Genuine Over Generous
  • Posted Mar 25, 2014
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There is a common misconception that the women on WhatsYourPrice are only after the money. While the financial incentive is nice, some men are just as guilty of putting on airs. The online dating auction raises the question: does being generous make him genuine? Think of the last time you bought a girl a drink. Were you genuine in wanting to quench her thirst, or simply trying to feed your own “thirsty” needs?

In a court of law he’s innocent until proven guilty. When it comes to courting a lady, he’s a sleaze until he proves otherwise. Offering an incentive might show he is willing to give something extra, but it can be tough to tell the honest from the fraudsters.

For women seeking genuine guys, the money can be confusing. And for guys who display their kindness with cash, the money can be a coercion. Here’s the breakdown of qualities a truly generous man will possess.

Giving without expectations.

Dates aren’t tit-for-tat, and there shouldn’t be any assumptions. Picking up the tab does not entitle anyone to arrogance. This holds especially true after several dates. If intimacy hasn’t been established, the waiting game will irritate an insincere guy.

The key emotion here is guilt. Making you feel guilty for not reciprocating advances is a sure sign of a phony. Even worse, expecting something in return is a sure way to get her questioning your intentions. A gentleman doesn’t play quid pro quo, and will be chivalrous regardless of the repercussions.

Giving without gloating.

Big spending and being generous are quite different. Feeling the need to impress someone with money is a sign of deficit in other areas. The fiscal perks of dating a man with money should be the icing on the cake, not the main ingredient.

Studies indicate that the happiest marriages are high in generosity. That doesn’t signify a materialistic matrimony, but rather a union of noble partners willing to give more than they receive. Someone who boasts is probably dropping stacks just to drop it in conversations.

Giving to charity.

Doing something for someone who can’t possibly give anything back is the ultimate form of altruism. However, the kind of guy that is truly altruistic won’t mention his generous feats. This doesn’t have to mean giving money, it can include providing valuable time or insight.

Charitableness isn’t limited to wealth, but more a desire to give back to the less fortunate. If you’re not sure how to do that, here is a link to a few small philanthropic ways you can get started.

Kindness to strangers.

True colors are always revealed when faced with a tense situation. Once on a first date, the waiter spilled a glass of red wine on my date’s shirt. The guy’s screaming reaction was so uncouth, I knew instantly we would not be having a second date.

Compassion should be practiced by all, and sometimes giving to a stranger can change lives. This can be as simple as holding the door open, and as thoughtful as paying for someone’s groceries. It really is the thought that counts in the long run.

Doesn’t mind sharing.

When a guy is possessive over his belongings or food, you can’t expect him to feign generosity elsewhere. From having a bite of his meal, to borrowing a movie, he should be willing to share with you. Naturally, ladies will return the favor.

If he’s stingy with material things, he is likely to be more selfish in other areas. This can also mean being possessive over his lady, which is never a sign of a cavalier gent.

Having a genuinely generous man by your side is the foundation of a functional relationship. More importantly, generosity elsewhere means generosity in the bedroom.


What weighs higher, a man who is genuine, generous, or both?

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39 Responses to “Genuine Over Generous”

  1. The Truth says:

    “There is a common misconception that the women on WhatsYourPrice are only after the money.” Well they are after money first, then gifts, then vacations, etc.

    Women on here care about THEMSELVES and do NOT care about charities or strangers. In fact, they are the charity AND the stranger!

  2. Pax says:

    I can see why women haven’t felt too charitable in giving their time to you for a date… were roles to be reversed, you couldn’t pay me to spend time with someone angry enough to complain about past dates while still visiting the site on which he got them.

    If you’re not finding what you are looking for here, bro, move on. This site ain’t perfect but I don’t want some of the better women on here to get scared off by angry comments from bitter guys who weren’t appealing in the first place. I just joined and so far it’s fine. I’m a gracious and generous guy myself (and not just with money). I think a positive attitude really breeds positive things coming your way. If not, then maybe you have to identify that and do something differently.

