Female First Date Signs – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • Posted Oct 8, 2012
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Men, do you ever wonder how well your date is going? Here are some telltale signs…

The Good: Keep it up! There is a natural attraction and the night looks very promising.

  • She keeps engaging you with questions.
  • She gets excited over similar interests/hobbies that you share.
  • She starts talking about her close friends and family.
  • She plays with objects on the table (straw, glasses, silverware).
  • She playfully teases you.
  • She laughs at every one of your jokes—even when you’re not trying to be funny.
  • She asks for your advice when looking at the menu.
  • She holds her gaze when talking to you, and you have her undivided attention.
  • She fidgets and keeps adjusting herself (hair, dress, jewelry, etc.).
  • When seated, her legs are crossed in your direction and her hips are facing you.
  • She constantly plays with her hair and reveals her neck.
  • She finds any reason to touch you (brushes your arm, plays with your hair, etc.).
  • She insists on sharing food, especially the dessert.
  • She agrees to another round of drinks or buys you a drink.
  • She insists on taking you to places she loves.
  • She goes over plans for the next dates.
  • She offers to split the bill.


The Bad: You’re not completely out of it. You just need to engage her more. The key is to make a woman feel relaxed and at ease through casual conversation. The less it feels like a date, the better off you are.

  • She begins to look at other tables.
  • Questions asked are very general and lack creativity.
  • There are moments of silence that last 10 seconds or longer.
  • She forces a smile when you joke with her.
  • She begins to fold her arms.


The Ugly: Game over. You might as well scratch this date off as a loss.

  • She won’t unfold her arms.
  • She stares into her phone.
  • Her answers are very short—one to two words.
  • Her conversations with other people, such as the waiter, are livelier.
  • She excuses herself multiple times in a short period.
  • She says she’s tired.
  • She rarely makes eye contact.
  • She completely ignores the check once it arrives.
  • She has a vague/general excuse for leaving early.


What are some other ways to gauge the success of your first date?

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20 Responses to “Female First Date Signs – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”

  1. Leroy says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in this blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements, but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to “Blog Etiquette” on WhatsYourPrice blog for more details.

  2. Magno says:

    I got totally scorched in these blogs when I said I appreciated when a woman offered to split the bill. Many women, on this site at least, will say that a man is DONE if she offers to pay any portion of the date. So, depending on who you dating, an offer to split the bill can be in the ‘ugly’ category.

    Similarly, it is widely assumed that whe n a woman insists on picking up the entire tab, she is indicating she has no interest in the man beyond being friends, however, I have had women pay for dates, and still proceeded to have romantic relations after such gestures on their part.

    So, every situation, and every woman for that matter, is unique.

  3. bobby the k says:

    Fantastic post, for those of us who haven’t dated much, but are using this site to develop our chops. Super post Leroy! Thanks for the invaluable tips.

  4. janine says:

    On the splitting the bill thought: many times, men on this site want to make arrangements to meet at pricey restaurants where I cannot afford to split the tab. Regardless of how well the date goes, I just can’t afford to reach for that $100 check.

  5. Plzbelieveme says:

    Can i get my refund for the Brazilbaby2012 and PleasurePrincess accounts that were suspended, they were obviously scammers. If WYP doesnt this seriously, then I wont ever order more credit again, it just shows they dont care about the people who actually pay.

  6. Plzbelieveme says:

    Also about this blog, the girls will do all the this stuff throughout the date, remember that they are getting paid to act nice and sweet for an hour. Ive been on a few good dates here, we kissed, had a good time, then when you call them to make another date, they just tell you friends are coming into town or whatever, and never get back to you. So just remember guys, the girls will act artificial and fake all night just as long as you pay them.

    I highly doubt im gonna find a suitable mate off this site, the premise is messed up, the first date encounters are tainted.

  7. splash says:

    Am sorry but the splitting the bill maybe something done when dating someone with a similar age,or if you mate on a traditional dating,even still women love the feeling of the man taking charge with these bills,this i say differs,some women may never want the man to pay for a thing aka feminist,for me i don’t split bills,only with my friends,rather than split i rather pay the whole damn thing straight up

  8. splash says:

    met not mate lol

  9. Lore says:

    Wait a minute, this site specifically say’s “No going dutch. The generous member is expected to pay for all expenses incurred on the date.” So why are we even discussing about the woman picking up the check? Now with that being said, if I have an idea of what the guy’s income is I will pick a place that is suitable so as not to break him financially on a date, or I might do just drinks.

    Now what will turn the date bad…to ugly REAL quick, is an expectation that I am a hooker, prostitute or an escort. If you throw that out there that your expecting something after the date, I will unleash on you!

