First Date Deal Breakers for Women
  • Posted Aug 1, 2012
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First Date Deal Breakers

It’s Saturday night and you’ve landed the perfect date–smart, beautiful, seems funny, and she accepted your offer. Nine times out of ten first dates go south (not the good kind) from a lack of follow through to even the most pristine set-up. Here are five first date deal-breakers that will give your night the kiss of death instead of a kiss goodnight…

Mama’s Boy

Gentlemen, ladies love a good mama’s boy. It insinuates an innate respect for women. What we don’t love is that you still live at home and refer to your parents as your “roommates.” Be honest. Explain your current situation, but do not under any circumstance justify it by saying, “Most people live at home now”. NEXT!

Trying way too hard

Clean hygiene is a must, and no girl wants to be seen with an unkempt man. A little gel or molding wax goes a long way—but don’t over-do it. Showing up to your first date looking like “The Situation” not only makes you look like a douche-bag, but sound like one too.

Keep It In Your Pants

“Are you bored?” It’s the question that crosses any woman’s mind when her date whips out their phone. It is important to note that whether your, a.) Promotion may have been given to your arch-nemesis, b.) Favorite team is in overtime to make it into the finals, or c.) Left your new flat-screen at the mercy of your grubby fingered roommate, this time is strictly for your date. Hands should be in two places only: her hand or your drink.

Keep it PG

Contrary to belief, most women still maintain the makings of a lady. So attempting to elicit intimate details about her endeavors—boundaries even—is a burning red flag. There are alternative ways to cracking secrets to her oyster, such as gauging how adventurous she is by asking about her favorite adrenaline fix.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Congratulations. You’ve made it to the end of your date and she hasn’t run for the hills. Things are looking good. But she makes no indication to invite you for a nightcap. This is the biggest mistake men and our users make–they turn into “Hyde,” rambling about how they paid for the date and now aren’t getting any. Gentlemen, women are mysterious creatures. Often than not, their initial response is to test the waters. A killer kiss good night with sweet nothings is a more reliable method of getting that key to the hole (no pun intended). Leave the tantrum at home.

What is your first date deal breaker?

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  1. Brandon Wade says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome on the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” page on the WhatsYourPrice blog.

  2. dater says:

    I found the site is great for first dates , but was wondering what women on the site think of second dates, are those also to be bid as on the site or discussed somehow in a discrete fashion, or are they just regular dates going forward once you exchange contact info?

  3. robert says:

    she should stay off the cell phone!

  4. Bobby the K says:

    Great post. I think the last one is especially true. But I’d add one more. Live and learn. Be honest, but don’t beat yourself over the head, which can be difficult for those who haven’t dated much and use this site for good practice.

  5. Plzbelieveme says:

    I’d like to know how many of these girls are hired by wyp, I went out on an awesome date, kissed the girl 3x, she favorites my profile, txts me on the way home, then boom, disappears, then all the sudden never hear back from her. These women are just using all the guys for the money, they think they can get suckers to pay for a free meal and 50+200$. Ive been on 5 dates on this site so far. No call backs ever again, on 1 shot deals, they are just using this site for extra money. Hey Girls, you know it costs us guys 10$ to just initiate contact with you ? Bet you didnt, ALSO WYP doesnt refund money either, so say we contact you, you never write back, we are out 10$, and the site wont refund us. Most of the girls on this site are flakes, thats why I have 8 dates lined up, because I know 7-8 of them are gonna flake out

  6. tom says:

    I agree with the post above me. I have a few dates that i have yet to go on. I have found one girl on this site that is real so far. Guess how much i spent on the date? Twenty dollars! I took her out to a nice dinner and a walk on the beach. She was flattered. We are still talking. So it pays to be a gentleman and ladies some guys on this site are real and not total pervs.

  7. Lore says:

    I would love to find a nice guy and go out again, but if you are gonna try to treat me like I was escort then forget it. Be a gentleman, don’t try to paw me or pressure me into something physical. This is a date, be on your best behavior.

  8. LoveLightning says:

    This site is B.S. I have tried it and they just vanish luckily it was just one. Now I set up dates for the hell off it and boom woops I forgot you went thru the trouble to take my money HA! Have like 12 dates set up and they will be feeling it, not with me just ditched
    Thanx Anice you set off the playa to break a heart love it=) oh and there cash flow

  9. betty says:

    I seriously doubt you guys are paying all that much money for the dates and by the way you act on this blog it is no wonder girls are meeting you and not again. I am afraid it is you! Any great bloke would by all means get a second date. If he is a jerk then no. No one shall admit to being a jerk. They all claim nice but…facts speak for themselves.

  10. LoveLightning says:

    Ha ya there is true on here your not making it like all the others. So a $150 date isn’t much huh I am a true guy who has been sucked in and not for sex, to actually date. So your words are I’ll on these ears.
    You seem to be an actual young lady

  11. LoveLightning says:

    Ya nice Britain bloke ha I live in a British golf club. Bloke my ass

  12. AnnaBanana says:

    LoveLightning, you’ve got anger issues and learn how to write for everyone’s sake!

    I just got back from a fun date and I WILL see him again, not because he paid me but because he was sexy as hell and yet a perfect gentleman. There’s was no pressure for sex nor feeling of entitlement nor crude innuendoes. You get out of it what you put into it. Grow up and learn some manners, you’ll get your “key into the hole” that much faster. :)

  13. WYP.COM Expert Dater says:

    Whoever wrote the above dating advice is the girl you want to avoid on this site. She is the girl that wants to be paid to sit with you, look good, collect her money and never talk to you again.She doesnt want to be touched and finds you disgusting and wouldnt look twice at you unless you were paying her. She wants to bang the hot 20 year olds but since they dont have any money and she doesnt have any money she needs to get it somewhere. Unfortunately the site is filled with them and 90% of them are over 25. This site is awesome if you use it correctly. The 18-25 age group is the other extreme. 90% of them want money and are willing to show you a good time to get it. They are proud of their bodies and want to show them off and dont mind being touched. If you want more then a handshake at the end of your date, be honest and tell the girl what your looking for. If shes not into it she will say no or fuck off or whatever but it saves you time and money.I have dated more 18-19 year olds on here then I did when I was 18-19. I have had lasting relationships and seen them multiple times without the fees. Be honest and tell them what your looking for and what you want and avoid anyone over 25 from this site is my best advice to you The site is awesome if you use it right.

  14. betty says:

    If you seek bought sex try real escort sites!

  15. Plzbelieveme says:

    Expert WYP Dater: LOL at dating 18-19 year olds, some of us men, want something real, the 18-19 years are fun and all, but theres no future with them after a few dates. I joined this site to find a good looking girl who has her stuff together, thats it. But as of yet nothing yet has come from it. I keep getting broke girls who want sugar daddies, because they just got evicted, or their baby’s daddy left them. I make it a point to bid the sugar babys lower, because they are just gold diggers anyway, and tend to not bid on any girl who has that in their profile.

  16. betty says:

    Its goal digging and lets face it. We all have goals on here and no one persons goals are better than anothers or more respected. We are all on this site. You are no better than i. You make yourself look the fool.

  17. WYP.COM Expert Dater says:

    Betty, perhaps you missed the “long term relationships” and the “no fees involved” in my post. This has nothing to do with escorts. It has to do with 18-25 age group which happen to be girls that actually enjoy sex and having fun and are not out to rip men off; obviously not something you would understand I guess. Unfortunately 90% of the girls on here over 25 only want $ from the guys on here and want their sex from young guys that have no money but look good. Its no secret and any guy that uses this site will find that out if they have not already.

  18. betty says:

    Us young girls want sex from young hot guys or older wealthy / famous guys.

  19. Plzbelieveme says:

    It was just sickening when the first girl I dated on here point blank told me, she makes 400$ a week goin on dates from this site, she looked at it like her part time job. Of course that was a no call, after that no matter how great the date went.

