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  • Posted Dec 21, 2017
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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Check out the full FAQ or learn more about specific topics on the blog including a brief tutorial on using the site, a dashboard tour, profile completion information, tips on taking the perfect profile, and more! 

What is

We created for people who hate the typical nonsense of online dating. Because incentives are better aligned, your time isn’t wasted and you can get results with minimum hassle.

How does this site work?

Users complete profiles, search for an ideal first date partner, and make first date offers. To learn more, follow the link for each step in the process!

When will my profile picture(s) be approved?

It typically takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for profile pictures to be approved, depending on the volume of requests at any given time.

Bonus question: Why do profile pictures have to be approved in the first place? Good question! The WYP support team approves all photos to make sure they meet our terms of service, making the site safer and more enjoyable for all users.

How do I get paid?

WhatsYourPrice users negotiate their preferred offer amount on-site but the actual transaction occurs typically in-person on the first date. The Generous member is expected to pay both the agreed upon amount, as well as any date expenses such as dinner.

Do I need to buy credits?

Generous members must purchase credits to set up a first date and message with attractive members. Credits can be purchased by selecting the “Buy Credits” option after clicking your username in the top right-hand corner of your account.

WYP is free for attractive members to use.

Check out our full FAQ for answers to more commonly asked questions and visit our social media accounts for first date advice, laughs, and more.

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34 Responses to “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Natalia says:

    Hello I f I make a gentleman an offer do I have to pay him then lol or he pays me if he agrees thanks so much

  2. james says:

    Where can I read the acceptable standards for private photos? There’s mention of them in the FAQ but no actual link

  3. Chris says:

    It seems a bitthine consuming before pin pointing a date and time of meeting.

  4. Sashan says:

    I can’t complete my profile or send messages to anyone

  5. Glenn says:

    You should disclose this credit system up front. $15 just to read a message seems nuts. Do I have to pay for every message that amount?

  6. Unknown says:

    Do you have to have sex on these dates or there just dates ..?

    • WYP user says:

      You don’t have to have sex on the dates; WYP positioned itself early on as a get-acquainted site, not a forum for prostitution. With SESTA & FOSTA, WYP doubled down and now includes “scary” warnings to members who use the site to engage in prostitution. That said, there are male users on the site who will pay for a date that includes sex, and there are female users on the site who will accept money for a date that includes sex. Consent is key: you may discuss details of the date in advance via WYP messaging, and exchange phone numbers to make arrangements if you’re uncomfortable communicating over the WYP website.

  7. Rocky truth says:

    How can I buy credits?????How many times I have 2 pay credits 4 a conversation????

  8. Sam says:

    i don’t see the responses to the above questions. i have the same questions.
    how much exactly is it costing me to read messages? is it $15 per message? $15 per person?
    what if several messages go back and forth before setting up a date? am i paying to open each message?

  9. Bec says:

    Can I ask if this is just an American site – or do you have members in the UK?

  10. Mike says:

    Jesibelles offering their time for money, if you have a price regardless of what it is and what kind of company you offer a man, selling yourself in this manner is prostitution. I think it is hilarious watching the Jesabelles dicker on their price. After all, that may be the most fun a man has on the date if great sex is not part of the equation.

  11. Monty says:

    I must say I’m completely disappointed. I am not desperate nor do I want to pay for a prostitute and then paying a pimp $15 for freaking message. This is a thirst trap. I’m not pink some chick just to set up a date are you crazy a hundred bucks three hundred bucks? What if she sucks as a date do I get my money back from her or you guys? It just seems like another scam to get guys money. The fuckery of it all.

    • cherrysoda says:

      now now monty i can assure im no professional just want to meet a man who isnt a loser and has money!! could that be you???

  12. Vanessa says:


    I just want to know how do I get the money? Do I HAVE to go on the dates in order to get the money? Please advise
    No, I am not a gold digger I just want to know how this all works


    • DriveThru says:

      There have been times where I was was contacted by ones wanting to sell me pics. Had no interest in that. But I guess they must be technically getting money without actually having to meet anyone..

  13. Nell says:

    Does the guy pay you for each date?? Or is the insensitive just one date??

    • DriveThru says:

      Technically it’s supposed to be for the first date only. But some work it out with the guy to where they get paid every time..

  14. John says:

    Let me ask you all something. How many of you have had it that you are texting the female and everything seems to be going fine, you are set up to meet and then bam, they disappear right before your set to meet, no explanation, nothing. I have my thoughts that this web site isn’t all 100% honest.

  15. Jade_and_Heels says:

    My message sections are full of unlocked conversations. How much is it for the generous members to unlock these? Is it a flat rate, or does it depend on the price you agreed on? The “Cancel offer” option hasn’t been working, so is there anyway to remove these locked messages without blocking them?

  16. jim durr says:

    Why are there so many women who live hundreds of miles away from you making offers for dates?

    • Massageking2288 says:

      They’re not real women. They are men hoping you’ll send money for the date & then they’ll ghost you

  17. Thomas Crisel says:

    Me and my wife are looking for a date would that be okay or any advice

  18. Paul says:

    Recent member and am getting offers of dates all over the world. What’s the point of offering to date someone on a different continent?

  19. Woody Earth says:

    Are the men supposed to be able to go back and forth on negotiating price on the WYP before paying to open the conversation to work out time and place. Or do you have to pay to make a counter offer

  20. Martha says:

    I had agreed upon an 100 dollar date with a gentleman, but during the conversation, he started trying to renegotiate the agreed upon amount, to us just meeting for a drink, and he keep the 100 dollars. This whole conversation remains on the wyp site (we havent texted or spoke on any other platform). Is this permitted?

  21. Massageking2288 says:

    I purchased credits & was billed & then I could no longer sign in. I asked for a new password & was told one would be sent to me. That was nearly 2 hours ago

  22. RobertInCT says:

    Where to I submit suggestions for the WYP site?

  23. Laventinium says:

    So when someone pays to send you a message/unlocks a conversation, that’s separate from the first date offer, correct? So when we meet, they still need to pay for it?

  24. Gary says:

    WMP writes the phrase “for attractive members” in their text often.
    If I am ugly, may I still join? Gary

  25. Emily says:

    What if you meet the guy and he doesn’t give you the money? Or do you ask for the money upfront at the start of the date instead of waiting till the end of the date?

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