First Date Ideas… If the World Was Ending.
  • Posted Dec 20, 2012
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With the Mayan Calendar coming to an end tomorrow, there are talks of the world violently erupting into oblivion. Rather than just immediately laugh and dismiss the rumor, I thought to myself: what would I actually do if I knew the world was ending?

Personally, I would love and laugh as much as possible. And what a better way to experience this than by reinvigorating your dating life?

Here are some ways to find a happy ending amidst the world ending.

Hypothetically speaking, of course. (Let’s not jinx it.)

For the stylish… Take her on the most epic shopping spree, ever. Tell her she has 15 minutes to fill the cart with whatever she wants–on you. One of the quickest ways to a woman’s heart is nice things… might as well go overboard and max your cards. Your credit should be the least of your worries at this point.

For the adrenaline junkies… Jump out of a plane, off a building, or off a cliff. Basically, jump off of something. Your goal is to get as much adrenaline flowing through your body as possible. Combine this with the “butterflies” of attraction, and you will create a very powerful connection with your date.

For the connoiseurs… If she is an expert in something, take her directly to her passion. For example, a wine connoiseur’s dream date would be a trip to the vineyard of her favorite brand. If she is an art connoiseur, plan to view her favorite artist’s exhibit in-person. Simply stated: if she loves it, take her there.

For the socialites… Plan the most lavish and exuberant end-of-the-world bash, and ask her to be your date. Try not to drink too much, though–you’re trying to remember your final moments with her.

For the adventure seekers… Journey to the highest point possible in her favorite country and enjoy your final moments together. Bring a blanket, her favorite food, and a copious amount of wine. Don’t forget the wine.


How would you imagine your first date if it was your last?

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