  20. blankenship says:

    That’s kind of the woman’s choice. If she was honest about it, I think that’s amazing, especially if she doesn’t try to lead you on. The bad ones are the ones who aren’t honest about it and leave you in an ambiguous state feeling like a dumbo second guessing yourself.

    The men have to be honest with themselves too. The chance of meeting a nice serious girl here is I imagine quite slim if she’s half your age or younger.

    But it all comes out even in the wash with the dishonest ones. I read the biography of Frank Sinatra’s limo driver and he said one of the most painful things he’s ever watched was Sinatra’s most beautiful girlfriend age, can’t remember her name, Lana Turner?, and what the woman goes through. Just look at Demi Moore.

    Honesty is everything from both sides, man or woman. It’s strength.

  21. blankenship says:

    by the way believeme, good post. it forces me to take a hard look at myself and wonder when i’m expecting too much on here.

  22. BeYourself says:

    First, I am amazed at the amount of illiterate people, both men and women on this site, and the lack of being able to form a sentence.

    Some basics here, just out of instinct as I’ve been here a week so far:

    1. If you don’t want to be played, don’t invite women or men that have:

    “discreet marriage affairs”
    “sugar daddy / mommy”
    “intimate encounters”

    If you do, plan on being played, unless of course this is what you really ARE looking for in a person here.

    Filtering out scumbags that fit the above criteria will weed out 80% of the gold diggers here.

    2. Immediately block the women that state:

    “don’t insult me by offering me anything less than $500″

    Who the fuck do these women think they are? They’re fucking humans just like everyone else, but the holier than thou attitude should actually be embarrassing to them and it’s temping to book dates with them and then leave them hanging. Seriously, people like this are trash. $500 …. sickening.

    3. I think the TRUE and HONEST women on here that ask for $100 for a date are also filtering out the shitbag dudes on here that are cheap bastards looking for sex only. I can imagine, that if a woman truly enjoys herself and has a great, respectable time with a guy on a first day, that she might even refuse to take the money. The $100 ploy was just used to filter out the losers, and I don’t blame them since so many idiots on here give guys like me a bad image.

    4. I, myself, am willing to pay $100 to meet a woman. $100 is not asking too much. I have had ZERO luck on other popular websites to meet people, the free ones. They are filled with dirty filthy people that want to spread the disease. I’m looking to meet a respectable, classy, and mature woman on here. I have my preferences in women to men, which might be different from yours, and to be honest within the first week I’ve already met someone that I filtered through the garbage on here to find. We have a date set up tentatively for about a week from now – I hope that things turn out good. No one can say what will happen, but chances are pretty good that she will, in person, be the woman that I have interacted on here with. I am looking for a life partner, a wife – not a cheap date, or sex on the first date, or to be played by a gold digger. Look hard, there are many good, honest women on here that probably feel the same way I do with what I’ve said.

    5. Money aside – be YOURSELF. Write the words from your heart, say what you feel, don’t be fake because down the line your lies will surface and you will be one of the disgruntled people on this website such as so many of the other posters on this thread.

    Nothing life long comes without a cost, if it is just purely money – green printed paper, that will lead me to the woman of my dreams, then so be it. I’m not rich, I’m not poor, but I do have a very wealthy soul, full of hope and commitment and it waits for the one.

    Scumbags will post negatively to what I’ve said, caring and honest people will agree – it’s easy to filter out the majority of scum, but some are sly and slide by – c’est la vie.

  23. Plzbelieveme says:

    I love the girls, that text, text, write and write, you get a good vibe, then they are like, so we gonna meet up tonight or tomorrow. I say no, I’m busy doing other things, then all contact stops, and they only try to contact you on the weekends to see if your gonna take them out lol…..

  24. betty says:

    Thats what i hate the most is guys who abuse the site by getting a girls number and then they never make a plan to meet. That is what the whole site is about! Geeeeeeeeeeez! What is the point of giving a number if not to go out ~ pounding my head against keyboard! ~

  25. Plzbelieveme says:

    Your missing the point betty, point is, my life doesnt revolve around going out on a date with a girl anytime they want to, or just need money. I have my own life, I don’t drop things at drop of a dime because they want to go out within 24hrs notice, because they need money. Your missing the point Betty, these girls only talk to you for your money, then when you dont bite, they stop all contact. Sigh…at the gold diggers.

  26. betty says:

    This is what i am finding. Guys want a personal number to text and interview a girl. You can do that in mail on the site. I expect a man who gets my phone number and text and text and texts some more like you said to take me out. Sounds like you want to waste a girls time. The site claims no time wasting. Im tired of guys doing this to me! Im on here for dates not to text back and forth freeeeeeeeee!

  27. PlayfulKitten says:

    The guys are just as much flakes as the girls. I have 5 offers that I accepted and then never heard from the guy again

  28. tom says:

    To the above comment – it costs money to respond to an accepted offer. They charge 50 dollars starting to say hi to someone you are interested in. Some guys do not see that when joining the site. Or they just want to see your pics if they are private. I know that any lady who is looking for a sugar daddy hits my ignore list. I dont give my money away to a gold digger but i dont mind spending a little money to meet a classy lady who is willing to have a fun evening not just dinner.By a fun evening i mean dinner and a walk on the beach at sunset. Nothing wrong with showing some class ladies. Telling guys it is just dinner tells us you are doing this for a free meal.

  29. betty says:

    And by the same token girls should block ugly guys but then you only have one or two men left! Right girls?

  30. Plzbelieveme says:

    Its getting to the point, where I wont go out on a date with anyone on here unless they have at least 2-3 gifts given to them, because it shows they are going on out on dates with real people.

  31. betty says:

    I hide my gifts from my profile because guys thought it had a hidden meaning. Like a gift of a suitcase means i travel or the bra and panty one says im easy!

  32. James says:

    Its pretty sad that we have become so self absorbed. The site was an ideal concept but painfully failed by the human element. The date is supposed to give a guy who wouldnt normally have a chance with a woman a fair shot. It amazes me truely how some women you make a offer to between 100-200 dollars and they come back with a rediculous offer of 300-600. Ladies this is not a get rich site. Its designed to open your eyes past outter beauty and all the superfiscal crap that we become so self involved with. I have had a couple of dates of this site and both went fairly well. We talk and text on a regular basis and have had a few dates since then. But I had to go through about 20 BAD women who were only here to play games and make a fast buck before I met a descent one. Bottom line is show respect and give respect . You will get alot farther with sugar then lemons, AND REMEMBER WHY THIS SITE IS HERE, to give men a chance not get rich

  33. betty says:

    James, the owner runs a sugar daddy site so some of us are here from that site because guys would dangle the carrot of a payment and this site helped make things fair. You can seek other things of course. Dont get upset over the gold diggers as we came from the founding site!

  34. J says:

    I just signed up to the site and have a few accepted offers. What does one do next in the message section? Do you leave your number and ask for a telephone call or text? How do you go from accepted price to communication to first date? I;m new to this. Any and all advice appreciated.

  35. betty says:

    J, it is rather complicated to get a guy to follow through i am afraid. Some will just want to text and ask personal questions as an interview. Then you feel rather used when they never even try to meet. If you dont give a number then they get super upset. I have no idea as its seems to hard to make it happen. I think we need a feedback page so they we have to answer to something. A guy should know if a girls a no show or if a guy is just texting and never moving forward.

  36. Plzbelieveme says:

    LOL, at getting a guy to follow through, thats funny, Ive already stated I have to line up 7-8 dates before 1 of the girls goes out, lets face it 90% of the girls are flakes on this site, and thats why I wont date girls without the gifts anymore.

  37. blankenship says:

    I disagree calling the women on here gold diggers. They are either honest or dishonest, beyond that it’s a woman’s right to make whatever she wants on this site.

    You could even call the guys “beauty diggers” if you really want to be truthful about it. The whole thing about her liking me just for myself or me liking her just because of who she is contains a small bit of bs. If she looked like an elephant you wouldn’t be thinking the same. It’s the reality.

