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  • Posted Oct 28, 2014
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Have you ever considered dating an older gentlemen as opposed to the run-of-the-mill guy your own age? Here are some benefits to consider when dating your very own George Clooney. Swoon.

Seriously Into You

More times than not, dating an older guy means they are interested in settling down. If you are looking for that, great. If you want to date around, maybe an older gentlemen isn’t for you. Either way, an older man probably has less desire to play the field and will focus his attention only on one woman. Lucky girl!

Emotions (Won’t) Run Wild

The older gentlemen has been around the block, figuratively speaking. He may have broken a few hearts and had his trumped as well. Most likely, he will have a better grip on his emotions than a younger guy. He knows what he wants.This means, he (probably) won’t play games. Please and thank you—no games wanted here.

Prove It!

Many younger guys seek the approval of their friends and peers. It can be exhausting. With an older man, this will rarely be the case. He is who he is. Period. He is secure, and chances are, most of his friends will have a significant other. So, there is less bro time and more you time.

Stable and Secure

He is more likely to be financially stable than someone who is in the twenties. This could mean fine dining, more elegant bottles of wine, and hopefully a trip or two in your future. The older man has learned a lesson about saving money and can share this knowledge with you. He also may lavish you with more gifts. Eyeing those new knee-high boots from Bloomies? They could be yours.

Sexual Healing

A man who is more experienced in life is often more experienced in the boudoir. He knows how to please you and will focus on your needs in the bedroom, not his own. An older guy is sure to include lots of foreplay before AND snuggle time after sex.

He is also intimate in other regards, not strictly sexually. This means pampering, shoulder rubs, small kisses and compliments. He knows what a woman wants and he delivers.

Past Problems

An older man is one who has lived and learned. Through trial and error he has dealt with past relationships and learned the proper way to treat a woman and act in a relationship. Ideally, he won’t need much coaching on how to treat you right.

Dating an older man can be exciting and yet feel secure at the same time. If you are single and looking for love, take a chance on someone a bit older. You could surprise yourself.

Have you ever dated an older guy? How was your experience?

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