First Date Pet Peeves Revealed
  • Posted Jul 22, 2015
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Just a few first date faux pas can kill a relationship before it even starts. While being single in 2015 can mean first dates with a variety of personalities, it’s possible you may lose out on a much-coveted second date by striking your partners peeve. WhatsYourPrice ranked the “Top First Date Pet Peeves,” polling 45,349 men and 63,460 women.

Cell Phone Use

Thirty percent of women, and 25 percent of men said cell phone use was their number one first date pet peeve peeve. WhatsYourPrice CEO Brandon Wade commented “Cell phones are now a natural part of modern relationships. They play an important part in building connections, but are proven to distract from quality face-to-face interactions. The phone may have helped you get the date but it has no place at dinner.”

Inappropriate Touching

There’s nothing worse than being touched by a stranger, right?! At least according to approximately 17,769 women. Unwelcomed contact came in second on the women’s pet peeve list at 28 percent.  Men however, did not even consider this an issue on their radar.

Rudeness to Waitstaff

It’s often said, “The way people treat restaurant staff reveals their true character,” and WhatsYourPrice members agree. A recorded 21 percent of men, and 14 percent of women responded with this annoyance placing in the second and third spots, respectively.

Unengaged in Conversation

We go on first dates to familiarize ourselves with a stranger, so it’s no surprise that “unengaged in conversation” placed third on the men’s peeve list with 16 percent. This point did not place in the top five of the women’s list.


Women and men agree that a negative mindset won’t get you anywhere, especially when it comes to love. Eleven percent of women and 14 percent of men responded, placing negativity fourth on both lists.

Excessive Drinking

Feel free to pour it up — just not on a first date! Indulging in a glass or two will loosen the nerves, however, excessive drinking is uncalled for. Six percent of women and 11 percent of men landed this peeve in the fifth and final spot on each list. Next time skip the third cocktail and save room for dessert instead.

What are your dating pet peeves?

3 Responses to “First Date Pet Peeves Revealed”

  1. Laura says:

    My pet peeves are the time wasters here who accept first dates but never actually have an in person meeting. This site should hole it’s male members accountable. Tight now I’m dealing with a guy who refuses to confirm our date thru the site. He just wants to do it thru texts. He sounds like yet another shady guy trying to work around this site.

  2. hd springer says:

    In response to Laura Here Is what I have to say,Most of us have alot on our plate, I get 20 calls a day, my time is money.Text or phone is how i roll, I notice these girls are mysterious dont call back or answer quickly
    How can i arrange to see them when they act like that. In the rock an roll business we always would advance check on times dates etc so it can happen, On my last date my transmission on my hot rod car failed on the way to said date. Date was at resturant 60 miles from house. Was almost there. Pulled off bI 95 exit in a 7-11 parking lot. Called her told her what happened and can u help me? She replied ” Im not goin to meet a strange guy in a parking lot.. Sent her pics of store and my Impala SS with tag number. Then i said bring me your bill for drinks and ill pay your date fee, We had talked on phone 4 times before we met. After an 45 min she called and said she would come to me.She showed up buzzed finally/.I paid her 100 date, bar bill. I asked if she could get me back to my area. “No my tires are weak” When in person I noticed she was heavier than her old pics she posted. “I said if it happened to you i would have gotten u back no problem”. I paid her in cash and said Honey you are not for me take this and go on ,You failed miserably andI want nothin to do with you. She wanted originally to go ride on my Harly but said no backrest .You have to pay me a 100 more. I said to my self Is she real or kidding.I dont pay nobody to ride on my scooter WTF Needless to say she is done. $2000.00 for transmission 160.00 Tow truck Priceless
    Worst date I had but the other ones were good to great. WORD

  3. Mayhem0683 says:

    No that sounds horrible. Stop for random strangers stranded on side of the road, yet she had issues leading a helping hand, date or not. It is just not right.

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