use our instincts and if it starts to sound like something is not or might not be right, you can almost be assured your instincts are correct.

        So listen carefully between the lines and take time to discover what you need to know before shelling out cash, effort and time.

        This site has some amazing women on it. As it grows and becomes even more widely known, you can be assured the Jackals will come in along with legitimate women.

        I subscribe to bring upfront about everything with a relaxed flexibility to attract and not deter. If you start talking about having sex, you can kiss goodbye your chances. Be cool nice and fun, good thing are more likely to happen.

        If you get jaded, check first to see if it’s you doing the damage. If not then adjust by screening more diligently or take a break and come back another day.

        • Alex says:

          One more thought is tap into your empathy skills. Everyone (even the Jackals who are likely just scared and desperate young women after all) likes to be heard, understood (if they let you “in” you know your empathy is good), and feel good about themselves. I’ve been with some very “damaged” but gorgeous women Its amazing how much their guard comes down if you are keeping it real and make them feel good or at least a little better about themselves. The gratefulness and trust factors come out in these circumstances.

      • Kevin says:

        Women like you are minority on this site sweetheart.

        By posting comments as above you are allowing youself to be used by the serial first-date-only scammers that are huge a huge majority at this site. Even this WYP article is squarely addressed to them.

        They never have any interest in coming back for subsequent dates regardless of what the man did or did not do at the first date.

  7. The Truth says:

    Terrible article. The average person in America makes less than $500 PER 40 WORK WEEK. I would like to know if all these women that received $500 dates are in America or a country that has a low currency value like a peso?

    This article tries to put all women on a super high pedestal and it makes all the men appear to be savages with millions of dollars just waiting to be handed out.

    This article makes Whats your Price look like What a Joke to me….

  8. joof says:

    I am so turned off by this article.

    What is the point of a 500$ date?

    Why would a guy do that, especially for a 1st date?

    I offer 15, and meet the girl. If she wants to meet a hardworking single guy who may be a relationship type, or maybe buy some things here and there then she’s in.

    If this site turns into what this article suggests I believe it will fail.

    • APB says:

      It’s headed that way and has been there for a while. I guess women can get offers without paying, but I see lots of profiles that go stale quickly and they fade away. Then you get some old guard that hang around and I’m pretty sure their relationship status isn’t changing, either.

  9. Lizzie-O says:

    I think that $500 for a date is a bit much. I would assume that a guy who offers that much is assuming he will get lucky on the first date. A date for $300 or less seems far more reasonable. If a guy lives nearby and arranging a date doesn’t take months, then a lower bid is fine. If he lives across the country and we spend a long time communicating before the date and I have to keep days open for when he will be in town (or even travel to him) then a higher bid is nice because it accounts for all the time and effort.

    Generally speaking though, I accept most bids that fall within my acceptable range. Not all accepted bids turn into actual dates and not all actual dates turn into something more (though it is great when they do). There are some instances where a reasonable bid will be denied because I am just not feeling the guy based on his profile but I am big on giving guys a real-life chance. Some awesome guys may just be camera shy or be too modest for their profile to stand out. I’ve met some great guys on this site and heard the horror stories about their past dates. So I apologize on behalf of all the women on this site. Sorry you all have to go through that.

    Also, you can’t “start a conversation” first like the article suggests. The bidding and accepting is essentially blind. There is zero personal communication between two people before they agree to an amount. To suggest that you can sweet talk your way into a higher amount is ludicrous.

  10. JackBjoh says:

    ” Try starting a conversation with them instead and see where it goes. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of smooth talking, and he’ll be whistling a different tune…to your beat.”

    Since it is impossible to “start a conversation” without first accepting an offer, what you suggest in this article is that the Attractive person accept the offer, then try and “smooth talk” (in other words swindle, cajole, hen peck, etc) the Generous person into a higher amount. Thats not ethical.

    Wow, another reason to leave this site i the dust once my credits run out.

    PS – its obvious the company blogger wants higher average date prices because it makes this website more money… the yuck factor here is at an all time high.

  11. DollyS says:

    I’ve had guys try to offer $20 and if you take into account the gas for the meet, the beauty supplies involved with getting ready for a night out, and the time spent in preparation and in traffic getting to/from the date, $20 is an insult. I won’t leave the house for less than $75 and that’s pushing it.

    I suppose if I was looking for a friend or a life partner then the money wouldn’t matter very much, but I’m looking strictly for a sugar daddy so a low bid tells me you’re probably stingy and not worth the time and energy.