  38. Plzbelieveme says:

    You can disagree all you want Blankenship, but its fact. When a girl tells you on her date that she makes 400$ a week from using this site, thats Gold digging. When the girl goes out with you, and you never hear another thing, they just disappear, its called gold digging. The girls are just using this site for money, and if you dont believe that, then you are naive.

  39. blankenship says:

    I agree with you that they are using the site for money. But that’s what the site is set up for. If they did that on, then I would agree with you on the label. But when it’s an open and honest platform about the intentions, then I don’t see it as gold digging. I think gold digging has a negative connotation where someone is not revealing their true intentions, saying otherwise, and then would leave in a heartbeat if you lost your wealth. I think it’s a matter of definition and maybe there’s another word out there that would be more suitable.

  40. blankenship says:

    But this is an excellent point of discussion. A problem with the site is that it does not allow for a real answer on the topic unless you are quite courageous and direct and ask the girl up front before the date, are you solely in it for the money and looking only for a couple dates? So I see your point the more I think about it.

  41. tom says:

    I agree with blankenship, I put in my profile that i will not be a sugar daddy and will not travel outside of my area for a first date. To me that is just a waste of money unless you are ultra rich. Which i am not. Why should i have to travel to say miami (4 hour drive) for a first date? That right there makes me think they want one thing – my hard earned money and thats it. So no i will not travel to see you. Than they still contact you anyways.PLEASE READ MY PROFILE ughh I had a few dates that have lied to me and that made me feel like shit. I mean this site is really no different than plenty of fish except the women expect payment. A novel concept for the creators but it feels like it is being overrun by career daters. If you are looking for just a sugar daddy ladies PLEASE SAY SO and please do not put looking for a friendship if you are not doing that. It is misleading ladies! I also had a lady said she will “pencil” me in for a date. I think that one is using this site as a source of income and nothing else.

  42. T says:

    Some of the comments I’ve read involve very little thought about what is really going on. I could be one of those girls accused of just being in it for the money because I’ve gone on a lot of dates from this site, but I am not in it just for the money, so let me clarify a few things.

    1. Be fair about cross analysis. What I mean is, when you compare your dating success to the success you get on other nonpaid sites, the rates are not much lower or higher. It’s a difficult thing finding a match, and it’s no less difficult on this site. The only difference is guys are putting their money on their confidence about their choice. They are saying, ‘maybe you normally wouldn’t date me, but I think you should give me a shot because I think you’ll actually like me, and if I’m wrong, at least I compensated you for your time, effort, and expenses getting to the date.’ Especially in NYC – no offense to other places – but women here drop a lot more money into their appearance, especially for dates, and we have expenses other places don’t, such as tolls. Try paying $13 to drive over the Verazanno to your date, or extra gas involved to drive to the middle of nowhere in NJ, where there are Jersey guys wanting to date NY girls, but they want the NY girl to come to them in NJ (this is very typical). For a hundred dollar date, at least a quarter of it, I spend to get there, so be fair.

    2. Since guys are putting their money on their confidence, they really should go the extra mile and get their game on much better. It doesn’t take much to research some dating ettiquette and tips. I’ve been on a number of dates where I liked the guy as a person, but I was so turned off by his lack of effort in his approach that I didn’t want to see him again by the end of the date. Like, the guy who shows up in a tshirt and jeans when he knows the plan is to go to a nice lounge, or the guys who never ever opens the door or pulls out the chair,or who just plain doesn’t seem like he gave one thought about what the girl might have considered fun.

    3. Just because he put money on it doesn’t mean he has the right not to be considerate but to be pushy instead. Like any date, paid or unpaid, we are human beings at the end of the day. Sometimes I wonder, did he ever consider that I might be physically attracted to him, but that I didn’t want to get all PDA with him within the first hour I met him? Did he ever consider that I didn’t want to give him my phone number days before meeting him because A.) I really do live in a basement apartment with poor reception, B.) I really do prefer Skype because I can actually see you and appreciate that you are “up” on the current ways of doing things, and C.) I don’t know anything about you, and there really are creeps out there, and obviously I’ll offer you my phone number if I’ve felt you out to be a cool guy…

    4. On the issue of discretion, just because you dropped the word ‘discreet’ in your profile does not mean that I think we are going straight to a hotel. If you REALLY believed that’s what it meant, and you REALLY thought going to a hotel was okay, then you would have just put the word hotel in your profile, but you know that’s wrong and not cool, so you didn’t. Not to even mention the billion other places we could go or the slightly further we could travel to meet, in order to meet your discretion needs.

    So, in sum, these things involve far more thought than just, oh 90% of these girls are in it for the money. You get the return on your investment proportionate to what you put into your investment, so, seriously, invest two seconds of further thought into what you’re saying versus what might really be going on.

  43. betty says:

    Tell em t!

  44. Sophie says:

    I have had lots of offers only one guy did I have contact from after the offer.

    I find this site frustrating in that way. I prefer the direct contact of seeking arrangement. However, there are more and more frauds turning up on there now.

    I don’t think if you go on a date with a guy and choose not to see him again, it has to be anything more than the chemistry was not there.

    The idea of the site is good. But I think it needs tweaking to make it really work for both men and women. But nothing the site can do can make the dates work. That is just down to the two people involved. It seems Americans on the site date much more than UK. Maybe UK guys are more resistant to this idea :D Just surmising really :) x

  45. Plzbelieveme says:

    I mean the Previous long post just confirms what we as single men have been saying for the last few days. Your in it for the money, its obvious, the women do lie on here, and you have no problem doing it either. Its really sad that WYP, doesnt refund us, I just combed my profile, I have 32 dates that quit signing on, or have broken off contact with me. I have been on 5 real dates on this. Now I am not bitter, but it does cost us men 10$ just to send you ladies a message, so by that math, Im out 320$ already because of the flakes on the site. And Guess what, WYP wont refund us at all.

    Prevous Poster: Thanks for being honest and confirmed what us Men already knew, this site is for gold diggers.

  46. T says:

    I’m under the impression that this is a blog about deal breakers. Some gentlemen are using it to stereotype and generalize negativities about the women using it. I would recommend that any gentleman holding this belief about the women here should simply not use the site. It’s difficult for the people who care about the site to have open discussions when some people are bitter and interested in coming here to vent, with their minds already made up about the women here. I really love this site concept, and I don’t want to see this valuable blog idea take that kind of a turn.

    Are there moderators of the blog? Perhaps Betty (or another frequenter) or I would volunteer…

  47. chris says:

    If you are not happy you can leave! Pretty damn simple. Instead you all keep logging in and even blogging. How do we even know you even went on any dates or just trying to be a pain in the butt out of being broke and can not even afford it. No money? No need for this site. Return to those others you love so much. Why log in anymore?

  48. Plzbelieveme says:

    LOL Its obvious T is being paid by WYP, to do damage control over all the blog posts GTFO, and Chris, you obv havent been on that many dates yet, or gone through what we have been through. So I would not reply anymore till you get more experience under your belt.

  49. T says:

    Thank you, Chris. You’re sweet and you get it. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  50. chris says:

    You do not know me at all. I am a long time blogger. If you are you negative you attract negative. Karma.

  51. chris says:

    I am a sugar daddy so you can step aside and make room for the big boys to play. I would imagine is t worked for the site she would just delete your profile. Poof and be gone. Some

  52. betty says:

    Yes!!! Leave it to the grown mature men who know how to handle a lady to get what he wants. Bottom line is most men want sex at some point in relationships. That is just a fact. So stop trying to act like you are just being a cool guy. A cool guy does not string people along. Gold digger vs sex digger!

