3 Easy Ways to (Naturally) Break the Ice
  • Posted Apr 2, 2013
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Look the Part, Dress the Part.

If have never received compliments on how well you dress, it may be time to get a wardrobe makeover. Approach a woman looking dapper. Wear a suit jacket, a dress shirt, and nice jeans. Standing out from a sea of guys begins with dressing well, and the confidence will follow naturally.

Observe, then Introduce.

Most men think you should first introduce your name before starting a conversation. In actuality, it is the opposite. After you build a rapport with a woman, she will then be more open to learning your name and exchanging numbers.

The best way to engage a stranger is to first ask casual questions or offer insight related to the given situation. For example, ask for her opinion on her drink order. Or if you are both listening/watching a performance, offer some light commentary. You don’t break the ice from one-liners—you break the ice through natural conversation that doesn’t sound recycled.

Lead by Listening

Another common misconception is that men impress women by talking about themselves. A man’s value is actually built upon listening, which is much simpler. By asking leading questions, the conversation will naturally transition to common interests that you both share. From this point, you can demonstrate value by offering your time.

Example: “You love art? Me too—we should check out the new exhibit sometime. Let me get your number.”


How else do you “break the ice”?

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