    • Richard says:

      Well, if what you listed in your listing was solely for a Sugar Daddy situation, I could understand that feeling. Then again, you fail to take into account that he is also paying for the date.

      • Well if you we’re on a regular dating site I could understand that opinion, but yes we come here so we DON’T pay for the first date, the generous man takes all the costs, and we know he’s genuinely respectful and interested in us enough to so so. If you think it’s unreasonable, why are you here?

        I agree, $20 is an insult. If you think $20 makes the difference between yes and no, then you must want to date a crack whore. $20 shouldn’t be enough to change anyone’s mind on anything!

    • westend says:

      Don’t you think the guy has costs also outside of the offer? gas dinner drinks new shoes come on…..

      • Why are you here if you even ask that question? Yes you have costs, by joining here as a man who is “generous” and then posting that you’re saying you understood you’d pay your costs and some of hers too for first date, but are going to complain that you have costs. You just want to pay your costs – plenty of regular dating sites! What is this attitude?

  12. Tom says:

    500 is a joke. If someone requested 500 she is a gold digger.
    WYP wants high offers because men pay for the contact.

    And the questions is, is a blind date 500 worth. The men has his costs too. he pays for dinner, taxi … .

    I think a fair offer is better than a high one. the expectations are different.

  13. Richard says:

    I’m sorry, but why would any lady expect a man to pay $500 for a first date.
    This website is theoretically about paying to offset some of the inconvenience the lady is going through.

    Now I suppose that if he is expecting for you to drive more than an hour to meet with him that might require a higher amount than if he is coming down
    to meet you. In addition he is also expected to pay for the date.
    I suppose if I was trying to impress some prospective mistress it might be worth
    dropping a days pay on them, but since I’m looking for a LTR type thing it
    would set a terrible precedent.

  14. Bobby the K says:

    If she’s super beautiful, honest, and kind, maybe later I’d give her the money out of the blue as a surprise.

    I don’t understand why people dislike the site. I love this site. I’m having the best time of my life dating on here. It’s a great opportunity.

    • The Truth says:

      Super beautiful honest, honest, and kind women aren’t on here as all 3. Usually desperate, broke, over inflated self worth, rude, mean, gold digging…

      • spiritlady says:

        Yes there are women who are beautiful, honest, kind, compassionate and caring on here. I’m one of them. I don’t think anyone should pay me $500 just for the chance to meet me but I would like $100 or $50 at least since I usually will end up spending an hour driving, an hour getting sexy and nail polish, makeup, etc. costs money and the time to do my nails, hair and makeup are time-consuming. But what I am seeing is guys who want to pay me $30 to get gourmet sex… This site says it is not for escorts but what about the johns? It definitely attracts those. I think the original concept for this site is for a guy who normally wouldn’t get a date with a hot, sexy woman, to have a chance to go out with a hot, sexy woman and if he and her hit it off then it may be very beneficial for him to pay for the first date (since he may be able to win her heart in marriage at some point) and beneficial for the woman so she feels her time won’t be wasted with some guy she really would never have gone out with but seeing that he is willing to pay for her time, then that makes it more motivating because women are busy these days. As far as whether there are desperate, broke, gold digger’s here, I don’t doubt that there are women who need money and that is another reason why this site makes it good for woman. But it is not to get rich on. I mean one date for $50-100 pays not a lot and she is spending some money on gas, makeup, etc. Women who want $500 for the date should either be semi-famous (in which case don’t expect sex).. or expect that the man is gonna probably want more than just a date

      • Leo says:

        If you are looking for “love”, this site ain’t got it. If you are looking for first paid date and then freebies, then this site ain’t got it either. This site is about SD/SB relationships, and if that’s what you want then you can get some good catches.

        Offer a price she accepts. Communicate with her, get aditional pictures and essentially have an arrangement in place before you meet them. If she does not screen out you lost a little in terms of the site fee. If she screens out then pay for the first, and most likely, no-sex date and see if she still honors the arrangement in the coming days. If she does then the money was well spent. If not, move to the next.

        As long as you are not seeking free action, you would do fine here. If you are seeking free action then use up your credits and move on from the site altogether. Women are genetically not wired for free action, and this site is not designed for free action either.

      • Testarossa says:

        I think thst insults the women on here that are actually beautiful honest and worth every bit in gold. However, you guys that say you want that type of women, but instantly turn her down the second you meet her! you would rather be swindled by the facade of perfection and fashion driven “models” who go for men with money.