  53. Pebbs says:

    Personally, I have had 3 offers on this site. The first was a guy from India. Agreed on a price, I sent him a message, anxious to go out on a date cause I hadn’t been on a date in a while, and he never contacted me back… I thought maybe he was gonna be in the US anyway for school or a business trip or something. He never even checked the message or got back to me. Ah well. The next one was from a guy my moms age (over 50, i’m 32). I couldn’t even make him an offer after his wink…I couldn’t imagine seriously dating someone my moms age. I take dating seriously, if i was a gold digger i would have asked for an insane amount and went on the date anyway knowing i wouldn’t want to see him after that. A few days ago I accepted a date offer from a guy who is about a 3 hour drive away (same town as one of my friends so if it went well i’d be fine with driving there to visit) and willing to travel and he’s within my dating age range. He actually sent me a message and I hope to go out with him soon. We’ll see how that goes, hopefully well :)

  54. hotsb says:


    i get the vibe that you’re mad because you haven’t met lots of girls that wanted to go on several dates with you.
    But think about it, whether it’s on this website or an other one, it is never guaranteed that the person is going to like you or that you’re going to like the girl. And maybe YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Why would it be women’s fault?

    I want to remind everyone that seeking arrangement, what’s your price, miss travel are sugar daddies websites. Just because it has a different name doesn’t mean that it is not.
    99% of girls on these websites are looking for sugar daddies and it doesn’t mean that they are gold diggers. We’re goal diggers. So if you don’t want to be a sugar daddy, your chances to find a girl are very small.
    I’ve only seen broke guys get these kind of reaction because they cannot afford to be a sugar daddy. It’s not the girls’ fault.


    If you’re not happy to be on this website because it costs money to talk to girls then leave.
    I’ve read what you wrote and you come off cheap. Once again it’s not about how much money you have , it’s all about getting along and being generous.
    Being cheap is a no-no.

  55. Sophie says:

    Gold digger Vs Sex digger!! lol!! I love it Betty :) xxx

  56. betty says:

    Is anyone else in kansas? I have only had two dates from here. All the others have sent first emails asking for sex. I did turn in the profiles but they did not get deleted for it.

  57. blankenship says:

    Unbelievable what crappy guys there are in this world! Pathetic.

  58. betty says:

    They all claim they are confused due to the site name. Is this just an excuse. Do they seroously think it means sex for the 200?

  59. betty says:

    Plus they run me off from meeting them. I just wonder why guys will pay to open a convo just to say stuff like. I expect a sugar daddy / sex or a happy ending! No wonder us girls are not meeting.

  60. Magno says:


    Count me as being among the 2-3 percent of attractive men on whatsyourprice. Pictures on my profile are current. That number you come up with seems inexplicably miniscule, but then again, I am not privy to perusing male profiles on here.

    But if you say is true, then this viewpoint of a high proportion of unnattractive men lends credence to the notion (real or imagined) that the ladies are indeed using this site primarily as a means to make money, with no reasonable expectation of keeping the door open to engaging in friendship beyond the initial meeting.

    By the way, the way I weed out the flakes is to ignore winks from women. If a woman on this site is sincerely interested in the pleasure of my company, she will tender an offer.

    Passive women happen to be a pet peeve of mine, though.

  61. chris says:

    The females can only send winks unless they pay. Most do not for obvious reasons.

  62. magno says:


    I am not sure where you are getting your information, but the “attractive members” never have to pay to send offers to the “generous members”.

    The women are free to tender offers to the gentlemen (presuming the women are the attractive members, and the men are the generous members), and the men agree to the price, and pay to open up the communication.

    I haven’t been on the site long, but 3 women have tendered offers to me….none of which had to pay anything.

  63. magno says:


    Oh wait, a thought just occurred to me. You are talking about the membership subscription, aren’t you?

    Ok, yes, you are correct, but if a woman on this site cannot afford to spend the $90 for 6 months, $60 for 3 months, or even $30 for 1 month, then I have no interest in her anyway.

    Just another great way to weed out the flakes, I suppose!

  64. chris says:

    Why must you be so hard headed and have all these silly rules. More ladies for me then so go ahead and put up silly road blocks in your mind.

  65. Angela says:

    I agree with what u said, the difference between u n me would be that I do have good phone reception, I don’t skype before I meet someone and I give my number immediately after an accepted offer, (nothing wrong with your preference I was just pointing out that I don’t do that) :)
    This website helps cut the bs so we can meet soon instead of wasting time communicating back and forward forever.

  66. Angela says:

    plzbelieveme and the guys that think this site is for gold diggers:
    If u don’t like it, why do u still have a profile here and why are you taking your time to blog and to offend the girls in this website?
    This site is not for everybody, I understand that there’s girls here that are gold diggers but from that to say that ALL girls here are like that is wrong.
    I have met guys from other online dating sites for several years, that’s how I met my ex-boyfriend, I went on more than 1 date with several guys and kept a few of them as friends, I’m doing the same on this website but now I’m getting paid to look for a boyfriend and it wouldn’t be fair if someone would call me a gold digger for doing so
    Btw, WYP doesn’t pay me to be here.

    For plzbelieveme:
    I know u, I went out with u, and on our date you were distracted and looking away while I was talking most of the time, FYI: that was rude and since I like to keep an open mind I was gonna go out with you again just to give you a 2nd chance but after I read your comments here I changed my mind so don’t blame the other girls that met you and didn’t contact you anymore. Btw, you said you kissed a girl 3 times on the 1st date, she texted u after that then she didn’t contact you anymore, and u assumed she was paid from WYP, well, if that would be true she wouldn’t kiss u bc it’s not required on a 1st date to get paid and she wouldn’t text u after she got paid either, so don’t make up stuff about girls just bc they changed their mind about seeing u again, it happens in regular dating sites too, grow up and accept that finding a good match is not easy and not everyone we meet is gonna like us and vice versa.

  67. Angela says:

    I have reported the guys that ask me for sex on a 1st date too and I still see their profiles here so I don’t know what’s the deal with that.

  68. bobby the k says:

    great way to put it angela. “finding a good match is not easy and not everyone we meet is going to like us and vice versa.” I have to make sure I repeat that every day. thanks.

  69. Angela says:


    FYI: I’m a female paying member and the only reason why I pay is to be featured on the top of the searches and only for that purpose so if you only contact the paying members just keep in mind that they receive more offers than the non-paying ones so you will have more competition.
    Btw, when I’m interested in a guy I favorite him, I rarely wink and I never send an offer if they didn’t contacted me first so I would suggest you are a little more open minded when deciding who to date bc your rules will limit you a lot in this website :)

  70. Angela says:

    Deal breakers on a 1st date for guys:
    (from my own experiences)

    -”Objects appear different than they are”….(in person) lol, too many of those on online dating sites in general.
    -Dressing like going grocery shopping, really?
    T-shirts, shorts and tennis shoes on a 1st date are not a good outfit unless you are doing something outdoors and definitely not for fine dining.
    -Bad hygiene, (and you will probably say I’m a gold digger bc I didn’t kiss you)
    -Talking negative about women and saying that you don’t trust any women…. she will either think that you will never trust her or that you are thinking seriously about dating men…..and none of that will get you a “happy ending” nor a 2nd date so think before you speak.
    -Being rude to the waitress/waiter….. not treating people with respect reflects bad on anyone, have some class!
    I’ll post more later

  71. betty says:

    And do not blame it on being blunt or honest. This is why i can not move forward on meeting 90 percent of the men here. The first emails about sex, happy ending and hours of deep kissing makes my skin crawl. Try a swingers site if this is how you write/ talk to people! Uuuggghhh

  72. S says:

    BeYourself, nicely put. Now how do I find you on this site? :/
    I’ve just joined and find its very difficult to truly express who I am and what I am looking for. I know I am one of the few trustworthy, good hearted ones.

  73. betty says:

    I just heard from a guy who asked for a happy ending or sex for his 200 offer and he tells me the site admin did warn him. Yea!