  3. jd says:

    Article on that tells us how to handle that? Or what we should do when a woman accepts a date for 40$, and then says she wants 7 times 40$, on a weekly basis?

    Generic dating tips aren’t what we need. If I spill a drink on my shirt I’ll just wipe it off.

  4. DarkHorseSD says:

    How do I bid my time or insight for a first date?

  5. The Truth says:

    “Think of the last time you bought a girl a drink. Were you genuine in wanting to quench her thirst, or simply trying to feed your own “thirsty” needs?”. “When it comes to courting a lady, he’s a sleaze until he proves otherwise.”

    No more men bashing statements on Whats Your Price. If all the men leave and go to eHarmony and/or Plenty of Fish, means no more site.

  6. Josh says:

    I guess WYP decided that they posted “enough” number of sensible articles to slide back to nonsense.

    Ensure that your free female membership base is non-fraudsters and then lecture the paying male members all day long.


  7. Josh says:


    “There is a common misconception that the women on WhatsYourPrice are only after the money.”

    Are you trying to redefine what the word “misconception” means in the English language?

    90+% women on this site were first date fraudsters up until the time the $500 date article was published. The backlash from your real clients, men, may have resulted some of the fraudsters to go elsewhere.

    So lets say out of the remaining women some 80+% are still first date fraudsters, albeit at alower price point because I am seeing the bids to go down an bit.

    This is because men are just not bidding too high. It is better to be scammed with $50 instead of $150.

    WYP seriously need to start screening these women for their motive on the site if this site to stay in business.

    I am just going to use remaining of my credits and see when it is safe to jump back in.

  8. The Truth says:

    Josh, you are staying with me on here. You are not leaving. We can change alot of things, we need to stay together.

  9. Cristina says:

    This 1 guy bid $300 to go on a 1st date with me. I think he did it out of guilt… because he was a BIG (overweight) married guy. There’s alot of old married men on this website. They’re here filling the hole left from a marriage that’s gone stale. Everybody has different motives here.

  10. Cristina says:

    An old married man paying a young girl to have dinner with him and make him feel youthful again through conversation and time spent together. He’s doing it because he can afford it, and she’s doing it because she needs the money to pay student loans. I think it sounds like an even exchange. Married men arent allowed on or other dating sites without lying about their status. Its all good on here.

  11. Josh says:

    I am going to stick around ma man. I will just not pay WYP any more money for credits until many/all of us decide that it is safe to give money to WYP. That is, when some of use with remaing credits can vouch that things are changing.

    Things are actually changing. I received two $30 accepts today. One I am not going to open communication with. The other one I will.

    • Linda says:

      You seem so jaded about this site. I would accept your offer, go out, and if you seem the type I would like to see again, then I would. Why do you suppose a date is not comping at the bit to see you again ?

  12. The Truth says:

    You are the rock star of comments. We need you here to keep the movement going.

  13. Josh says:

    Well, another lesson learned. Don’t open communication until the woman sends you a message first. This way you have not used the credits yet. If the woman sends a response then you know she wants to talk to you.

    If you send her a message first to “be a gentleman” then you run the risk of getting kicked in the financial ball by this woman who may never respond to you. And now you are few dollars poorer.

  14. David says:

    I am sorry,,,REALLY??????
    Who wrote this. Maybe you need to be dating on this site to see what the heck is really going on. You have no clue at all.
    Money can be confusing? As long as you open your wallet to these fine young women its not confusing at all. It is a what can you give me and what can I take from you site. Its not confusing. The thought is; look these guys have money and they want to go out with young single attractive members. I can pay my bills, feed myself and perhaps have them even pay my rent.
    Seems like you are back to catering to the free members rather than those of us that pay our credits to make this site run.

  15. The Truth says:

    David and Josh I am with you. Lets keep fighting!