        • The Truth says:

          That statement was confusing and made no sense.

        • Leo says:

          Women can be rocket scientists, CEO’s, lawyers, surgeons, etc., in par with men. And I respect that.

          However, when it comes to men their thoughts all jumble up. LOL!

  15. HoliGa says:

    $500 for a date? LOL Thats hilarious. I wouldnt bid any more than $100 on a girl AND I have gone on really fun dates with some beautiful girls.

  16. Vinny says:

    Strange to see how a site supposedly against escorts, at the same time encourages $500 dates. If this is not blurring the line between amateurs and professionals, then what is it?

    • Linda says:

      I have gone on some dates, and none of them result in escort activities. Dinner or a movie and a good time talking, and without that most people really end up home alone. Look at the good things that happen.

  17. Linda says:

    I have found the that the males who offer higher bids at 500 and up to females are time wasters on the phone and more or less have some short comings or just want the attention to feel someone actually wants to date them, and then they never really intend to go on a date, and flake out. After days or weeks of back and forth texts, and not remembering hours of phone conversation, or photos and names, and next day responses like, “who is this”?- it really surprises me that they tend to demonstrate flakey behavior in comparison with bidders of 200 or 300. I used to go for who I thought was smarter, but I find that middle bid dates are the most fun, and lead to repeat dates and very good times and laughter so hard our cheaks hurt. The idea for biding should show the level of serious people wanting a real date and a great conversation, etc.

  18. Alex says:

    I never have an issue getting a 500$ offer in any of the cities I go to. 500 Is the minimum I will accept for a date. anything less is a quick coffee meeting and I usually get about 200-300 for those. It all depends on the person spending feels and how the person receiving the bid looks. Certainly some girls/guys will get higher offers than others, but also If you know you cannot afford a 300 coffee date dont submit an offer to a 5`10 model. clearly her standards will be different from a 5`5 college student.

    • Vinny says:

      That makes a lot of sense.. Now I am waiting for 300 lbs girls coming here, to explain that they also deserve to charge for a date more. Sort of like you charging per foot of your length, she is totally entitled to charge more for pound of her weight. Same logic.

  19. Leo says:

    I believe that this post is just an extension of an age-old women’s advice network of how to screw the men around you, and especially the ones who want to make a romantic connection with them.

    The teenage and a few rowdy college years aside, women have always put a price to men’s advances to them. Getting paid for sex has many disguises, and this is one of them. Marriage is the most expensive way for a man to pay for sex, which is being abandoned by more and more men today.

    Women DO NOT give a rat’s rear end about penis. They put up with it to get into men’s checkbook AND to randomly rape his brain into insanity.

  20. Leo says:

    That said this website has a great model in that I now have an opportunity to date much younger women for an affordable price. For me up to $100 for a decent-looking girl, and up to $200 for a gorgeous one is not unfair. I am sure that other men have their own guidelines and I respect that.

    I recently offered $99 to a woman. She countered $85. I wanted to confirm that she is decent looking beyond her headshot before we met. She has not sent her pictures and we have not gone out. I lost a little money in credit but had a good chance of getting an arrangement going if she were a decent looking woman. So by spending a small fee I got the opportunity to screen her further.

    In closing, if you are blessed with what certain population of women oogle for, you don’t need this site. However, if you are working with one or more handicaps, this site and/or another sugar daddy site is what the doctor’s ordered.

  21. David says:

    I was going to keep my mouth shut. Really I was, but I am kind riled up. Let me explain.
    I have been on a large amount of dates. For me almost every single young lady was a true work of art. One brought her sister along. I showed up and there was the sister. I ended up buying them both dinner. They ordered two dinners each, take home is always a good idea. Perhaps you can get the nice guy to buy you a weeks worth of dinners to take home. I am really not the kind of person that just walks away but at this point I will from now on. Almost every date included some sort of shopping. Every date so far has been in it to get stuff, not to get to know me. I hear it costs x amount of dollars to go on a date. Well I spend a lot on a date; dinner, shows, clubs, movies this all adds up for us guys too. I am not here to provide a nice young gold digging lady a source of income. At $500 a date with 5 dats a week you could earn $10,000 a month plus increase your wordrobe and get free food. Please sign me up. Several of the nice ladies tried to get me to pay them for a second date. I seem to be picking the best ones.
    I joined this site to meet nice women. So far I have been taken advantage of. Granted it’s my fault, but now you talk about the average cost of dates going up and you are now trying to teach these fine young ladies to get more. You are telling them they are worth more. Well there really may be some that are but most are not and your encouragement doe not make me a happy camper. The generous members are buying credits and paying for your site. I would be real carful who you upset.

