He’s Just Not That Into You: Six Reasons He Won’t Call
  • Posted Sep 25, 2013
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Ever wonder why he didn’t call? Women have a tendency to overanalyze and obsess about what they may have done or said during a date to make a man lose interest. But chances are, it’s probably a much simpler reason than you think. Men are simple creatures. They want to get what they pay for, all the facts up front. They probably don’t care if you have a few extra pounds or are recently divorced with a child that comes along with the package. But they have to know that going in, or you probably aren’t going to be asked out again once he finds out.

According to our members, these are the most popular reasons, why he won’t call:

1. “She was heavier than led to believe”

So you’ve gained 20 pounds since college, but what would it hurt to put up that photo of you from Junior year? It will only increase your chances of getting a date offer, right? Sorry, ladies. He’s going to find out when you show up, and he will be less forgiving than you might think. Just post a recent photo. There’s a difference between choosing a flattering pose and choosing a photo to mislead your suitor.

2. “Found out she has children”

Unfortunately for some men, children are a deal-breaker. Which is why leaving the fact that they exist off your profile is unwise. There are men who don’t care if you come with a few strings attached, but hardly anyone will overlook the fact that you omitted them in the first place.

3. “Sex on a first date”

We would probably rule out sex on the second and third date as well, but to each their own. It’s your choice to determine when the time is right to do the deed, however, having sex on the first night is not only unwise, but detrimental to the success of a relationship. Men like the chase. The anticipation of sex, somewhere down the line. If you have sex too soon, or if it comes too easily, he will probably lose interest. And you will probably lose respect for yourself.

4. “Spent entire date texting or on phone”

Don’t instagram and live tweet your entire date, or text your friends with live updates. Be present… or you probably won’t be getting a call back.

5. “Talked about ex on first date”

So maybe your ex was a lying, cheating bastard. But you are just a complainer if you spend your entire date talking about how terrible he was to you.

6. “Makes more money than I do”

Ok, so this probably isn’t a deal-breaker. But it might be worth saving for further down the line in a relationship.


Guys: what is the most common reason why you didn’t ask for date number two? 

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