How to Get a Second Date – Tips from Brandon Wade
  • Posted Dec 16, 2012
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Brandon Wade had the pleasure of being featured on FOX5 Las Vegas. There, he shared some important advice for landing the second date on What’s Your Price. Here are three crucial tips that can be the difference between one and many dates:

1.) Be Confident, Not Cocky 

Show him or her your confidence.  Let’s face it: no one is attracted to extreme shyness or cockiness.  And nothing is more unattractive than a guy or a girl who isn’t sure about himself or herself. Fortunately, confidence is something you can practice and become better at.

2.) Add Value to Their Life 

Show him or her that you are amazing to be around, that you add value to their lives in ways no one else can.  This is obviously different for everyone.  If you are funny, make him or her laugh.  If you are wealthy, show your generosity by taking her shopping.  If you have a killer body, dress to impress–even better, dress to kill. If you are adventurous, then plan an adventurous date–think “sky diving” or “roller coasters.”

3.) Plan the Second Date, On the First Date 

Don’t end the first date without planning the second date.  And never have sex on the first date. Sometimes, even if a date goes so well, two people go home and never see each other again simply because they never planned the second date.  So while you are having a good time, that’s when you should start talking about a second date.

Say, “I am having such a good time, and I hope you are too. Are you free next week? Because I would love to show you this different side of me.”

Mystery is good–it makes people yearn for more.  This is also why you should never jump into bed after the first date.  When you give out too much too soon, you are no longer mysterious.


What else works for landing a second date? What doesn’t?

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