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  • Posted Oct 1, 2014
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Autumn is ripe with budding romances, and summer flings are turning into full flames. Taking a relationship from casual to an intimate level means eventually hosting a date at your place. Inviting someone over for a home cooked meal is sure way to impress them, and segway into an exclusive situation.

Before making that move, take the time to prepare for your afternoon or evening in. Perfecting your space and putting your counterpart at ease will spell great rewards, and may even land you a real romance.

Tidy Up

This might seem like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised at how many people fail to conform to this guideline. A home should not only be tidy, but be clean. Wiping down water spatter and cleaning the toilets only takes a few minutes. Look here for tips on keeping your house clean in under 20 minutes a day.

But beware, a house left unkept screams “Not relationship material.” If you can’t keep your place in order, how can you maintain a partner?

Meal Prep

Hosting someone at your house usually involves food, and you are the host responsible for preparing it. Calling for Chinese takeout is one way to solve the problem, but for maximum brownie points, make a meal or snack from scratch.

Let me guess… you don’t cook? It seems to be a lost art, and it’s a shame because cooking is so easy. Literally, children can do it. Fortunately there are endless recipes on the Internet that can make you seem like the next Masterchef.

Sift through some easy recipes online until you find something doable. Read the recipe at least 5 times through so you have a firm understanding of the process. Follow mom’s rule of thumb – simple but tasty dishes are always a success! Just be aware of what your guest likes or does not. You don’t want serve steak to a vegan.

Comfort Zone

At your place, you are naturally comfortable. Everything is the way you want it, but certain things might be awkward for a guest. Ask them if you can get them anything like water or a cocktail. List off what you have so they can pick something, rather than asking for something you don’t have.

Let them know you can adjust the temperature, or the television channel if it’s not to their liking. Showing you care will put them at ease, and in a position to get to know you better.

Fun and Games

Don’t hesitate to throw out some fun ideas for at home. Watching a movie can be boring and monotonous, and suggesting a game or activity could be the boost you need to loosen up. When the weather is nice, opt for a walk or sunning with some iced tea.

Relaxing at home shouldn’t be reduced to two hours of silence while watching a film. The tv should be background noise while the two of you get friendly, rather than the focal point of your date.

Being at home together can be one of the most intimate times in a growing love connection, so do it right and keep them coming back for your simple snacks and cuddles.

What are your tips for being a good host or hostess?

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