  16. Fun In the Sun says:

    I checked the competitor site and I noticed the women are demanding over $1000. You guys are chasing all the women away with your griping. I haven’t seen many new profiles on this site lately.

  17. Linda says:

    After a date that goes perfect stays in contact, leads to more dates and confesses the overwhelming desire to spend their life with you, it remains hard to really tell who is serious when you find out they are doing it to many other girls at the same time, all the while he has you moving in and playing house. the men on this site can be just as much a fraudster as anyone. Generosity does not make up for deception. This site allows men to feel validated to do as they please and gives them that empowerment, perhaps for other issues such as fear of commitment.

    • Bobby the K says:

      Great response! Thank you.

      From a guy

    • Josh says:

      Bobby the K,

      If you have been happy with the site then you should be happier now. The bid prices have gone done so you are not paying high number of credits to the site.

      If you want to pay $130 or $230 to the girl who agreed to meet you at $30 then more power to you. It is your money and you should spend on whatever/whoever you please.

      The rest of us are taking a cautious approach of still considering most of the girls on this site to be fraudsters until proven otherwise. We are doing that through lower bid prices, screening before the in-person meetings and the results of the in-person meetings.

      • Bobby the K says:

        That’s an interesting approach and I have no objection to it, but I’ve been on this site almost from it’s inception, and it sure seems there are a lot fewer women visiting here than before. Maybe they’re not advertising enough or it’s my imagination. Hopefully when the weather gets warmer it’ll increase.

        Anyways ladies, I still like to pay the higher price and I’m all for paying the women for each date, even after the first one. The reason is, if I can’t do it the regular route, then I’m very grateful for her time this route. And if she likes my charm and respectful manner and wants a later date that’s free, then all the better, which has happened.

        More power to you guys.

  18. kristen says:

    Women! Our voices have been heard! No more $50 dates! $500 dates or bust! Its time that we get what were worth, because most the time we meet these men, spend time getting eeady, buying a nice outfit, putting effort into texting these guys for a week ahead of time, show up at a date, only to either realize that the man is a FRAUDSTER, like one guy who was meeting a friend of mine, was supposed to be a 6foot tall hispanic man, showed up a 5″3 asian. Or if they look like their picture, they are so socially awkward they cant hold a conversation, or are totally weird and perverted, or upset that you wont have sex with them for money. Yes, we women deserve compensation for putting up with total dirt bags. I dont need an extremely attractive man, but pls atleast be interesting? In the words of the truth. But fixed so its a little better. We need to make a stand! 😉 dont deal with boring losers who have nothing to offer, not even money. People are forgetting what this site is for. Bidding for a woman to go out with you, a woman you usually wouldnt have a chance with. Treat her kindly, dont be boring, dont be a dirt bag and she will want to see you again. Aint that the truth.

  19. The Truth says:

    It’s hard for men to be fraudsters when men pay and women lie to get money. If a woman on here goes out with a guy for FREE, you may have a good point Linda. When women are getting paid, it’s difficult to call the men fraudsters.

    • Josh says:

      You are damn right TT.

      The only way a man is a fraudster is if he does not pay up for the first date or if he tries to talk his date into having sex with him, which should not be expected to start off with.

      If the man paid for the date and did not try to coerce the woman to have sex with him during the first date, then calling him a fraudster is absolutely bizarre.

  20. Josh says:


    Sweetheart, I never said that 100% of the women are fraudster here. So you may be one of the few who are honest, and I say more power to you in finding men here whom you want to date after the first date.

    On January 21, 2014 this site showed the audacity to egg the fraudster women to try to charge $500 for a date while claiming that the average date bit was then $130. At that time 90+% women here were first date fraudsters.

    The outrage led by yours truly, David and The Truth and supported by the double paying (first to the site and then to the women) male members against this site’s audacity to egg the fraudsters has changed the dynamics for this site.

    Many fraudsters have left, and according to my unscientific estimation, the percentage of fraudster women has gone down to 80% and falling.

