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  • Posted Dec 21, 2017
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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Check out the full FAQ or learn more about specific topics on the blog including a brief tutorial on using the site, a dashboard tour, profile completion information, tips on taking the perfect profile, and more! 

What is

We created for people who hate the typical nonsense of online dating. Because incentives are better aligned, your time isn’t wasted and you can get results with minimum hassle.

How does this site work?

Users complete profiles, search for an ideal first date partner, and make first date offers. To learn more, follow the link for each step in the process!

When will my profile picture(s) be approved?

It typically takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for profile pictures to be approved, depending on the volume of requests at any given time.

Bonus question: Why do profile pictures have to be approved in the first place? Good question! The WYP support team approves all photos to make sure they meet our terms of service, making the site safer and more enjoyable for all users.

How do I get paid?

WhatsYourPrice users negotiate their preferred offer amount on-site but the actual transaction occurs typically in-person on the first date. The Generous member is expected to pay both the agreed upon amount, as well as any date expenses such as dinner.

Do I need to buy credits?

Generous members must purchase credits to set up a first date and message with attractive members. Credits can be purchased by selecting the “Buy Credits” option after clicking your username in the top right-hand corner of your account.

WYP is free for attractive members to use.

Check out our full FAQ for answers to more commonly asked questions and visit our social media accounts for first date advice, laughs, and more.

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