Genuine Over Generous
  • Posted Mar 25, 2014
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There is a common misconception that the women on WhatsYourPrice are only after the money. While the financial incentive is nice, some men are just as guilty of putting on airs. The online dating auction raises the question: does being generous make him genuine? Think of the last time you bought a girl a drink. Were you genuine in wanting to quench her thirst, or simply trying to feed your own “thirsty” needs?

In a court of law he’s innocent until proven guilty. When it comes to courting a lady, he’s a sleaze until he proves otherwise. Offering an incentive might show he is willing to give something extra, but it can be tough to tell the honest from the fraudsters.

For women seeking genuine guys, the money can be confusing. And for guys who display their kindness with cash, the money can be a coercion. Here’s the breakdown of qualities a truly generous man will possess.

Giving without expectations.

Dates aren’t tit-for-tat, and there shouldn’t be any assumptions. Picking up the tab does not entitle anyone to arrogance. This holds especially true after several dates. If intimacy hasn’t been established, the waiting game will irritate an insincere guy.

The key emotion here is guilt. Making you feel guilty for not reciprocating advances is a sure sign of a phony. Even worse, expecting something in return is a sure way to get her questioning your intentions. A gentleman doesn’t play quid pro quo, and will be chivalrous regardless of the repercussions.

Giving without gloating.

Big spending and being generous are quite different. Feeling the need to impress someone with money is a sign of deficit in other areas. The fiscal perks of dating a man with money should be the icing on the cake, not the main ingredient.

Studies indicate that the happiest marriages are high in generosity. That doesn’t signify a materialistic matrimony, but rather a union of noble partners willing to give more than they receive. Someone who boasts is probably dropping stacks just to drop it in conversations.

Giving to charity.

Doing something for someone who can’t possibly give anything back is the ultimate form of altruism. However, the kind of guy that is truly altruistic won’t mention his generous feats. This doesn’t have to mean giving money, it can include providing valuable time or insight.

Charitableness isn’t limited to wealth, but more a desire to give back to the less fortunate. If you’re not sure how to do that, here is a link to a few small philanthropic ways you can get started.

Kindness to strangers.

True colors are always revealed when faced with a tense situation. Once on a first date, the waiter spilled a glass of red wine on my date’s shirt. The guy’s screaming reaction was so uncouth, I knew instantly we would not be having a second date.

Compassion should be practiced by all, and sometimes giving to a stranger can change lives. This can be as simple as holding the door open, and as thoughtful as paying for someone’s groceries. It really is the thought that counts in the long run.

Doesn’t mind sharing.

When a guy is possessive over his belongings or food, you can’t expect him to feign generosity elsewhere. From having a bite of his meal, to borrowing a movie, he should be willing to share with you. Naturally, ladies will return the favor.

If he’s stingy with material things, he is likely to be more selfish in other areas. This can also mean being possessive over his lady, which is never a sign of a cavalier gent.

Having a genuinely generous man by your side is the foundation of a functional relationship. More importantly, generosity elsewhere means generosity in the bedroom.


What weighs higher, a man who is genuine, generous, or both?

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