    • The Truth says:

      David, thank you for sharing your thought. Most women think they are entitled to shopping trips because “they deserve spoiling” for doing NOTHING. Guess what? There are more and more broke women everyday AND fewer and fewer guys with money everyday. I don’t worry anymore. A girl NEEDS to impress ME, I don’t care how beautiful she is. Most of the women on here have rotten souls which is a complete turn off.

  22. David says:

    Unfortunately I am afraid I have to agree with you. It just amazes me that these women think they are worth $500. For what, company? Gosh I think I would rather be alone. Could you imagine being in a relationship with someone like that?
    I think this site empowers these kind of attitudes. I thought it was a fantastic idea but after spending thousands of dollars on dates and meeting the type of ladies I have, I think I am about ready to throw the towel in.

    • Linda says:

      I see you have interesting points, but I’ve heard many stories from people I’ve spoken to on the phone as well as met here, and it can be fun when you meet a nice fun girl, and cheaper than the divorce battles they go through, so you don’t have to be a quitter,lol.

    • If a woman decides $500 is what she is worth that is what she is worth. It’s what SHE decides her body time and energy is worth.

      If its not suitable to you, or she’s not worth that To You, then move along to a price your willing to pay, but how rude to mock girls because we decide our own value. It’s not worth that much to see us? Then Don’t. It costs me a few hundred dollars to go on a date, if I have to pay that myself, I simply won’t. I can’t afford to. But please don’t try and tell me what I’m worth.

      That’s like saying the going rate for a hooker is $200 so all women should sell their bodies for $200. Any thing else is unacceptable. IT’S WRONG. If I choose not to sell myself, that’s my choice, if I say I’d only do it for a million dollars, that’s my choice, if I’m happy to do it for $50 that’s my choice too – there’s no difference here just because its dating not sex.

      Or would you insist anyone here should date you for $120 cause “that’s the going rate”

      I ask what makes it reasonable/possible for me. What makes it worth trying dating someone for me. If that’s more then you’re happy to pay for a date with me that’s FINE. But please don’t try and comment on my value or worth. It’s so mean.

  23. David says:

    I don’t mean to be rude and please don’t take it that way but come on. Is it fair to be stepped on and lied to? The payment part has not happened to me but the using part sure has. Put your foot down and don’t take this from these people. It’s not worth your time or money. It’s almost like stealing, would you stand for this if it was an unattractive person? I don’t know you, but I bet you have feelings and it’s just not fair to have someone walk on you.
    Sorry it just really hits home and you know what? Even if they sleep with you it’s not worth the headaches that would come from a person like that. Believe me I understand, I am here too and I dated a knock out drop dead georgeous model who I pampered and gave all the space she wanted as she used me over and over with the thought that something was going to happen. Guess what? Nothing happened except my wallet become lighter. My fault because I wanted the same thing you do, but It is not worth it. It was at first but not now, and you will save a ton of money if you realize that these women are just out for the cash. They don’t care at all about you just what you can give them. And the few that may be here that are real are buried by the nasty gold digging users that use their looks to screw whoever falls for how attractive they are.
    And by the way that was just one. There was the model who was so pretty she took your breath away, I found out she was married and needed help getting away from her husband. There were at least three or four that were nothing like their photo. Several made dates and never bothered to show up or even call to cancel. I sat waiting for them flowers and chocolates in my hand. At least the hostess enjoyed them. Like I mentioned before one brought her sister, another brought her friend and guess who pays for them?
    And what is with this chatting? I think from now on I am going to insist on actually talking to the person and $50 is the limit no matter who they are, if they want to meet you they will if they just want your money they won’t. I will take them someplace nice, bring flowers, pay for parking ect too but this $500 thread is a freaking joke. The $50 dates have actually been better than the more expensive dates. For $500 if you want sex hire someone where you know you are going to get it and not get walked on.
    I wish this site had some kind of rating system so we could talk about the people that do this so we could get a heads up in these dates.
    Sorry I am just getting sick of these cruel dishonest women.
    Good luck to you.

    • Bobby the K says:

      Great posts, Leo and David. You’re right. There are some women on here in it only for the cash. No judgement about that. But their dishonesty in leading you on is reprehensible. So approaching this site with a different model and mentality is what’s necessary.

