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  • Posted Jun 16, 2015
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Almost every relationship starts off with conversation shared over a beverage, meal, or sweet treat. While it is good to show a sense of adventure in selecting these indulgences, it’s also important to consider which menu items may keep you from scoring a second date.

No one wants to waste time flossing before a parting kiss. Let’s face it: you should save your wilder side for the second meeting. Here are some menu items to stick to when ordering on a first date.


The dating experts at WhatsYourPrice have mixed opinions pertaining to first date drinking, however the general conscientious is a two drink limit. It’s simple, two drinks can make you feel socially enabled – without impairing your speech or ability to make appropriate decisions.

When selecting a beverage, be sure to avoid muddled drinks like Mojitos or Caipirinha – leave the potential for leafy teeth for the second or third date. Opt for a smooth beverage like vodka mixed with soda water or a Moscow Mule.


Choose a first date entree that is easy to consume while maintaining conversation. Skip dishes that result in awkward silences like slurping a bowl of ramen. Handheld bites such as buffalo wings and crab legs should also be avoided as they can be both smelly and messy – generally steer clear of anything that is served with a wet wipe.

Many also misperceive the goodness of greens. Sure, salad is great – but, dependent on where you’re dining. A wedge of lettuce can be difficult to maneuver, and your date probably won’t think you’re as sexy with a sliver of spinach stuck between your front teeth. If you’re watching calorie consumption – try ordering a baked dish, or substituting grains with whole wheat options.

Sweet Treats

You really can’t go wrong when ordering dessert. Why? Because this is an entree that should be shared and decided upon together. Whether it’s crispy cookies, or a more decadent lava cake – there is nothing unattractive about dessert.

Location, Location, Location

There is a misconception that you should impress your date with a hot spot, but it may be better to approach with familiar fare. Play it safe and suggest a restaurant that offers a variety of options, adaptable to any stomach or diet.

Ultimately the first date is about the company you keep. Consider these suggestions, but keep the focus on conversation!

What foods do you avoid on the first date?

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