    As the men continue to hold out and the bid prices continue to go down to sub 50 dollar mark, less and less fraudsters will have incentive to stick around. Once the percentage of fraudsters goes below 50% then men should not have hesitation to spend around $100 to get one fraud date and one good date.

    The only women I care about are the non-fraudsters. Once I start meeting them then I will not have any problem if they don’t want to meet me again just because we did not click. There is not reason for me to ask a woman to like me. It is her free will if she wants to meet me again in her life or not.

    This is NOT the case with the first date fraudsters. They have no interest in meeting a man on this site for the second time before they send him a wink, of while they are negotiating, or when they are communicating on/off the site, or when they meet in person. Their sole purpose for being on this site is to collect the first date fee and disappear from that man’s life to find their next victim.

    No more.

    I am sorry that you are seeing the bid prices drop, but if you are an honest person who is looking for a match, then you should not be worrying about the dropped bid pricing.

    • The Truth says:

      Josh is the breathe of fresh air to part of clouds. We can see clearly now that the rain is gone.

      No more $500 date madness. It’s over. Men bashing is over. It’s the New World Order and Josh is leading the way. NWO

  21. Jules says:

    I have gone on one date and I am 30 and he was 57. Well needless to say he only talked about money and what he owns. The date was awful and he thought he was actually impressing me. I honestly wanted zero of his money.

  22. The Truth says:

    New World Order

  23. The Truth says:

    Josh and my fellow NWO members will be changing minds. Seeking arrangement is next. Be watching.

  24. The Truth says:

    I see your comments over there. You need to keep everyone in the right direction. The women on SA aren’t very realistic. I think some of the bad attitudes were cropping up over there also.

  25. The Truth says:

    Have you had more luck with WYP or SA?

  26. Daniel says:

    “In a court of law he’s innocent until proven guilty. When it comes to courting a lady, he’s a sleaze until he proves otherwise.”

    Say WHAT??? I’m a sleaze until I prove I’m not??? What kind of man-hater wrote that??? What happened to judging a person by his behavior rather than with preconceived generalizations???

  27. Gregg says:

    There should be a way to rate your date on both the male and female side. NOT whether you get laid or how much “He” spent, but overall how you were treated. I’ve been on many dates and most I’ve seen a second (or more ) time. There are still the “professional” daters. Those who treat this site as a part time job to pay their car payment and such, but I am seeing less of that. I’m old fashioned and I haven’t “slept” with any of the ladies I’ve met. I’m not pushy in that area and I’m older, (60). I like being around younger, (not too young) ladies. It keeps me feeling younger and active. I don’t have enough to have a “sugar baby” lady in my life, so this has been a nice alternative. I would however like to meet someone special eventually. Even if it’s not a “permanent” relationship. Someone to make special new memories with, and yes be intimate too, but I also want it to mean more than just a “getting laid” situation. Guess I’m just a square. I do believe that there’s a lady, looking to be spoiled just a little but who won’t take it, (being spoiled) or me for granted.

  28. Snowy says:

    Frankly, I’m not as interested in the financial aspect of this site as I am in the implications of the payment — that is, he’s generous, point blank. I’m interested in his personality above all — if I wanted money, there are plenty of desperate people out there who would pay a premium price for someone to feign affection for them, whether they ever physically meet or not.

  29. women do enjoy sex, you know says:

    Men play games here, too. How many want to take things off site and ask for naked pictures “to see if it’s worth meeting”, SBs to give them a “test drive” or they get all nasty and txt pics of their junk. Or they never show up to dates. Or they ask what their WYP offer will get them (nothing, now that you’ve shown yourself to be a perv with no respect for women).

  30. diamond delux says:

    I need hubby material seriously just would like to know my date is financially stable enough to give up that certain amount i usually save what i get and if we work out i would buy gifts for the man with his own money so i know i have not lost not a thing dating you

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