      So what’s that mentality and approach? Not really sure about that one.

    • Desert Delight says:

      David, you wrote what I was thinking all along regarding $500 dates! Gentlemen, please read this wise man’s words: “For $500, if you want sex, hire someone where you know you are going to get it and not get walked on.”
      That is exactly what I think a $500 date implies. Ergo, I have NEVER asked for that much. I am a $100 date woman who only offers great company over lunch or dinner. I never bring friends or relatives, go shopping or ask for to-go meals. Seriously?! Men, put your foot down and say “No way!”. It’s your wallet, isn’t it? You decide how much to spend, on what and who, right? Don’t be taken. All that glitters is not a gold heart.

      • Linda says:

        Gentleman please listen to yourselves. I went out with what I thought could be a potentially lasting dating relationship, or what have you. I sat across from him at dinner and watched him lick each finger one by one over and over, then wipe his hands on his pants. I offered ideas at how I could cook him dinner sometime and even for his kids, thinking this could get interesting to see how we would interact together. Showing that there is more if two people put effort into something. I also had never been to the circus. Remember why you are here. To have fun. If you make yourself charming and attractive at least by textbook standards, a smart woman would come back and want to keep coming back. If a woman wants to get away from you, think of what you might be doing to repel her.

      • David says:

        This is going to end up above Linda’s comment but should go under it but there was no way to reply to her comment:

        Okay what grown man licks his fingers and wipes his hands on his pants? Yech!!! I call that no class, you have to wait till your second date at least before you start wearing three day old underwear and wiping your dirty greasy hands on yourself. He sounds like my 8 year old son, who for some reason has not learned what a napkin is for, although I have tried over and over again to no avail. That sure sounds like repelling behavior to me, yet you were quite nice to offer to cook for him and his kids.You may be falling into the same crack as us guys without even knowing it.

        I don’t know what my repelling behavior might be. Maybe I am really honest and when asked about being a SD, I always decline. But my profile specifically says that I am not interested in that.

      • I have to agree with Linda. The point is to get a chance with women who wouldn’t normally give you one, and for us girls it means we are meeting men who will value and respect us, but mainly we don’t risk all the costs associated with a date (with a guy we might not normally date) falling on us.

        You get your foot in the door, we meet you and go out – then it’s up to you. You can get a woman to go out with you based on this system, but getting a second date if your incompatible, unsuitable, rude, or just a bad match will still be as impossible as if you were on a different dating sight.

        I think a lot of this “first date frauds” stuff is like that. We agree to go out with a man we normally wouldn’t. We give you a chance. If you blow it, or we don’t suit each other are we supposed to say yes to the next one any way, just so you don’t call us fdfs? Maybe you guys also need to look at who you’ll be likely to suit long term, not the prettiest face you can bid on if you expect a future with a woman.

        All I hear is men complaining on this site and girls defending ourselves – the difference with this site isn’t frauds. The difference is that this is a place men act like women are nothing more then how they look and how pleasing they are to you on a date – it stops mattering what a woman wants, needs, or can offer beyond her looks and time. I’m actually a human being, I say no for reasons that aren’t always about money, and I have the right to – even if you’re paying for the first date! If you want a woman to have dinner with you cheaply and smile and fawn over you, go find a cheap hooker. No amount of money will stop me being me!

    • Franklin says:

      Wow, we match in our experiences almost completely. Told you numbers dont lie..

  24. The Truth says:

    David and Leo. I appreciate your thoughts. I think we just need to be careful on who we all go out with on here.

    • David says:

      We need a dating forum like this to complain rate our bad dates. It would be interesting to see what they said about us too.
      Oh the mud slinging fun that would create.

  25. Testarossa says:

    A $500 date us absolutely ridiculous. From a female’s perspective I would be happy if when a man made an offer to me that when I gave a reasonable request, accounting for travel and sitter, and he accepted, he would talk to me and follow through with his offer to meet me. Its a waste of time to turn down someone else’s offer because I am focused on meeting on man not all of them at once like some women who are just looking to make an income off this site. Then when I try to talk to someone I turned down they dont give you the time of day. I would think a man would respect I’m honest and not out to meet every man i can off the site given the impression I’m living off of dates.

  26. Testarossa says:

    Some of us actually use this site for what it advertises as intended.

