These are all the things singletons wish they could have. In a recent blog on the Huffington Post, Kate Barlotta, talked about how headlines like “Get Great Abs” and “Have Amazing Sex” are recycled time and again because we believe it will bring us happiness. She goes on to describe what will really make you happy. Hint: It’s not looking like Angelina Jolie, or banging like her either.

“Find your own happiness” mumbo-jumbo aside, there are tips available to achieve a “Better Love Life”, “Be Amazing in Bed” and “Never Get Rejected”.

Stop Comparing

So what if his ex had bigger boobs than you? So what if the last guy she dated had a reputation for being “hung“? Or the new gal you’re dated admitted she likes to get kinky and you have no experience doing it like that. Drop the insecurities and just do it. Once you let go of comparisons and that little annoying voice in the back of your head, sex actually gets better because, guess what, you let go.

Don’t Give the Upperhand

Rejection is the feeling of not being wanted. Instead of focusing on how to change yourself so that someone will fall for you, stay true to yourself.


Fool Me Once

You’ve found the object of your desire and decide to drop hints that you like her. The extra ticket to the Mumford and Sons concert. How you hate going to movies alone. Drop it. If someone isn’t reciprocating your feelings better to move on than to take a chance.


Make More Friends

Think of it as a resume, and friends are your references. Seeing how well you interact with others helps you attract potential partners. No one wants to date someone who doesn’t their own support group.

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