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Introducing, WhatsYourPrice.com!

11 years ago
Introducing, WhatsYourPrice.com!

WhatsYourPrice is a new patent pending dating system that is created out of my own personal frustrations using other dating sites. On a regular dating website, the number of males typically outnumber females amost 2 to 1. So, as a guy with very high standards, I often find myself competing with the hundreds, if not thousand of other guys who would write emails to the most beautiful girls on the site. The result is devastating. I would get few if any responses.

A gorgeous single on a regular dating website isn’t having an easy time either. Imagine receiving hundreds or thousands of emails a day, and having to spend time to read and respond to all of them. It’s an impossible task! And what’s more, you’re likely to already have a hectic schedule. Not to mention, no one is going to compensate you for spending time reading through those emails… at least not till now.

On Whats Your Price, if you’re attractive you will get paid for dating …. and if you’re generous and willing to pay the price for the chance to date someone gorgeous, we guarantee you will date more beautiful people than you can handle.

As you try out our new website, feel free to send me any feedback or suggestions directly to my facebook account.

– Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO

27 Responses to “Introducing, WhatsYourPrice.com!”

  1. Blue says:

    Good concept, I am skeptical though because this seems to be in the guys favor not the woman’s…the name suggests treating people like objects and while I don’t mind getting paid for a date, I’m not sure a site with that name is for me, What’s Your Price sounds like degrading slang to me.

    Also, the generous guys in nyc, who tip for a first meeting on SA spend a great deal more, I would laugh and return the money to a guy if he offered me a $20 or even $90 If it’s not $100 bill that would be an insult for my time. Actually even that’s low but I’m trying to be open minded here. Clothing, manicures, makeup and all the stuff costs hundreds if not thousands. I don’t feel like negotiating up against women who are not in the same price range.

    Lastly, my other problem is your suggesting men pay half now half later. Let’s be classy here, either date someone you trust to give you the entire amount at the end or get it all up front and treat it like you would any other biz. No one is dangling a carrot over my head all evening. Haha especially for $20 Too funny!

  2. Muse says:

    Second. Interesting concept. I wonder if all the escorts will come here and leave SeekingArrangement.com.

  3. cvdv says:

    This is great finally a website that takes the sting out of wanna b’s who pretend to be Sugar daddys with no real intent. Spending months of endless emails for the first meet and greet has become work… and you might as well get paid for your efforts and time is money.

  4. Bonita says:


  5. BrandyP says:

    I want to join as well! good idea for a website!!

  6. queen says:

    I have my first date lined up already! I canceled all other sites too so I can save time .

  7. C says:

    Your awesome. I’m so tired of going out on dates with potential sugars and not getting compensated for gas and time. It was starting to cost ME money looking for that right one. This is a much better concept. Now will the men go for it?

  8. Monica says:

    This is so exciting! I wonder if anyone will like me…

  9. Amy says:

    This is great Brandon!
    I didn’t know you’d be expanding from the ‘seeking’ franchise but this is definitely a fantastic new step.
    Amazingly simple but (hopefully!) effective concept.

    Looking forward to using the site!

  10. aaangel22 says:

    Great idea, sorts out the time wasters from the genuine ones.
    Sick of wasting my time on men that are looking for a free ride and somewhere to live. At least these men should have their own cars and homes.

  11. My price is way beyond the range of anyone on this site.
    Any woman worth her orgasm knows never to settle for anything less than a man’s heart. Body part or bank accounts that are not attached to a heart are completely worthless. Good luck to all the narcissistic dudes and their shallow companions. You get what you play for.

    • Blue says:

      …and my price point is way higher than yours. So what’s your point? Are you curing cancer? Good luck in your marketing biz. I’m happy with my Park Ave sugar daddies, rides in the Rolls Royce, connections all over the world and free time to devote to my family and volunteer work. When I meet someone worthy of my heart I’ll have had life experiences others only have dreamed of, a boatload of money and have time to devote to our relationship.

  12. Robbin Young says:

    Love the idea of your site and looking forward to enjoying WhatsYourPrice.com

    BTW, Brandon, I reside in Las Vegas…interested? 😉

    Sweet & VERY Naughty Kisses,

  13. john says:

    seeking arrangement is a great name.
    what’s your price isn’t.
    something simple-seeking meeting.

  14. Lisa says:

    This is a great concept for the SB’s that are tired of having guys play games and lie about what and who they are. My main question to all the ladies who are saying that it’s degrading because they are getting paid for sex…. WRONG CONCEPT! Who ever said you had to sleep with your date? No-one. If you are naive enough to think that you do, I think you have a lot to learn about online dating, and life! This is a great site that allows men to prove to you that they are for real about being in a relationship (any kind of relationship)

    Any way, great job brandon!

    Oh, and if you get offers of 20 bucks, I hope you laugh and up the price to at least 350! 🙂

  15. Anna says:

    Ladies, I’m just about to accept a date from a generous user, but I’ve no idea how much is “normal” to ask for. How much have you been asking for? Thanks.

  16. Mike Hunt says:

    Great idea, how did you come up with it?

  17. Pureuphoria says:

    To: Brandon Wade

    I have a question. Although this is fairly a new up running dating site. Have you fathomed the idea of securing members, especially women with screening all members?

    I ask this bc of the what happened on match.com recently. I believe it would be a best case scenario to improve and gain more recognition for your dating site activity. Id feel much more comfortable & secure knowing members are being pre-screened and not potential sex offenders.

    Thank you.

  18. Mack One says:

    Charging credits for using functionality is a flawed model for me. There is a dis-incentive for the men to communicate, with stifles getting a good result. For example, I get winks from women that I don’t respond to…but if I could tell them WHY I’m not, it might help them. Or if there is a change of travel plans, etc., it makes no sense (except to the site) to charge me to convey information.

    I have found that just about anything I wanted to accomplish I can do on S.A.com. I honestly think you should have re-directed this investment into improving the usability of that site. I’ll be signing off once the “credits” are used up.

  19. Melvin Hupp says:

    I am not sure where you are getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more. Thanks for excellent information I was looking for this info for my mission.

  20. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  21. Alex says:


    I love the idea, and I would like to ask you a favor… this might seem like a little bit out of topic, but could you refer to me a good lawyer (the one you are working with or another one) to patent an idea?

    I’m sorry for being so off topic, but the thing is I have an incredible idea (doesn’t compete with yours, it has nothing to do with dating or anything like it) and I am going crazy trying to get it patented…

    Sorry for bothering!

    Alex Toussieh

  22. pati watts says:

    I would like to join and will send photo’s

  23. FUCK YOU says:


  24. queen says:

    At the low rate they are paying no one is getting sex for that. Stop being silly ! 25.00 – 50 .00 for sex? come on bro!

  25. queen says:

    At the low rate they are paying no one is getting sex for that. Stop being silly ! 25.00 – 50 .00 for sex? come on bro!

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