First Date Horror Stories
  • Posted Jul 17, 2014
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Suffering through a bad date makes time stand still, and renews my appreciation for the confines of my apartment. Leaving the house for a first date can mean meeting the person you will spend the rest of your life with, or sitting next to someone you have no chemistry with for way too long.

Some of the predictors of bad dates can be avoided, or at least balanced with the bid for a date system. These are some personal accounts of awful dates before these singles came to WhatsYourPrice.

Bored Stiff

While out one night, a mutual friend asked me out. I agreed to the date, even though we barely knew each other. We got to talking, but only about him. He was a doctor, and literally talked about himself for 2 hours. I was so bored, and hadn’t moved in an hour. When I got up, my legs were so stiff from being crossed that I fell over. I was literally bored stiff.”

-Kristin, 27

The Solution:
Before the initial meet, I always like to call someone. When you already know you’re going on a first date with someone, having a simple phone conversation should be a no brainer. Take it to the telephone to make sure the two of you can hold a mutual conversation.

The Set Up

A coworker of mine set me up with a nephew, and he sounded great. When we got to lunch, I realized instantly he was not my type. As the date went on, I learned that he didn’t have a job. He planned to simply ‘go to school and get stoned for the next few years.’ To top it off, he actually lived in his parents basement. He was a loser, and cliche!

-Angelica, 23

The Solution:
Successful set-ups are few and far between. Take the guesswork out of dating and choose your own companion. At the very least you’ll be able to see if they’re hot.

Indecent Exposure

“Someone I thought was just an older friend asked me out for drinks one night. I didn’t see the harm, so I humored the guy. He excused himself, and promptly sent me a picture of his equipment from the stall, with a message for me to ‘meet him in the bathroom.’ I must have sprinted out of there.”

-Jamie, 30

The Solution:
Perverts will be perverts. Having the site on your side will counter risk of being violated. With background check and our reporting system, miscreants generally do not fall through the cracks. If anyone is treating members inappropriately, they will soon be reported and subsequently removed.

The Age of Deception

“I started talking to a really cute guy I met at a bar, and he asked me out to dinner the following night. Over the meal, he confesses he’s not 31, hes really 21. The lying was obviously bad, but when he wanted to split the check, I knew I was truly dealing with a child.”

-Sarah, 32

The Solution:
Another one of our services is a background check. Any profile adorned with the “Background Verified” badge is one you can be assured is real. From innocent age skimming right down to criminal history, background verification allows you to date confidently.

Mommy Issues

“I met this out-of-towner online and he invited me to a swanky resort in Santa Monica. The building was gorgeous, and after dinner and a few drinks at the bar, he invited me back to his penthouse suite. While we we’re fooling around on the couch, I hear someone getting dishes out of the kitchenette. It turns out to be his mom, and it was her room!”

-Blair, 22

The Solution:
Losers are everywhere, but they are not readily found here. When a generous member uses the site, they are already offering to give more than a traditional dating situation. Open honesty is what the site is all about, and fraudsters get reported. Simple as that.

How do you make sure a first date won’t be the worst date ever?

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