    I am flirty only when I feel comfortable enough that a man is not looking to purchase me for an evening of “companionship” and actually wants more than a pretty date. If a man says on his profile that he wants something more but when I accept and offer and he sets expectations right from the get go aside from venue and times I think they are implicating that I owe them “more” for their generousity. Which is insulting and a let down that a man is actually looking for “Love”

    • Leo says:


      That said, I don’t have any data to know if men expect anything more for sub $100 dates. But as the price goes up, I’m sure expectations go up too.

      The only thing I expect is to have good time at the date. As per the advice of this site, I categorically don’t have any expectations AT ALL beyond flirtation, good conversation and general good time at the date.

    • David says:

      I have never paid more than $150 for a date, but most have been $50-$100. I have never expected anything more than a nice easy date and have never even made a move to change that. For me it is understood that is what it is. I think one of my problems is that I have never been a pouncer and being that kind of person is way out of my comfort zone. I really believe getting to know someone is really important before jumping in the sack and behave in that manner.
      But unfortunately for me this does not seem to be a looking for love site. It is a looking for an older gentleman who can support me while I do what I want cause I am beautiful and deserve it and while he falls for me I can screw with his mind take his money then move on to the next guy before it gets too heavy.

  27. Kevin says:


    With all due respect the women who are posting comments here seem to be decent and honest women who must provide good ROI to their dates according to this site’s policy.

    We need to hear from serial first daters to know why they do what they do.



  28. The Truth says:

    Love the comments. I agree with most of them.

  29. Linda says:

    That was so funny. Some percentage true, but you could be on your way to having more fun.

    • Josh says:

      Hmmm, the above 29 points are collective wisdom of more than one man. What is not true?

      • Linda says:

        Since I see the big picture, it still does not give me power to change anything . It’s amazing how a date on a course for disaster could be turned into something really special.

  30. Matthias says:

    I would never pay $500 for a first date. I might spent $500 on it, but that’s another story.

    I think you should offer the option to donate the money to a charity of the girl’s choice. This way you can ensure that there are no gold diggers, but also no cheap joes.

    • Josh says:

      Matthias, that would be too logical and logic is the last thing in women’s mind when they relate to men in any stage of a romantic relationship cycle; from flirting to having sex to moving together to getting married.

      Brandon has brilliantly developed this model to egg these women’s innate desire on to get something for nothing from the MANkind; especially those “simple creatures” who are hoping to get into their pants.

      Giving to charity will work with 10% of the decent women on this site, but not with the other 90% whose aim in life is to screw men and then report that to their girlfriends.

      • David says:

        So I went on a date with one girl it was fine but there was not really any interest. But a week or two after that, while I was out on another date with a different young lady, I found out she was friends with the first one. We had a nice time but not great. Well the second girl evidently had a good time so she changed her name and sent me wink so I would have to pay her again for another date. I had her number and called. She asked me if I wanted to be in a SD relationship with her. That is not what I am interested in so I said no. About three months later I get another wink so I call her again. She won’t answer her phone so I sent her a $5.00 offer. She rejected it.
        Ahh the mind of a gold digger…….

      • “that would be too logical and logic is the last thing in women’s mind when they relate to men…. Blah blah”

        Aren’t there admin or moderators to do anything about the sexist and offensive comments being spouted by josh about bedding women banging best friends women can’t do this women only think like this – he’s obviously been hurt and is bitter, but WOW he is offensive!

  31. Bobby the K says:

    Woah! Was there some kind of premium member fire sale for the women? Almost everyone has a gold star now.

    Or is that some sort of computer glitch?

  32. David says:

    Things that might help weed out the gold diggers:
    “I love to shop” – right especially with my money.
    They send a wink; but they never looked at your profile. I like to refer to this as fishing for dollars.
    “I like fancy restaurants and expensive wine” – I am happy for you.
    “I come from a good family and am used to the finer things in life” – Really and what does that mean for our first date?
    In the profile photo she is showing off her nice Ferrari, which she probably got in the divorce.
    They send you a wink then refuse your offer and ask for $500.
    Non-smoker – Until I am comfortable around you then I smoke like a chimney.
    Slim – in the 10 year old photo I just posted which is current as I just posted it.
    Can I order the cheesecake for dessert? No not a slice, the whole thing.

    I wonder if gay guys are the same?

    I think Josh has hit the nail on the head.

    • David says:

      Oh I forgot one:
      “I am a student and need help paying my bills”

      • Josh says:

        David, you are killing me, ma man. Hahaha.