  74. Angela says:

    More deal breakers:

    -To ask question after question as if you are in a job interview, both people involved in the conversation should have equal opportunities of asking questions.
    -To treat the woman like if you are in a relationship already about 10 minutes after you met her for the 1st time (holding hands, hugging or kissing on the lips)
    Guys need to understand that if a girl is having a good time with you it doesn’t always mean that she is ready to be touched or kissed, maybe she likes you but she just met you and would like to take things slow, if you are not sure what she wants just ask, I like it when a guy asks me if he can kiss me instead of assuming he can and kissing me when I wasn’t ready for it.
    -To insist on picking me up for the 1st date or on meeting on his place, for safety I won’t allow that, it’s just common sense.
    -To expect sex on a 1st date when the whole purpose of it is to see if they would like each other, one thing is deciding to do it after they met because at that point they like what they see and another thing is to make plans of doing it when you haven’t even met yet.
    -Talking about what you like in bed (and I’m not talking about what type of linen) is not appropriate yet, unless you both are looking for a sd/sb relationship or something casual.

  75. Angela says:

    I’m glad that guy was warned because several guys had sent me offers and they won’t follow through because I didn’t want to meet them at a hotel for a 1st date.
    Fortunately, there’s other guys that will follow through and be real nice on the date.

  76. Angela says:

    There’s pros and cons in all dating websites and this is my favorite so far, the logo should be “Online dating simplified”, or “More dates, less bs”, what do you think about those ideas Brandon? :) lol
    Btw, I have a profile in every single one of your dating sites and I like them all, I wish we could get background checks on every single one of your websites, safety is important and more women would be willing to try online dating sites if that is implemented.
    I have more ideas for the site, can we have a blog asking for suggestions to improve this site? I like it already but since the idea of paying for a 1st date is fairly new, it wouldn’t hurt if we (the members) come up with ideas to improve the site, right?

  77. betty says:

    Yes, guys are trying to hold hands right away like it is rent a girlfriend and they think you want to snuggle up right away. To me it screams they have bought girls before like escorts or exotic dancers. You want to be nice but at the same time you wish the date to end asap and of course no second date. You get what you deserve if this is how you treat a lady.

  78. Michelle says:

    The postings from “Betty” & “T” above represent what most women on this site believe. It’s about being HONEST from the get-go. And it’s about giving certain men an opportunity to meet women who we otherwise wouldn’t consider dating because of superficial things we see in a profile picture like age, weight or baldness. The payment goes towards the “inconvenience” of going on a POSSIBLE bad date. Please, men, if you’re afraid of so-called “gold-diggers” – go to another site! This site is SPECIFICALLY for a group of people who understand the dynamics of going on a first date – and realize dating can be very difficult – for both men and women. This site is for a specific group of men & women who understand that relationships can be an “exchange” of resources – so that EACH person can meet their needs to nourish their Body, Soul & Mind. If the word “exchange” used in my prior sentence disturbs you – THIS SITE IS NOT FOR YOU. Please close your browser and move on to your more “moralistic” dating sites – and let the rest of us enjoy life – and this site – in peace.

  79. Michelle says:

    Betty is AWESOME. She wrote “Gold Digger vs. Sex Digger”. If you’re going to call the women on this site “Gold Diggers” then that conversation leads to the discussion of the “Sex Digger”. If you think that being in a dating or sexual relationship does not cost a woman time, energy, heart, emotion, pain, money, resources – then you are not appreciating what a woman does to make a man happy. How often is a woman “used once” and then thrown away? Sadly, it happens more than we all would like to admit. THIS site prevents that type of abusive exchange. It filters out THOSE type of men who under-value a woman’s time & energy. If you are complaining about money on this site – YOU’RE ON THE WRONG SITE. Get it?

  80. Lette says:

    I agree with the above post by Michelle. Those of you who are complaining about the money you spend on these dates, are on the wrong site.

    All too often, women are subjected to nothing more than a one hit wonder, leaving them broken hearted and confused. I joined this site because I hope to meet that special someone.
    I have had a hard time meeting Mr. Right because not only am I beautiful, but a hopeless romantic. I am hoping that this site is not all about the sex in exchange for money, because there are plenty escort sites available for that.

  81. lette says:

    To Plzbelieveme:

    You appear to be the kind of guy that even if you were on the free dating sites like POF, or another paid site like Match, you would still be complaining. If your intentions were pure, you would not be complaining. I believe you should try your luck and date women you meet offline. Each dating site has the same intention for its members, and that is to get people offline and out there dating. So if your intention is to “date,” get offline, get out there, and just do the damn thing! Life really is what you make it, you are not a victim, and if you are not getting what you want out of life, it’s your own fault. You decide who you want to be, what you want to do, and how you’re going to do it. At the end of your day, it’s your choice, thus if you don’t like this site, or any dating site for that matter, get off! Your choice, simple.

  82. hotsb says:


    i get the vibe that you’re mad because you haven’t met lots of girls that wanted to go on several dates with you.
    But think about it, whether it’s on this website or an other one, it is never guaranteed that the person is going to like you or that you’re going to like the girl. And maybe YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Why would it be women’s fault?

    I want to remind everyone that seeking arrangement, what’s your price, miss travel are sugar daddies websites. Just because it has a different name doesn’t mean that it is not.
    99% of girls on these websites are looking for sugar daddies and it doesn’t mean that they are gold diggers. We’re goal diggers. So if you don’t want to be a sugar daddy, your chances to find a girl are very small.
    I’ve only seen broke guys get these kind of reaction because they cannot afford to be a sugar daddy. It’s not the girls’ fault.


    If you’re not happy to be on this website because it costs money to talk to girls then leave.
    I’ve read what you wrote and you come off cheap. Once again it’s not about how much money you have , it’s all about getting along and being generous.
    Being cheap is a no-no.

  83. lollipop says:

    My dear guy,all your complains,wonders about ladies has NO sence and my understanding at all!
    Why complain about girls who is on WYP who all about guys with $ ?READ NAME OF THIS SITE again if you forgot(whasyourprice)!!If you are here your should be ready to any agreement or deal,and if you do not like it,you either should move forward or delite your profile and go to match doc com ect.You should not be here with your sincere belief to find someone who want your iner world rether then trip with you to shopping.You should not be here to fins a commitment or long term.And last if you are here looking for free p*ssy,it will not work either))
    I like to be sincere and always tell what i think.Is not what you all asking always.You all want honest
    I trully wish you all luck in you search.You have what you decerve.

  84. magno says:

    All I have to say in response to the notion that Gentlemen on this site should not be looking for anything other than a SD-SB arrangement is….

    then why does the founder of this site allow for folks to select various types of dating preferences/agendas?

    For example, I have my profile set to seeking friendship/activities partner, but in reality, would be open to comitting to long term/marriage.

    Are you suggesting I am wasting my time, and am on the wrong website for these objectives?

    In my humble opinion, the Suggar Babies and Suggar Daddies should go off and play on the sister site, Seeking Arrangments.

    If it is true that 99 percent of the ladies on this site are indeed seeking an arrangment, then there are most likely a large number of both men and women that will find this site frustrating and infuriating, at times.

    Perhaps you can check out my profile, and tell if my profile is among those that “shouldn’t be on this site.”

    A female point of view might prove fruitful.

    I receive so many winks from women that don’t seem to read the contents of my profile….perhaps skipping over the vital tidbits after viewing my pictures?

    I know women are just as visual as men are, but why send a wink to a man that is totally incompatible with what you are seeking?

  85. betty says:

    Wyp was made because of the complaints of so called sugar daddies dangling the carrot and wasting a girls time. This site puts the carrot in her purse! I can see why the men get mad because they have less games to be played here.

  86. magno says:


    If this is the case, then why did Mr. Wade allow for men and women to select alternative dating objectives such as…

    friendship/activities partner?
    Long term relationship/Marriage minded?

    If it is true that this site is strictly designed as a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby arrangment deal, then this whole website is very disengenous at best, and outright misleading and false marketing/advertising at it’s worst.

