Five Apps That Make Dating Easier
  • Posted Sep 15, 2015
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The trademark, “there’s an app for that” has developed into a legit statement. Home security, hospital wait times, converting units of measurement … you name it, there is an app for it.

You may have swiped to find your date but that’s only the first step. Why not take advantage of all that technology offers to make your dating life as simple as possible? We’ve rounded up the top five apps to make your next first date as effortless as your swiping.



You’ve scored a date with the hottie you’ve been eyeing, so what’s next? Stalking him of course! No, not via social media, we know you’ve already been doing that. Use LuLu to find out exactly what kind of guy you agreed to a first date with. LuLu lets women read and write reviews of guys offering  insider details. Avoid wasting time and read first hand feedback letting you know if he’s the real deal or known to come off as extra sweet just to hit it and quit it.

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Taking a rideshare service is an obvious choice! There are no worries about parking or dealing with traffic, plus it’s a sober ride home if you had one glass of wine too many to calm your nerves (or if your date just plain bombed.) Plus, if the date does end up failing miserably, taking an Uber is a sure way for a speedy exit.


Cyberlink YouCam Makeup

You have the perfect beauty routine that you swear by but why not opt for a fresh, new look for a first date? The Cyberlink YouCam Makeup app has facial detection features so you can see how different hair and makeup styles portray true-to-life. This app will show you the best makeup look for every occasion, including the first date. How perfect! Use the app to try out a new look a few days before your date so when it comes time to meet, you’re feeling more confident than ever rocking that bold lip.



Even though you’ve done your due diligence to stalk your date and find out as much about him as possible, you can never be too safe. Use bSafe to share your location with friends or to find someone to walk you home afterwards (if you skip taking an Uber). If the date ends up being a dud, the app can also be used for a “Fake Call” as an excuse to get out of an awkward situation. Revolutionary!



Swiping right may not be the way to find a date for everyone. If you prefer to use a dating app to find someone that you know will already share interests with yourself, try the app, MissTravel. If the dating pool in your city has been shrinking, MissTravel can be used to meet travelers visiting your area.  The possibilities are endless with the types of people you’ll meet!


From pre-date to post, these apps will give you extra assistance when navigating through today’s dating world.

What other apps have you used to help make dating easier?


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