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  • Posted Dec 16, 2014
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Completion of a dating profile has become one of the most time-consuming, egocentric tasks of all time. With each keystroke, the future of your dating experiences lie within the crux of black and white sentences. Is my story too boring? Are the pictures clear enough? These questions and more bubble to the surface as you morph into your own worst critic. To make the most out of your online dating experience, we advise following some of our profile-building rules to get online pursuits moving in your favor.

Leave No Box Unfilled

Do you recall the daunting ‘tell me about yourself’ question in group introductions? The equally frightening ‘about me’ portion of a dating profile is its cousin. Crafting a brief narrative of oneself is likely filled with blank computer stares and moments of sheer panic. Even if you can only muster a list of bullet points, this is better than not saying anything at all. And we beg of you: do not say “I’ll tell you later.” This is the biggest cop-out we’ve seen on user profiles, and it is a major killer of interest in the rest of your profile. Relying on a weasel phrase will not draw people who bring depth or similar interests to your dating world.

The Magic of Three

Always stick to the rule of three key photos: headshot, body shot, and a fun pose. Headshots should go light on the makeup and offer a pearly smile. Body shots should definitely include clothing. And some fun pose ideas include a pic with your pooch, a nature shot from summer vacation, or you fully engrossed in a favorite hobby. Pictures are essential, as men enjoy all things visual. Do yourself a favor and take the time to find photos that capture the best “you.” Not a face covered with shadows. And sans the group photo where there are so many people, viewers of your profile play ‘where’s Waldo’ to locate your face.

Keep the focal point simple: you.

Who You Talkin’ To?

  • SLANG: Our eyes are rolling.

  • TOO FORMAL: You’re snooty.



If after multiple attempts at reading your profile, a user simply cannot decipher the shorthand that you deem a paragraph—we have a problem. Taking even a few moments to clarify the choppy sentences you managed to peck out on your iPhone will make a world of difference.

Trust me.

Think Sales: Your Heart Is the Pitch

Those familiar with the sales world know that you’ve gotta give a little to get a little. We highly recommend applying this philosophy to your user profile. Consider using words that “show” like action verbs and adjectives. Everyday things you love to do such as cooking, zumba classes or spontaneous camping trips easily become engaging talk points during dates or initial interactions. You have to give the guy something to work with when he’s anxiously making that first attempt to communicate with you.

Don’t Lie

To avoid a catfish moment with your potential second party, consider remaining truthful from the start. The more honest you are, the easier it is to feel out potential points of interest and build on commonalities. Trust takes time and is a two-way street. Imagine the guy you said yes to for your date was reportedly 5’10”, made around $36k and held a Bachelors degree. Who shows up is actually 4-foot-8, makes less than $15k per year and has just barely got his high school GED.

But that’s close enough, right?

Be honest! Points where you added some fluff may be a dealbreaker when you can’t put your money where your mouth is. Hit your high points and save the embellishments for your t-shirts.

Don’t Be Too Honest… But Still Be Honest.

This one’s a toughie. Many of us jump to offer a no-holds-barred explanation of our lives from day one. Stories of loves gone awry and evenings punctuated with a blackout. It’s great you want to establish honesty! But you do not want to scare your date away. We all have baggage; just check yours at the door before embarking on a new date experience. The past is called the past for a reason—it’s not the moment you’re having right now with the new significant other potential!

The Fun Begins

Some will take these suggestions as advice, and others might view them taking complete offense. That’s okay. Our goal is to equip you with all the tools needed to meet that next special someone. Let’s start those bids!

What advice would you add to our list?


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