    This makes absolutely no sense to me, whatsoever. I have seen many female profiles that list ALL of the dating criteria as their objectives.

    How can a woman be seeking a long term relationship, AND a Casual Dating/no strings, or a Mutually Beneficial Arrangements (Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby)?

    My favorite are the ones that select Long Term Relationship / Marriage Minded and Married Dating / Discreet Affair……huh? What? (Scratching head in wonderment).

    So do you see how men on this site can be totally baffled and confused?

    Geez, I understand about wanting to maintain flexibility, but my gosh, state a clear cut objective/agenda, and stick to it.

    My profile clearly states friendship/activities partner. Should be no mystery there.

    So, you want to talk about games, Betty? Perhaps you can begin there.

  87. betty says:

    It depends on the guy what type of relationship we want. Some guys go to the friend zone. Some guys are handsome sugar daddy and some guys are the type we might date in real life.

  88. Magno says:

    What do you do with the handsome guys you might want to be friends with in real life? Then what? Are you saying it’s not possible to invest the time in developing a friendship with a man you find attractive? And are you saying sugar daddy types aren’t worth dating?

    If sugar daddy types aren’t worth dating, then why are so many women bombarding these men with winks?

    So where does a handsome Gentleman like me, who is seeking friendship fit into the equation?

    As with life itself, when you open up the stated dating preference so wildly, it convolutes and causes a total mess. The concept of this website should be designed to avigate around those waters snd simplify the process.

    Seems like an elic fail to me because I WANT to start off in the friend zone, then proceed from there. If that is not within the scope of what winen on here are open to, then it definitely excludes a segment of the male population on here.

    I am only interested in dating women that are emotionally available, and capable of establishing a strong bond of friendship.

    If that is not possible, then this site is predominately a cold cash for company exchange.

    No thanks.

  89. betty says:

    Many girls are looking to have kids so should a girl be honest and say on profile i want a baby daddy? Of course not! Sounds delusional and crazy!

  90. Magno says:

    If that is what the ladies seek, then it’s not crazy or delusional… Just unrealistic, perhaps. But yes, if men are expected to be honest and straightforward, then so should the women.

    It’s not a difficult concept, really. I see plenty of profiles where the lady soecifically indicates she is looking for financial assistance to help pay bills. I respect this infinitely more than others who indicate otherwise, but end up having a hidden agenda.

    I think that is what frustrates me the most. Come right on out and spell it out for the man.

    It’s not the difficult.

  91. Magno says:

    By the way, I presently have a wink from an out of state woman that specifically states she is seeking serious relations that will lead to marriage, so that is just one example of a profile that cuts through any imbiguety, and gets right to the heart of things. Bamn, point A to Point B.

    A woman that knows what she wants, and knows how to ask for it, is sexy.

  92. Steph says:

    Sounds to me like men are getting a taste of their own medicine and they don’t like it. Stop your boo-hooing..”she never called me”,” she only wanted my money”. Cry me a river for god’s sake. Women have been putting up with one hit wonders for years so now we get compensated for it and men want to go on the attack.

  93. ashley says:

    at expert dater
    well i never get into these blogs because its like a bunch of school kids back and forth but when reading threw this blog i couldent help commenting on expert dater blog seems to me that your basically saying the girls on here in the age group of 18-25 are more likely to be the lets say whats your price hookers because they are young and wanna show off their bodys wow lets face it the name of this site speakes for its self so if your on this site rather your male or female and age makes no diffrence you are here for a mutaly benificial relatiionship this is a buisness site the women oviously need money and the men oviously need to pay for the date or neither one would be here i myself am 32 i look good am a good person and know what we are all here for so why dont everyone stop hating on eachother and putting others down like your more better and you really dont seem to expert to me i clearly wouldent take advice from you on dating especialy when you already classified the younger ladies as more likely to put out lol wow

  94. YuLing says:

    what is name of site, WHATS YOUR PRICE. Men and Women join this site for many reasons, but Men must pay to join and talk to Women. IF a man is handsome and professional, He will have many Woman to choose from without a site. IF a man is not handsome, not very nice, dirty, dress or smell bad, many of these men join site to think they can pay and get pussy.
    this makes the men criminals, or Johns.
    Women are not gold diggers to want money from man on site named WHATS YOUR PRICE
    to come here and not want to pay money. If You make your lady feel like shes good for a 50 dollar fuck, this doest make the woman a gold digger, it means the men are no good for date, but the woman may need money so it works out well. If you do not like Red Lobster because they dont have dollar menu drive thru, this does not mean Red Lobster is gold digging restaraunt.
    Last, if both man and woman consider how others feel, and be honest what you want upfront, many more people be happy and not come here to show hate to women.
    Thank you!

  95. YuLing says:

    I meet man from here, he shorter than me, his profile all lies. He have bad breath, and when we meet he grab my ass and my breast in a restaraunt, I know others see me, embarrassing to me. He push me to order something cheap on the menu, then want to come my house for free to fuck me on first date! then he say He can get sex for 50 dollars, why am I so greedy? I never want to see this man, he make me very angry. , I say no, and he think I am gold digger? This man not have any dates with me or any nice lady, and complain we are not good girls.
    Thank You!

  96. betty says:

    I noticed if a guy claims hes 5’9 then he is more in the range of 5’3~5’6. I am noticing my dates are very short guys with game like an awkward virgin. So happy to be paid for these waste of time dates.

  97. jp says:

    It seems that both men and woman lie on here.

  98. magno says:


    I say I am 5-10, but in reality, I am closer to 5-9 3/4. Depending upon what shoes I am wearing on any given day, I AM 5-10.

    Many women shave 20 pounds off of their figures. 5-6 130 lbs typically means she is 150 lbs. That can make a huge difference.

    So, the fibs go both ways, but I try to be as accurate as possible….

    although, my profile also says I am 165 lbs, but that weight is also dependent upon how much cardio I am doing on any given week. I just weighed in at 158 lbs tonight.

    My pictures are all recent, so there’s no fibbing going on with my profile.

  99. betty says:

    5’9 id my cut off. I prefer 6’3 or over. I just hate wearing tall heels and end up beong the taller one. I am willing to give a guy a chance who is shorter but 5’3? ??

  100. Magno says:

    I feel uncomfortable being with women that are more than 3 inches shorter than me, so I understand where you are coming from. I am hesitant to date women who are under 5-7.

  101. refined43 says:

    Ok, so I am a 40 something guy. Not bad looking, but not a hard bodied 20 year old either. Here have been my experiences. My first date was with a 20-something that was a model and acted like it. The whole date was strained. She acted like it was a privilege for me to be in her presence and made it clear that she had other plans right after our date. I laughed to myself the whole time because I was thinking to myself, I actually want someone who thinks it’s a privilege to be with me. Not calling that one back. Second date was really nice, but I think just having fun meeting people. She was nice, but not really my type. I have a third date lined up, but haven’t pulled the trigger on the date yet because I’m not so sure I am comfortable with the type of woman that wants me to pay her for the privilege of meeting her. Hell, aren’t I buying dinner and drinks?

  102. am says:

    To everyone on this website. Um, wow. I am new to this site and have read the entire blog. Guys you all want “hot, skinny, super models,” AND you want them to be nice? Come on, you can’t have it all. Why don’t you try dating an average looking girl, who will treat you nice and who is a sweet heart? Obviously if you are paying for a ultra hot girl….she is going to be stuck up and “princess like.” Girls, if you are complaining about the men on this site…maybe they wouldn’t be so rude, if you would stop acting like your $#1t don’t stink. I am not a barbie, but I am not over weight. I am happy and comfortable with myself as a person. I am kind and can hold a decent conversation for more than 2 seconds. I have not been on any dates yet, but figured I would try the site out, because I am tired of guys wasting my time. If a guy is at least nice enough to buy my dinner and hold my door open….I’m there. Money is good, but it that is all you are here for…you will pay for every penny you spend (guys) and every penny you think you earn (ladies).