        I get a kick out of situations when they order the most exotic drinks, and order multiples of the same.

        I prefer to date under 21’s. No worry about wasted dollars on idiotic drinks which they only order because they are free.

        • David says:

          Yes Josh that is a fine idea. Get em while they are in the process of learning how to mess with our heads. Problem is; time moves on. Unfortunately I grow quite fond of the person I am dating even if it is in my own mind. As the clock ticks forward and our young lady friend moves toward the inevitable day when she will turn 21 and dump our ass for a richer, younger and more whipped guy or maybe girl, as all she wanted in the first place was a nice Zombie Fog Cutter, a new car, a vacation to Paris and a whole cheesecake.

        • Josh says:

          Not to worry. When this bird flies away the 17 is soon turning into 18+ to play with.

          I do prefer those in low 20s, but sub-21’s are alcoholically economical to date. LOL!

    • Listen to you guys reducing girls to their age, and to sex, and then talking about us messing with you! Yeah, you’re such nice guys and YOU’RE the ones being used.

  33. Anthony1960 says:

    I have paid $500 for a first date a few times, just did not seem work out . 2 were hookers and 1 wanted me to give her $20,000 a month to keep her horse in a stable. I have been on 20 plus dates from this site, and seem to have found a patern. First of all, if she hasn’t looked at your profile prior to sending you wink ,or request, she is a phony most likely Christian (othodox) or NYU girl looking for a free meal. while only 3 misrepresented thier looks or wieght, Slim or slender is not 5’2″ and 200lbs, most have been very honest about there aperance. I have also found girls asking over $200 have been dissapointing meeting. I have done quite well and am still seeing 3 women 100 or less. I kinda fell bad for them so, I allways make sure to give them extra for cab or shoes or something. I have very fortunate so don’t use site much at all lately.


  35. Men have been trying control women with money and possessions for eons! They think just cause they pay for dinner we are obligated in future! Pfffft. Sorry but all this “women are out to get us stuff” is a joke. If you feel that way why are you here? It sounds like a group of whiney men, who want to blame their lack of compatibility on the woman – even if there’s nothing wrong with you there’s no huge likelihood of a match or second date in any dating site! Not all people match! It’s ok! Move on! But “women trying to get our money humph humph” on a site like this is silly. I actually wouldn’t see you for a second date because if i ever picked up on that attitude!

    And guys – have you considered after a first date, women look at your profiles again, and comments in forums – or here! We think “I liked him” and are cautious and look at you closer, and then see things like “I managed to bed one” or “women have been taking men’s money for eons” and think pfffft I’m not seeing Him again, I couldn’t live with that attitude!

  36. Bang both of them?
    Girls don’t care what men think about them?

    No WONDER you’re struggling, you’re an asshole, and know nothing about girls!

    For some reason you have this bitterness toward women, PLUS you think of them only as sex objects. Men like you repulse me.

  37. You think that’s what all women do/are like? Sigh. Why do I even comment, you obviously have no respect for women and certainly don’t see us as individuals with the ability to think, so I guess anything I say is useless, right?

  38. Nobody says:

    Comments like these are dead one and in line with what Tom Leykis preaches and the awesome guidance in the book “The Predator Female”.

  39. Straight up I am who I am you get it how you get it. One stop I’m into me live laugh love I talk s*** I’m bout this you might hate my mic I have no sensors ask me a question you get the truth drop out

  40. Franklin says:

    I am not angry, not judgemental nor do I claim to grasp the timeless struggle between men and women for the optimum life partner, playmate, SD, mistress, friend or whatever. I do want to simply state a fact that I consider to be adequately abundant in volume to establish a statistical trend on this website. I have had 28 offers accepted by women whose profiles I carefully studied with an open mind so that I would be as certain as possible to choose a like minded woman. Every time I considered each profile to be reasonably accurate. But I am a careful man, and I also am very skilled in revealing deception on the internet. 25 of the 28 females were not remotely as they described themselves, 5 replied right away by quoting an hourly rate far above my offer, 10 were major frauds by stating they were single yet married, no children was actually as many as 5 children, 3 I am convinced had the intent to cause me harm or extort me with the help of their actual men. By exchanging email addresses, cell numbers, and politely asking them for a real first name, and city where they live it is not very difficult to verify who a person is. Few are good enough to hide from me completely. A city and name, a little common sense to decipher how she chose her email user name usually leads me to the actual woman. It upset me at first, then I did a little reflection that I know better than to do the online dating game. I chose to participate. So I made a game of it, I dont report these profiles, as the variety of deception is so high I doubt WYP would take me very seriously. I wouldn’t if I was making money by its use. They surely are aware of the rate of this problem, and know most of us men wont rock the boat. Deleting us is simple, and no one would notice. I am intelligent enough to suspect that the delighted glowing comments in these blogs are fabricated from those who benefit from selling the credibility of WYP. I really do not mind. I am a businessman too. Now I wrote this politely, not to encourage members to leave so dont come at me with what I am doing wrong, my information is documented fact, all the usernames are in my account data. I know there are some fine women on this website but the percentage likely follows my numbers. These real sincere women may reply to my blog in anger. I have not offended them, and the fakes will be silent because, well for obvious reasons. Hey, supposed to meet a sweet woman tomorrow. She is real, and relatively honest. I just hope the man she has plastered all over Facebook is ok with me dating her or does not know because she is so seductive I am carefully dating her. Hey, she said she plays the field. Technically she told the truth at least as truth is perceived on this site…

