Have You Tried MissTravel? Why Destination Dating Works
  • Posted Nov 21, 2012
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Would you go on a first date to the Bahamas? More attractive women are accompanying generous men on amazing destination dates to places like Miami, Las Vegas, Rio, Fiji, Paris, Milan, and Dubai – and they find each other on MissTravel.com. Have you tried the travel-dating website yet? Inside Edition recently followed two members, Haley & Justin on their destination date. Destination: Grand Bahamas!

Justin is a 28 year old insurance agent from Oklahoma. Haley is a 20 year old waitress from Colorado. Justin was a single bachelor, traveling to the Bahamas for a billiards tournament, alone. Haley was the girl-next-door who had yet to venture out her own backyard. Enter MissTravel.com. Justin was looking for a travel companion, and Haley was looking for someone to travel with. Justin flew Haley down to the Bahamas for their first date, which as a destination date, happened to be five days in paradise. Justin had booked two hotel rooms at the Grand Lucayan Resort, situated right on the beach. He took Haley to five star restaurants, and paid for them to jet ski around the island, and swim with the dolphins. The rest of the travel-date consisted of long walks on the beach, napping in hammocks, dancing to local bands and frolicking in the ocean.

Haley and Justin went to the Bahamas as strangers, but left as boyfriend and girlfriend. They are currently making plans to turn their long distance love into a same-city relationship. Some would argue that they are moving too fast, but we think that there is something unique about starting a relationship off with a destination date. Normally, when you start to date someone, you will be spending a lot less time with each other in the beginning than you would be on a trip together. By spending five straight days together, Haley and Justin were able to really get to know one another. Destination dates introduce situations and different topics of discussion that normally wouldn’t be presented at the beginning of a normal relationship, which makes determining compatibility all that much easier. Dating experts have said that the quickest way to discover if you and your partner are compatible is to travel together, so why not just start your relationship off with a trip?

MissTravel is the only travel-dating website of its kind, with generous members treating the attractive members to a destination date. Like WhatsYourPrice.com, every body is looking for something different and finding your travel companion is only a click away. Whether you want to date abroad, or fall in love in paradise, MissTravel is the site for all travel loving singles.

Have you tried MissTravel.com?

What would you be your ideal destination date?

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