Getting Her Number: Hitting “The Peak”
  • Posted Nov 7, 2013
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When getting a random girl’s phone number, there is such thing as perfect timing. Why do nice guys finish last? Because they wait too long. Why do idiots fall short? Because they ask too soon.

A common misconception is that men should ask for a phone number at the very end of the night. But an entire night lasts hours-on-end, and lingering only increases the likelihood of being perceived as boring and/or needy to the girl.

In actuality, those who are the most successful in getting digits wait until the middle of the conversation. Or what I like to call, after hitting “The Peak.” If a woman does not know you, she will put her guard up. But if you initially pique her interest, she will warm up to you…

The trick to getting a number is making a solid first impression, then acting upon that. You accomplish this by simply smiling, introducing yourself, and engaging in relatable conversation.

Is the drunkard next to you passed out on the pool table? Comment and laugh about it together. Have you discovered a new drink that you would like to share? Offer to buy a round. After the girl has clearly expressed her interest, tell her you enjoyed her company, it was a pleasure meeting her, but you have to get back to your friends. And this is when you ask for her number.

By asking for digits during the “Peak” of your conversation, you accomplish three things: you left on your terms, you remained in control of the conversation, and you implicitly stated that you are a social animal who has other friends to attend to. And to a woman, these three feats exhibit confidence and charisma.

So remember, a good first impression sets the standard for any female encounters. Come off as fun, friendly, and charming, and you will almost always walk away with digits.


How do you ask a girl for her phone number?

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