  10. Magno says:

    Once again, it appears that the above is general dating advice from the traditional mainstream dating world that was copied and pasted, verbatim, without the slightest hint of editing of content, so as to relate to the etiquette of this site.

    @Janine, if a generous member hands you $300 for your dinner date, you would have the means to split the $100 bill, and still be up $250, minus $150 for miscellaneous expenses incurred for getting prepared for the date. (Hair, nails, cosmetics, etc…)….leaving a surplus of $100 in your purse to take home with you.

    So the numbers are feasible. That’s not the problem. This advice thread is way off for this type of dating. If a generous member is expected to compensate the attractive member for the first date/meeting, then it makes no sense for an attractive member to offer to go dutch on a dinner tab.

    In the instance of giving back, Should a date go well, the inference here is the attractive member might consider handing back half of the agreed upon monetary donation at the end of the end of the date.

    That is a dangerous road to go down, but surely well within the rights of the attractive member’s whims.

    The premise of this site is to compensate the attractive member for expenses incurred, and as insurance for her time, should the date turn out to be uncomfortable and a waste of time.

    So, in theory, a rebate of sorts, should the attractive member enjoy herself, is feasible…just counter to the ideals and principles of this site.

    Now if the above advice is for a second, third, fourth date, then all restraints are off. Then the attractive member isn’t being monetarily compensated, and can choose to go Dutch treat without compromising the principles and designs of this site.

  11. bobby the k says:

    Do any guys stay away from women who have minor bad grammar mistakes in the profiles, for example using the article “the” instead of “a”, or mis-spelling a word by one letter? My crap detector goes up when I see these. I keep thinking it’s some Russian bride scam. Does anyone just ignore it and try to go out on the date anyway?

  12. chris says:

    I hate when grown adults text talk im mails.

  13. violet says:

    Why the HELL would any guy on this site split the bill with the woman?? It’s called Whatsyourprice.com where the men KNOW they are paying women for their time. This site is retarded, and the dudes on here are cheap as hell.

  14. Magno says:

    Funny, I was actually thinking this site was relatively cheap, and the guys on here are retarded as hell.

    It’s all a matter of perspective, I suppose.

    But I agree, no splitting the bill on the first date from this site.

  15. betty says:

    Not all are cheap. Most are that is true. It is to much of a risk to meet a stranger for any less than 300. Because of the rules of paying only half upfront i had to raise it to 300 so in the event at the end when it comes time to pay and he asks for sex for the 150 then i can pass on the offer and still get something for my waste of time.

  16. betty says:

    In fact i have had a few dates pick me up. I know that wrong. Anyway, when i got in the car i asked for payment before driving off. They all had the nerve to only give me half yet im stuck with them since we are driving in the same car. This is also why i meet the men now at the date site and i ask for payment right away! I need to know if i am getting ripped off before i put the hours in! A few times i had dates that told me from the start they are not paying. That they pay after the sex!

  17. Magno says:


    Have you tried to go the route of the 30 minute tea and conversation meet and greet for a first meeting? Why would you commit to spending multiple hours with a strnger from the internet?

    I don’t agree with this site’s suggestion of half at the start of the date, then half at the conclusion. I prefer to pay right away and be done with it.

    It goes back to what I said above. If I am with someone I just met, and feel the urge to bail, I don’t want to be on the hook for a long, complex, involved date plan that is now going excruciating awry.

    In my opinion, too much of a donation on a first meeting leads to too much expectations on both sides. When that occurs, it derails the natural course of things, and everything about the experience then becomes a grind.

    I don’t think $150 upfront for a 30 minute tea and conversation meeting is being cheap, unless of course, the attractive member would otherwise be working and earning at a rate of more than $300 per hour. In which case, you make adjustments.

  18. Courtd says:

    This is pretty funny so there is an article on here …that tells how she’s interested in you…
    one of the reasons is she offers to pay half the bill.

    Yet the clearly states in red to women:
    No going dutch. The generous member is expected to pay for all expenses incurred on the date.


  19. Worth It says:


    Posting this article was really sloppy on your part. These are markers for “normal” dating…not “sugar” dating. You might as well have just said “here are some body language cues you should be aware of” and cut out the social cues as they are different in this subcultural context from the mainstream dating pool this information was extracted from.

  20. SweetSaffron says:

    I personally don’t believe the fidgeting is really a sign of things going well. I tend to play with things on the table, adjust my clothes, play with my hair, etc., when I’m bored or disinterested. Also, arm-crossing isn’t always a sign of disinterest – I do that when I’m cold, or just because it’s comfortable for me.

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