  41. Sandie says:

    I asked for 5, his offer was 4, okay I say, we went straight to his place for sex, I said I’m not going to have sex with you, I didn’t agree to sex, he said it was implied, because no one is going to give you that much money just to talk, okay, I didn’t ask for that again, going on a date to meet one good guy is all I want, not to get paid :-).

  42. Lynn says:

    The comments on this thread are ridiculous. People are so judgmental. If the person thinks they’re worth $500 then that’s what they think they’re worth. If you don’t agree, then move on. Why sit around and talk a whole bunch of crap? Not all guys want sex for $500+. Some people just have money to spend and don’t see $500 as “expensive” like most guys that commented on this thread do. There is a different mind set from guys who make a lot of money and guys who don’t. Most of the guys that commented here obviously are not balling so they don’t understand why guys would pay this much. I’ve gotten paid $2,500 just to play cards (blackjack and poker) with someone before and have gotten paid $1,000 a date MANY times just to have dinner, talk, etc. (Not from this site.) Nothing sexual ever happens. I have NEVER even held any of these guys hands before. Some people just have that type of money to spend, some people are just lonely, some people are going through tough times in life and need to vent, some people are genuinely looking for love but do not have any time to go out and look for it from having such a busy lifestyle. Many of the men that have spent this much money on me to hang out have all been really cool people and are still friends of mine today. I’ve only ever met ONE rich ass hole who thought he could buy everything and I refused a 2nd $1,000 date from him in an instant.

    There ARE people who will pay you this much without wanting sex. Just be HONEST about what you won’t do. If you’re honest, you will find the ones that will pay this much without wanting sex. (Though most will ask for sexual favors because “guys will be guys.”)

    • Kay says:

      Lynn, It’s so refreshing to read your post. I just told a friend of mine the other day, I did not understand what was going on with these online dating sites. In the past, I’ve always stayed away from them. I understand completely what my hesitation was about now. Since my first attempt now,almost 2 years ago, I have only been on one actual date. every guy that I have chat with from the sites want sex and they want it on the first date meaning they’re not looking for relationships. I have received money from individuals like you have 4 a good sign and some laughs. I believe that the reason they do it this the way is because, they will have a hard time finding someone who will show them the good natural time without a demand tomorrow. When people take the time to get to know each other, they tend to get that spark and want to see each other naturally when they wake up in the morning, they’re looking for each other versus hang out because of the highest bid and expecting sex. Then, the next morning hoping that they’re gone. If nothing more you’ll get lasting respectful relationship as friends then bitter enemies

    • sheila says:

      pay your taxes as well

  43. Mack says:

    Of course they’re trying to entice women to command a $500 date. The guy that is bidding on that date has to pay credits just to open a conversation with the lady. So for $100 date he pays $10 to the website. For a $500 date he pays $50 to the website. Of course they’re encouraging ladies to get the most money possible and be aggressive about getting as many offers as possible because whether the date actually happens or not they still get paid for every offer. Ridiculous! This isn’t about dating, this is about selling flat out.

  44. Kksocray says:

    I’ve gotten $500 for several (with 1 guy) platonic dates plus a shopping spree on the 2nd but on seeking arrangements. It’s definitely possible. Don’t sell yourselves short ladies! KNOW YOUR WORTH! 🙂
    ***Please refrain from negative replies! This is a positive comment with intent of enforcing positive affirmations for ladies genuinely interested!***

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