  103. betty says:

    You can try good old match. Com site if you not feeling it here and just want to buy dinner. No harm. you tried!

  104. refined43 says:

    so by saying I should try match, you are saying I am not the generally generous sort that will do well here?

  105. betty says:

    I mean if you just want a dinner and. drink girl. You can waste tons of time sending emails out.

  106. Magno says:


    I hate to break this to you, but many of the ladies on THIS site are strictly dinner and drink kind of women.

  107. Evalution says:

    I read through some of this and wow.. so many negative and judgmental people here.. men and women each badmouthing each other, specially those looking for SD/SB.

    I’m no kid(past40), short, small breasted, pale… well not everyones type and that’s fine, no problem and I prefer older men than myself though I’ll give anyone a shot because you never know.. I don’t judge someone before meeting them, if they are rude in their profiles or mail Is simply loose interest.
    I find more young men act like they are doing me a favor by seeing me and that is in part why I prefer older ones in general.

    I was in a relationship for over a decade and ended it and don’t feel ready for a serious commitment just yet but don’t like not having anyone in my life either. I am on here and have gone on 3 dates out of 21 accepted offers and have 3 pending where our schedules just have not matched up. None of the other 15 accepted offers fell through because of me but if they changed their mind then so be it. Only one of them was a so so date that didn’t pay me the $50 and the over all experience was such that in the morning I said good bye to the cat but not him as he slept, not to be rude but just couldn’t bring myself to do it and it wasn’t worth the petty amount… Live and learn is what I got from it but this same guy kept texting me long after thinking I was an easy lay and would leave my house or my friends on a whim so he could get some.. not happening..!!!

    I do have a few things marked off but long term/marriage is not one of them and I don’t wink men who are looking for different things than I am. I am looking for someone who can help me out a bit or spoil me but I am open about it and if the man likes to makes his lady happy by taking off pressure from overdue bills that have piled up due to a drop in employment and a sudden medical problem that kept me in unable to work for 2 months then what is wrong with that..??? Some men LIKE being SD’s and if so why not..??

    I’m not out to hurt anyone, I’ve had opportunities to play very sweet and generous men and take advantage of them by making them think there was something serious there and dump them once my situation improved but that is something that is beneath me and I won’t due.
    I can get what I’m looking for by being honest, I like to be able to live with myself so I bite my time and keep looking for a staple regular man to meet for all kinds of activities including sex(I happen to like it and no) and who is happy to indulge me and or help me financially.. I like to be taken care of and if someone wants to how is that wrong..? No six-packs is required.. Looks alone do nothing for me if there is not a nice person inside that body… and $$ can’t make up for bad personality either.

    My turn offs are petty, mean, cheap, arrogant, cruel, violent and so on.. What I like is NICE.. I LOVE NICE, open minded, generous, kind, caring, and so on.. extra points for funny, a bit crazy(non conformist), good looking(nice people always look better to me and nasty ones become ugly)… and so on.. point being that appearance and age matter less than who you are and if you are a man who thinks he’s above me then look else where.

    I have noticed that men who are generous tend to treat me much better than ones who are not so that’s one reason to prefer it. They act as if I am worth every penny but I’m also very appreciative and I show it. As a kid I was told that the thought is what counts the most and somehow that has stayed with me. I’ve been told that I’m fun to take to diner because I eat well and really enjoy it..

    I state very clearly in my profile who I am and what I am looking for and my information is all fairly accurate(105 lbs listed, weight 107 this morning) and so far nobody on this site or any other has complained meeting me. I am also very happy to answer all further questions one may have and I try to be truthful yet by many of the above I would be rated as a lowlife and a player because yes I am broke and the money really helps.. I’m not.

    We are all on these sites because we are looking for something from someone and what that is varies from one person to the next but that doesn’t mean we can’t accept it and treat each other with respect and basic manners. None of us are better than the next person and sometimes people are just not compatible but that doesn’t mean someone is a looser, a bimbo or a jerk.

    As for the gold digging concepts.. If a man has a gold mine and likes to let women dig it then why does anyone care,,??? Live and let live people.. Can’t we all just get along.

    With full respect for all on my behalf,


  108. Evalution says:

    PS.. in terms of the above, if I where to meet someone and we fall madly in love and all is wonderful then I’m not saying it couldn’t become a long term relationship and my first marriage .. I just don’t see it happening so I don’t opt for it.

  109. betty says:

    Being in bed with a man first date is crazy! Omg!

  110. Magno says:

    I was going to say the same thing as Betty. Call me old school, or a prude, but I don’t even believe in kissing a woman on a first date. Any woman expecting sexual intimacy within a few months of meeting me are going to be sorely dissappointed.

  111. chris says:

    She sets the bar high for all other dates after her.

  112. Alayna Dudley says:

    I Haven t Been On Any Dates On Here Yet But If I Do I Will Still Keep In Contact. Yeah Some Girls Do Go On This Site To Make Extra Money. But Not All Females Do. I’m Just Saying

  113. SpiritGreyWolf says:

    It’s funny really. I am one of those guys on WYP that have had interesting and very good luck in many ways.

    My comments to some of the guy “haters” out there;

    1 – Learn how to communicate. Nothing scratches my mind’s eye worse than reading emails or texts that look like someone had an epileptic seizure on the keyboard. I cannot imagine women find it any better. Most knuckle dragging guys make asses out of themselves LONG before any actual meeting happens. Seriously – learn to speak and write. Painting a picture to a woman with words is almost a lost art – and trust me, they will appreciate you for trying.

    2 – The way to a woman’s heart is through her mind. Taking in point #1, if you can excite, tantalize and intrigue a woman’s brain, you can bypass much of the peacock behavior you think you need to do because she will have already made up her mind that she likes you already – before you’ve even had the date.

    3 – When you DO meet a woman, treat her like a lady. Period. Chivalry is not dead as long as I am alive – I hold open doors for ladies, make eye contact, smile and just be nice. Treat them nice, treat the wait staff nice and don’t be an ass-hat. If the food sucks? Make a joke about it. If you spill something – kid about how you’re a complete klutz and move on. We’re all human, but above all – respect her and she’ll respect you.

    4 – LISTEN to her. For [email protected]#$ sake, when she talks, make sure she is the center of your world. Turn off your phone if you have to. I’m a gadget freak, so I know it’s damn hard to do – but do it anyway. Ask genuine open-ended questions – you know, the kind that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. Be GENUINELY interested in her responses because if you’re not, she’ll know it and she’ll become another passing light in the night and you’ll just go on thinking she was a gold digger and blog about it – when it was your inattentiveness that lost her.

    5 – LOOK at her and COMPLIMENT her. Don’t be afraid to say something genuine and nice. I personally am a complete sucker for a set of warm, crystal smiling eyes – and because of that, I will do everything I can to make her laugh or giggle. I can gaze into a beautiful set of eyes for hours and I will tell her that. Maintain eye-contact. I know – most guys look down, look away or make eye contact in fleeting moments. Get a set of “sticky eyes”. When the waiter comes over and asks a question, turn your head while still looking at her, then look at the waiter, respond quickly and nicely, then immediately go back. Don’t lose her attention.

    5 – Be GENUINE. For the love of all that is Holy, be frikkin genuine in what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to do. You WILL be tested – either physically or conversationally. Say what you mean and do what you say. This doesn’t mean you have to lose who you are to be with her – just be genuine. If she doesn’t appreciate it – okay, just move on. I never said every date you go on is going to end up a winner.

    6 – With all the other things mentioned before here – be clean, dress nice, don’t be a douche. Show up early. Be prepared. I’m a gadget freak, so if she’s late, I just read an e-book or an iPad. If you have pets, kids, etc., why not get a few pictures and put them on your iPad or other gadget? She’ll probably ask, and it’s good to be able to show her. Be passionate about something because that leaks through in your body language. You won’t seem as needy and occasionally talking about something you really like or know well, will bolster your confidence and in turn she’ll like you more.

