Forget Drinks – Alternative First Date Ideas
  • Posted Jun 1, 2016
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After so many dates where you’re invited to grab drinks or dinner, date ideas can start to feel monotonous. Sitting at a bar and getting to know each other may be perfectly fine with some, but cheers to the person who thinks outside of the box to make a lasting first impression.

Planning a date activity helps the two of you get to know each other better without feeling like the conversation is forced. Here are some fun ideas to think about next time you’re proposing a get together.


Enjoy a Cooking Class

For self proclaimed “foodies” a cooking class is a great alternative to a restaurant date. Sharing a task like this together creates more of a rapport between people and allows lots of time to communicate. Preparing a meal together can also be a good third or fourth date when you’ve become comfortable enough to spend an evening at the other’s home.


A Round of Mini Golf

This is a good take on a game of friendly competition. Find out if they’re a fair player and how competitive they really are, or if he prefers to let the girl win. These things can say a lot about a person’s character! Bonus points if he takes the opportunity to get close and help a girl out with her swing 🙂


Checkout a Bookstore

Romance doesn’t have to be buried in the pages of a Nora Roberts novel. . Make a plan to choose a few of your favorite books and then discuss them together. This is an excellent way to find more out about your date as you discover why these books are special to them. Tip – find a bookstore that also doubles as a cafe for a light meal once the bonding is over.


Plan an Activity

Make sure your date wouldn’t mind getting a little sweaty for the first date and plan something outdoors. Take advantage of the last few weeks of balmy spring weather and take a hike, go for a walk around the park, rent bikes – anything to unleash each other’s adventurous side. This is also a great experience to explore a new area of  town together.

Fun fact: walking side by side is more conducive to conversation than staring at each other across a table.


Take a Tasting Tour

Maybe your date is a beer aficionado or a wine enthusiast. Do some research before hand to see if there are any brewery tours or wine tasting events in your city. Let your date know you were interested in learning more about one of their favorite things and you’ll score major points. They’ll be delighted to discuss the differences in each brew or vino during your date.


Go For a Ride

Head to your local fair or boardwalk and take a spin on your favorite rides. Get cozy on the ferris wheel, split some cotton candy or try your hand at the carnival games. There’s something about unleashing your inner child and seeing what it means to your date as you hit the top of the roller coaster or win the oversized stuffed animal.

A good first date can be just about anything! Focus on creating a memorable experience where you both can get out of your comfort zones and really get to know each other.

What was the best first date you’ve ever been on?

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