First Date Fashion for Men
  • Posted Apr 6, 2015
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Forget what everyone says about kindness and chivalry – on first dates your look is the most important. Shallow? Yes, but we’re only human. First impressions last, and your presentation speaks volumes before you even open your mouth. Luckily, we’re here to get you through an initial encounter that will lead to more than a dissatisfactory goodbye.

A proper gentleman should always employ the thought that cleanliness can help you get dirty later. Groomed nails, styled hair and a few spritz of a modern cologne will get you much further than ordering a bottle of champagne for the table. Okay, so the concept of “modern cologne” may seem a bit abstruse, but discovering fragrances of the moment can be as easy as flipping through the pages of the latest issue of GQ Magazine . My personal recommendation? Chanel Bleu or Tom Ford Noir. Don’t hesitate to go to a professional for assistance with grooming tasks, it is no longer passe for a man to be kempt.

First date ensembles can be confusing. Even with online guides like Yelp and Zagat cluing patrons into dress code, one never wants to be over, or even worse, under dressed. Although some consider denim to be passe; raw, dark denim – like this pair from J Lindeberg, can easily be dressed up or down. Insiders tip? Splurge on a pricier pair, they may be awfully stiff at first wear, but they eventually mold to your body’s shape and movement – giving the look and feel of custom denim.

Once you’ve secured your choice of tasteful jeans, opt for a fitted oxford shirt and casual sportcoat. This look says “I’m stylish, modern, and it doesn’t matter where I’m going because I look good.”

Finish with a pair of neutral, leather sole, loafers. Leather-sole kicks are the equivalent of seeing a woman in Jimmy Choo stilettos, there is nothing sexier than understated luxury.

Deep down, we know that this is all superficial. None of this stuff really matters, but in order to see what’s underneath the surface, you must get past the first date!

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