Happy Singles Awareness Day!
  • Posted Feb 14, 2013
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How far would you go to get a date this Valentine’s Day? While today is the most common date night for couples, more singles have been going to great lengths to seek their own valentine.

In fact, we discovered that over 369,000 first date offers on WhatsYourPrice were made the 4 weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, which is more than any one month period of the year. So what city was the most sentimental in seeking a valentine? The Big Apple. New York singles were the most proactive in getting a date with over 27,000 offers.

Here is our list of top cities:

Top 5 Cities for Singles Seeking Valentines (Number of First-Date Offers)

1.) New York, NY – 27,733
2.) Los Angeles, CA – 22,341
3.) Miami, FL – 20,162
4.) Chicago, IL – 13,294
5.) Las Vegas, NV – 6,647

What did Brandon Wade have to say about this trend? “Offering money for a first date is rather unconventional in the dating world, but it proves that Valentine’s Day is as important a holiday for singles as it is for couples.”

So we want to thank you, our users, for proving that the most romantic day of the year isn’t only meant for couples. We hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day–may you get everything you want, and more.

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