    Am I saying every date is perfect? No.

    I will say I have had the most luck though by setting up my first date to be just coffee and/or dessert. Nothing is worse that knowing the person sitting across from you is wanting to gnaw their arm off to get away but is staying only because you pay them. What money I would spend on the lavish dinner can go into the price I pay them. You CAN however use this to your advantage to weed out the women just in it for the money. Make it a point in your profile to say, “I would prefer a quick coffee date first to see if we have chemistry. Come as you are, be yourself, and let me know a place closer to you and I’ll go there.” If you feel you need to mention “Be considerate with your offer – $400 for a coffee date tells me you just want money. Be reasonable and I just might surprise you!”, do so. I had a date with someone who wanted a whopping $70 – and I paid her $200 because she wasn’t greedy and we’ve remained friends.

    “Why the Hell would you do that?!?” most guys ask me. Simple. I am going to pay the money to them, or to the restaurant. Either way I am going to pay. I value MY time, too. I don’t want some vapid air-head piece of eye-candy sitting across from me any longer than they want me to be sitting across from them. If it works out and we hit it off? Awesome! The day or night is still young and we can go enjoy each others company longer. If not? I can finish my book in peace and quiet and be happy with and by myself.

    I don’t really have any set rules for vetting women outside of the obvious. I do insist on exchanging emails as well as talking on the phone. I will even instruct them on how to use Google Voice to get a protected number if they fear for their safety. If they are reticent at any other kind of communication, then sure – I would feel a bit cautious – but as a general rule it always works out. We can write for a while, talk on the phone and share stories, etc. – and the date is no longer “blind” but something exciting for both of us. I like the Skype idea and it seems to work well, too.

    As to guys saying the 18-25 crowd is easier to date than older women with baggage – to that all I can say is Bulls**t. You obviously have pre-conceived notions and need to embrace risk and expand your myopic repertoire.

    Guys it’s simple – put good vibes out into the Universe, tell the Universe what you’re looking for and it will provide it. Be an ass-hat, and you’ll just get slapped around. Just sayin’.

    Spirit Grey Wolf

  114. golddiggers_site says:

    This site is for a bunch of gold diggers. I have went on three dates that I thought went well, but ended up not hearing from the ladies again. They took me for my money. I treated them with respect, had an engaging conversation and they even told me that we would hang out again.

    I also look like in my profile and not a bad-looking guy, therefore, it was nothing that I did.
    Save your money and spend it on an iPad and play around on OkCupid.

    my two cent.

  115. SpiritGreyWolf says:

    Sorry you feel that way, golddigger. It doesn’t work for everyone. I thought I was good at vetting them at first, then it took me a while to get it right – or at least far better than when I started.

    Of course you’re going to find some dates like that, without a doubt. But the key here is you have to change your attitude. Three dates where you pay to meet really isn’t a lot. OkCupid and Match would probably lead to more than that, and who knows what you’ll find?

    With that said, use the dates to your advantage. A lot of socially inept guys could use this as an opportunity to practice eye contact, the game of small talk, and learning to just be comfortable around women. EVENTUALLY it will pay off and you’ll find someone you genuinely click with. Just because you’re a good lookin’ dude doesn’t mean she’s gonna date you again. I know a lot of good looking guys that once you get past the veneer of chiseled looks and washboard abs, they have as much personality as a cucumber. Just like some hot women couldn’t rub two neurons together to form a complete sentence. Everyone is different.

    Do the coffee date like I do – yeah, you pay money, but it won’t be nearly as much as a lavish dinner, then reflect on the similarities of your approach. Did they all talk to you a certain way? Were there non-verbal cues that told you they were put off? Most of all – project confidence (not arrogance) and show that having you around is more valuable than not.

    Look at the bright side – there are now three women that you know of now NOT to date :-) They’re not all that way – just like not all of us guys are ego-centric ass-hats that don’t know what chivalry means and how to treat a lady :)

    Spirit Greywolf

  116. Cera says:

    Talking of exes on a first date is a deal breaker. Keep your past relationship out of your new ones.

    I feel very flattered when someone bids high for me! If they bid low it is kind of an insult haha
    For some of the guys here, yes maybe the girls aren’t looking for more than one date. Either they didn’t like you that much or the money was more interesting to them than you are. It shouldn’t take 8 or 9 dates to learn that lesson. If it isn’t working, try a different site, or just ask a girl out in person.
    **I have yet to go on a date from here so I can’t say too much yet… I do know how my usual dates work though. Most of the time it is just ONE date (no money exchanged). People simple aren’t compatible with MOST other people so why go out again? I only go on a second date if my interest is piqued and the chemistry is there. Most of the time it isn’t!

  117. SpiritGreyWolf says:

    Cera – have you ever had a date reach out and say, “I know it really didn’t work out with us, but can you tell me, preferably frankly, is there something I said or did that you didn’t like? Were there things I did?”

    I’ve done this before with very good results. It allowed me to be a little introspective and make sure that the body language I projected later was meshing with what I was actually saying. Some girls have been rather intuitive at this…

    Sure, some girls simply won’t respond – but to the ones that do? I say “Thank You!”. I always enjoy the opportunity to learn more about what makes people tick and how they perceive me.

  118. chris says:

    Just because you pay a girl once does not mean you own her after that. She does not owe you any more time or a relationship. Gold digger? I doubt you gave her enough gold to retire! If chump change is gold digging then she needs to keep on digging! A real gold digger would take you for all you have not move on.

  119. Monique Michelle says:

    im new to this site but i disaggree with alot of things said but i smiled while reading Spirit Grey Wolf.

  120. Gene says:

    I’m new to this site as well. I didn’t realize this was more of an absurd chat room. Complaining about paying for a date and never hearing from the date again?.. No wonder, with all this disrespectful and obnoxious talk, some of you, “gentlemen”, i can see why she never returned a call.

    I have to agree Monique, Wolf is quiet a poet.

  121. SpiritGreywolf says:

    Thank you Monique and Gene, I appreciate that ;-)

    Chris – I agree wholeheartedly. People pay for an opportunity to MEET, that’s it. The bottom line is, it behooves you to make sure that if the person sitting across from you is someone you want to spend time with then you have to prove yourself to be someone THEY want to be with.

    Guys, it’s not magic, really, and it’s not a matter of “proffering skillz” at being a machine with dating. It’s a matter of listening and learning. We have 2 ears and one mouth. Now, if you learn REALLY what it means in doing half the talking and twice the listening, you might find yourself with the awesome dilemma of determining which of her two ears to whisper quiet, naughty things in to that leave her flushed and breathless, and which one to softly nibble on…

    That is a problem guys who dont pay attention will thankfully never have :-)

  122. WOW, I have read some of the comments and I’m sorry to the guys/girls that have been ignored after the date. Perhaps, it was something that you said during the date to turn her/him off. The fact that the article mentions “inviting over” for a nightcap is ridiculous. This site is not for prostitution, it’s for DATING. Please act like a gentlemen and don’t be a creepy pervert and automatically expect sex after the date just because you paid, that is probably why you got ignored. For the gentlemen who actually are sweet, I am sorry that has happened to you. In all honesty, all males/females are the one who is offering to pay for a DATE, don’t be a jack ass and expect sex. You should be grateful that some girls are willing to put themselves out there to meet a TOTAL STRANGER to go on a date with you. Reading all the bitter comments about how this website is BS, then close your account. Nobody is forcing you.

  123. LOL i think it’s so funny to read the first 20 comments/disagreements in a British accent. oy, gotta love it! :P

  124. CooPerson says:

    Guys who want sex vs Girls who want money.

    They are both lame.. but thats how each gender screws over the other one. Try to remember there are no gaurentees for anything. Treat a girl -it’s a gamble you’ll see her again, Treat a guy -same gamble.

    Just got to find the decent ones that aren’t out to screw you over physically or finacially.

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