How To Look More Expensive
  • Posted Jun 29, 2016
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Online dating is tough enough, but when one has to consider styling an outfit for a first date on a budget – it can make things even more difficult! While it may seem like everyone around you is wearing the latest from major labels like Prada, the reality is that they are likely just styled to perfection. Let’s call it “champagne taste on a beer budget.” Pat yourself on the back for being fiscally responsible and follow these simple steps to look fancy AF in no time.

Get it Tailored

Celebrity stylist Brad Goreski once said “a well tailored blazer is easily woven into all elements of of dressing, day or night.” Tailoring an outfit, especially a suit, is an easy way to elevate an outfit.

Pro tip: Research local seamstresses through Yelp to ensure your piece is in good hands. There is nothing worse than being disappointed with alterations!

Steam it Up

Sure, it may seem like something your mother would say – but taking an extra couple of minutes to steam a dress or press a suit can instantly make you look more polished.

Pro tip: Purchase a portable garment steamer to ensure your wardrobe looks refreshed, even when you’re on vacation!

Shoes and Accessories

They key to a luxe ensemble isn’t always about the clothing. Your favorite watch or bracelet from a high-end store can do wonders for a fast-fashion wardrobe – plus you’ll get a million wears out of them!

Shoes changed Cinderella’s life, and they can change yours too! Fancy footwear can be an easy way to spruce up an outfit, just make sure the color and style are versatile enough to get the most out of them.

Pro tip: Check out second-hand boutiques like TheRealReal and PoshMark to get the most bang for your buck.

Appearance is Everything

Even if you’re dressed in designer duds, showing up to a first date with skin looking like the hot-mess express is going to leave you with nothing more than a dissapointed date. Indulge in a skin care regimen that will have you looking perfectly polished. Consult a skincare professional within a local department store, or search user-friendly forums like Reddit to establish a routine that will leave you looking squeaky clean.


It may be common convention to want to smell desirable, but there are so many ways to do it wrong. Select a fragrance that isn’t overbearing, while being seasonally appropriate. Check out beauty megastores like Sephora and Ulta to sample the latest in offerings, and speak with a fragrance consultant to ensure your selection is appropriate for a first date.

Pro tip: Don’t drown your date, three sprays is all you need!

If all else fails, order a glass of Champagne and pretend like you don’t even understand the concept of a beer budget.

Be memorable. Present your best self. Go on a second date.

What beauty and style tips and tricks do you employ for the first date?


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