First Date Deal Breakers for Women
  • Posted Aug 1, 2012
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First Date Deal Breakers

It’s Saturday night and you’ve landed the perfect date–smart, beautiful, seems funny, and she accepted your offer. Nine times out of ten first dates go south (not the good kind) from a lack of follow through to even the most pristine set-up. Here are five first date deal-breakers that will give your night the kiss of death instead of a kiss goodnight…

Mama’s Boy

Gentlemen, ladies love a good mama’s boy. It insinuates an innate respect for women. What we don’t love is that you still live at home and refer to your parents as your “roommates.” Be honest. Explain your current situation, but do not under any circumstance justify it by saying, “Most people live at home now”. NEXT!

Trying way too hard

Clean hygiene is a must, and no girl wants to be seen with an unkempt man. A little gel or molding wax goes a long way—but don’t over-do it. Showing up to your first date looking like “The Situation” not only makes you look like a douche-bag, but sound like one too.

Keep It In Your Pants

“Are you bored?” It’s the question that crosses any woman’s mind when her date whips out their phone. It is important to note that whether your, a.) Promotion may have been given to your arch-nemesis, b.) Favorite team is in overtime to make it into the finals, or c.) Left your new flat-screen at the mercy of your grubby fingered roommate, this time is strictly for your date. Hands should be in two places only: her hand or your drink.

Keep it PG

Contrary to belief, most women still maintain the makings of a lady. So attempting to elicit intimate details about her endeavors—boundaries even—is a burning red flag. There are alternative ways to cracking secrets to her oyster, such as gauging how adventurous she is by asking about her favorite adrenaline fix.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Congratulations. You’ve made it to the end of your date and she hasn’t run for the hills. Things are looking good. But she makes no indication to invite you for a nightcap. This is the biggest mistake men and our users make–they turn into “Hyde,” rambling about how they paid for the date and now aren’t getting any. Gentlemen, women are mysterious creatures. Often than not, their initial response is to test the waters. A killer kiss good night with sweet nothings is a more reliable method of getting that key to the hole (no pun intended). Leave the tantrum at home.

What is your first date deal breaker?

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