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Introducing, WhatsYourPrice.com!

12 years ago
Introducing, WhatsYourPrice.com!

WhatsYourPrice is a new patent pending dating system that is created out of my own personal frustrations using other dating sites. On a regular dating website, the number of males typically outnumber females amost 2 to 1. So, as a guy with very high standards, I often find myself competing with the hundreds, if not thousand of other guys who would write emails to the most beautiful girls on the site. The result is devastating. I would get few if any responses.

A gorgeous single on a regular dating website isn’t having an easy time either. Imagine receiving hundreds or thousands of emails a day, and having to spend time to read and respond to all of them. It’s an impossible task! And what’s more, you’re likely to already have a hectic schedule. Not to mention, no one is going to compensate you for spending time reading through those emails… at least not till now.

On Whats Your Price, if you’re attractive you will get paid for dating …. and if you’re generous and willing to pay the price for the chance to date someone gorgeous, we guarantee you will date more beautiful people than you can handle.

As you try out our new website, feel free to send me any feedback or suggestions directly to my facebook account.

– Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO

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