Five Fun First Summer Dates
  • Posted Jun 17, 2014
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Summer is officially here which means it’s time for some fun in the sun. Most of us in corporate America are stuck in the office all day, so why not switch up your routine, stop being a vampire and get outdoors for your next date!

Theme Park

From a local carnival to Six Flags, a theme park is a great date idea for an outdoor adventure. With the nighttime breeze, skimpy outfits and tons of unique activities this is a win-win for both men and women. Participating in a carnival game also draws up healthy competition which can bring you closer together on a first or second date. Impress your date by winning them a stuffed animal or prize and score extra points you can redeem later.


Baseball Game

Baseball, besides being America’s favorite pastime, is one of the best dates to go on due to the possibility of great conversation throughout the game. You can be sure to impress your date with beers, popcorn and throwing some sports knowledge on your date . Catching some rays is always a plus, just make sure to dab some SPF on your pretty face. As a rule of thumb, try and spend the extra dough on decent seats.  There’s nothing sexy about sitting in the nosebleeds.

Wine Tasting/Beer Garden

CoupleDepending on where you live, one of these summer hot spots is bound to be within your proximity. Just make sure to ask your date if they are a wine or beer drinker before offering up this idea.

Both venues are outdoors but very different and have their own appeal. Wine tasting is more on the romantic side. Imagine a picnic in the sunshine fully stocked with a baguette, cheese and a little Sauvignon Blanc. Sounds dreamy right? If you and your date are in the mood for an evening excursion you can still do the picnic but swap the white wine for red and snuggle up by a bonfire. Be sure to check out any local vineyards your area might have for more information.

A beer garden is more of a party atmosphere, but can be just as fun. This relaxed date may have other beer drinkers at the venue, but can still be intimate because you can try a variety of beers and get to know what your date likes or doesn’t. A beer garden date is great way to keep the conversation (and the drinks) flowing. Just don’t get sloppy!



Going kayaking is one of the more unique first dates for a variety of reasons. This is an active first date (your arm< muscles will thank you) which can be appealing to both men and women. Work out plus date equals two birds, one stone.

Most rental places offer single or tandem kayaks. This means you can either bring out your more competitive side or you can go together for a more picturesque view . You most likely will also work up an appetite with all the paddling so be sure to grab a cocktail and some appetizers afterward at a local hot spot.

Outdoor Concert

GirlsThere seems to be an overload of outdoor concerts this summer. From jazz to electronic house music, choosing what concert to attend can be a bit of a challenge at times. Make sure you know what type of music your date is into before choosing a venue. You should also make sure you will be able to talk during the date. No one wants their ears ringing while trying to get to know someone. A music date is fun, casual and usually includes some heavy petting and who doesn’t like that?!

By setting the right atmosphere, this summer bounds to be hot outdoors and inside!

What unique summer dates have you gone on or want to go on?

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